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January 31, 2008: Are You IN or OUT With Real Estate Blogging?
Comments: 32 | Categories: Blog Marketing , Blogging Advice , Guest Author , Marc Grayson , Real Estate Blogging
Our resident Internet Marketing Specialist, Marc Grayson of Webographers fame, has just sent over his first Tomato contribution of 2008, and it couldn’t have been more timely. I hadn’t told him when he submitted the idea, but I have been meaning to write on this topic for the last week. You snooze, you lose. Perhaps I’ll save my banter for the comments along with y’all. Are You IN or OUT With Real Estate Blogging? By Marc Grayson You may have thought I was referring to, "are you in with blogging or out with blogging". Actually, what we seeing today are differentiations in blogging and communicating online given: your peers (Inside) and to consumers (Outside). Should real estate professionals stick to one audience...having more than 1 blog? Why is this important? Let's take a look at what service providers are up to. What were seeing today in Web 2.0 are lines...

April 2, 2007: One Username And Password For All Online Real Estate Applications
Comments: 10 | Categories: Guest Author , Internet (Sites and Tools) , Marc Grayson
This week, Mr. Marc Grayson, our resident Internet Marketing Tool Specialist brings yet another insightful offering. Marc examines the value of developing a single ‘sign on’ username and password for your many (and growing) online real estate services. One Username And Password For All Online Real Estate Applications By Marc Grayson Yes, that would be nice, considering many people now-a-days have 10 username and passwords for all their online accounts and identities. You're not only inundated with many user accounts (agent profiles, logins and passwords), but moreover, many distinct, monthly or annual subscriptions with online RE Applications. Whether talking about your MLS, online forms provider, transaction management tool, agent website, virtual tour provider, Podcast provider, your many email accounts, and of-course social media websites (i.e. ActiveRain, RealTown, your own blog)…you're swimming in many online RE applications. Problem - More RE Applications Coming Guess what, more online real estate apps are...

December 26, 2006: What's My Home Worth? CMAs vs. AVMs
Comments: 12 | Categories: Guest Author , Marc Grayson , Topics and Opinions
An exciting element of the Tomato platform is the fortune we have to showcase the efforts of some very capable contributors. Today we introduce a new member to our “vine,” Mr. Marc Grayson. Marc has been a big fan of the Tomato, and we are now able to return the favor of his readership by giving him the floor for the day. Marc is the president and founder of the National Institute of Webographers, the owner of the REAL ESTATE WEBOGRAPHER certification found at Here’s his piece on breaking down the distinction between the traditional Comparative Market Analysis and the newer Automated Valuation Model. Enjoy. What’s My Home Worth? CMAs vs. AVMs Given the online real estate arena, the consumer question of “What’s My Home Worth has spun technology providers to implement various services to answer that basic question. At the core of this question lends itself to thorough...