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December 3, 2009: New To Real Estate Blogging? 6 Simple Steps to Get You Started.
Comments: 15 | Categories: Blogging Peers , Real Estate Blogging
For the entire month of December I will be writing articles as contributions to what I call the Rewrite Project. Instead of writing on new topics, I am going to be digging through the advice archives and rewriting the "oldies but goodies". Why? Why not? But it is also an exercise to show you that you can never step in the same river twice, and finding relevant blog content to publish is as easy as looking in the rear-view mirror. The next article in my series of rewrites is the dismantling and recreation of “New To Business Blogs? The 6 Steps To Getting Started”. The irony of that article is that I had been blogging for less than 3 months, and here I was the expert. For some time now, I have been wanting to add emphasis to the points in this post, so here goes. The logic of this...

February 12, 2009: A Look Inside the Mind of a Real Estate Blogger - Is This You?
Comments: 17 | Categories: Blog Writing Tips , Blogging Advice , Blogging Peers , Collaborative Articles , Guest Author , Real Estate Blogging
We are back with our popular Collaborative Article series, and the first one of 2009! A Look Inside the Mind of a Real Estate Blogger. My pitch to the gang was, “Now that you have been blogging for a while, describe how your thinking/behavior has changed.” 9 Tomato Bloggers hashed out our topic on the Tomato Matrix, and the result of my patch-work follows: Changing One’s Lifestyle Daniel Bates points out: “Blogging isn't a job or a hobby, it's a lifestyle!” One of the first things you notice, when you commit to putting blogging at the center of your online marketing strategy is the way it starts to overtake you thoughts. A mix of passion, commitment, and opportunity energize the brain, making it difficult to ‘turn it off’. A commitment to blogging means early mornings for some, late nights for others, and if you are like me, sometimes an exhausting...

October 31, 2008: WARNING! Horn Tooting: The Inman List of the Top 25 Most Influential Real Estate Bloggers for 2008 Is Out, and We're On It!
Comments: 15 | Categories: Announcements , Blogging Peers , Real Estate Blogging , Tomato In The Press
After what has been an absolutely whirlwind year of company growth, product development and business travel, it’s hard to believe we had any time to blog at all. So, I have to admit, being recognized for the 2nd year in a row as one of the most influential real estate bloggers, came as a bit of a surprise… albeit a pleasant surprise. I’d like to think that the reason that I have been recognized as being so influential is because of the success of the many hundreds of real estate bloggers that we have developed over the last 2 years. Collectively our clients have published 10’s of 1000’s of great looking and informative blog posts. So as much as I would like to take the credit for this achievement, the real honor belongs to our incredibly talented staff and to the dedicated bloggers of Tomato Nation. Here’s the complete list...

October 13, 2008: Real Estate BarCamp Houston - Sharing Business & Technology Knowledge
Comments: 8 | Categories: Announcements , Blogging Peers , Real Estate Blogging
Disclaimer: I don’t normally drop press releases for events that I am not directly involved with, but for this one I needed to make an exception for 2 reasons. First of all, I want to be there, and be involved, but I just can’t swing it. I will have just gotten back from a trip to Bermuda for the Christie’s Great Estates Global Conference where I will be speaking with Dustin Luther and Marc Davidson. And secondly, my favorite Real Estate Blogging event so far this year was the first-ever REBarCamp in SF. Sure it was followed up with a Beer-With-Bloggers… but seriously, it was an amazing event that I was thrilled to be a part of. So, Mike Prices’s request to drop this announcement was an easy one to fulfill. Houston, October, 1, 2008 Real Estate BarCamp Houston is slated to take place on October 22 at the Shenandoah...

October 8, 2008: Tomato Nation - Interactive Google Map Showcases Tomatoes On The Vine
Comments: 14 | Categories: Announcements , Blogging Peers , Real Estate Blogging
I found myself playing around with Google Maps in preparation of an article I have been working on. The article is to be a comprehensive overview of the many ways that one can leverage Google Maps with a Real Estate Blog. I have seen bloggers using this tool in so many creative ways that I thought it would be nice to have single resource as an example of all the ways we have found it to be useful. Anyhow, while I was playing, I couldn’t resist creating a map to showcase what we commonly refer to as the Vine – Our client base – a.k.a Tomato Nation. Check it out: Tomato Nation - The Real Estate Tomato Vine We will be adding it as a fixture to our sidebar, so if you are ever curious if we have a client in your area… you are one click from knowing. I’m...

July 31, 2008: Miss Out On Inman Connect 2008 SF? - Taking Your Real Estate Blog To The Next Level - The Panel
Comments: 11 | Categories: Blog Marketing , Blogging Advice , Blogging Peers , Real Estate Blogging
Last week, at the Inman Connect Conference in San Francisco, I had the pleasure of sharing a panel with Dustin Luther (, Daniel Rothamel ( and Nicole Nicolay ( I may not be most impartial judge, but I truly felt that the topic was the most interesting of all Wednesday’s panels. There are several hundred bloggers that have found certain levels of success with their real estate blog. Now these bloggers are hungry to take it to the next level, so I saw the timing of this panel to be perfect for so many in the In case you missed it, here is our panel below in it’s full form, as moderated by’s Jeff Turner. The next day, there was a great article on that gave an editorial overview of our panel. Feel free to check it out, there’s a nice jump in the comments as well....

May 28, 2008: Tomato Bloggers At Inman Bloggers Connect 2008 SF and PageRank Surges
Comments: 26 | Categories: Announcements , Blogging Peers , Real Estate Blogging , Tomato In The Press
It seems that while we’ve been busy toiling the last couple of months on the development of our latest and greatest: the Real Estate Broker Blog 2.0, there have been a few significant updates that were worthy of mention, even if a tad belated. Not only have I accepted the invitation to participate on a panel at the much anticipated follow up to last year’s huge SF Bloggers Connect event, but it seems that 3 other Tomato Bloggers will be upon on stage… representing! I will be tackling the topic: Growing Pains: Take Your Blog to the Next Level Beth Butler (EWM Broker and Tomato Blogger) will be joined by our Director of Technology, Jason Benesch, discussing: Group Blogging; How One Broker is Making it Work. And just recently, Matt Fagioli (Broker of Diamond Dwellings, Tomato Blogger & Coordinator of the successful RETechSouth): Building a Real Estate Brokerage in a...

March 17, 2008: News On the Vine - Books, Blogs, Magazines, Records, Events and Podcasts
Comments: 3 | Categories: Blogging Peers , Real Estate Blogging , Tomato In The Press
As the Vine has grown into the hundreds, it seems the positive news just keeps coming. Recently, there have been plenty of noteworthy moments for Tomato Bloggers… here a few fun ones from just the last couple of weeks. Pats on the back all around. 1. Aaron Auxier sets new records for price-per-square-foot in Las Vegas and even ends up getting a link on the Drudge Report for the accomplishment. 2. Ann Marie Clements makes the cover of March’s Realtor Magazine. 3. Matt Fagioli and Brad Nix team up to organize RETechSouth – This month’s hottest real estate tech event. 4. Roberta Murphy and Gena Riede team up with a dozen blogging agents to syndicate content for the Women’s Council of Realtors. 5. Tara Nicholle-Nelson, between television appearances, is recognized in Kaira Sturdivant Rouda’s new book Real You Incorporated. 6. And yours truly ends up on over 2 hours on...

March 14, 2008: How Has Blogging Changed Your Real Estate Career? - Brad Nix and the RETechSouth Event
Comments: 6 | Categories: Blogging Peers , Interviews , Real Estate Blogging
This is the fifth article in a series of interviews that we've held with a handful of our Tomato Blogger Clients. Our mission throughout these interviews is to learn how the efforts of our blogging clients have made significant, and positive differences in their real estate career. Today’s interview is with broker, Brad Nix of Maxsell Real Estate. Maxsell Real Estate “is the only real estate company in Metro Atlanta exclusively servicing the I-575 Real Estate Corridor of Northwest Atlanta.” Brad joined the Vine in late February of 2007. He was a great choice for today’s interview because of just how much his business and use of technology have changed in just 12 months. Here’s his story. Tomato: You know the drill… you still working with the traditional marketing strategies of print and mail? Brad Nix: Very little. We are definitely using a lot less of all of it. If...

March 12, 2008: Ask For A Guest Post From John Lockwood, and This Is What You Get!
Comments: 6 | Categories: Blog Participation , Blogging Peers , Guest Author , Real Estate Blogging
13 months ago, John Lockwood dropped a post here on the Tomato that inspired 40 comments from our audience. Now a year later, he’s looking for as many as 101 of you to help him reach a lofty, but attainable goal. Read on. 101 Subscribers in 30 Days by John Lockwood My original title was "Strategic Blogging, Going Beyond Real Estate, and Getting 101 Subscribers to a Brand New Blog in 30 Days or One Long Title, Whichever Comes First." I shortened it considerably out of respect for my host. Who am I to stand in the way of my own self-improvement? Jim Cronin was good enough to ask me to rematerialize here on the Real Estate Tomato. He mentioned that people enjoyed my earlier post, Seven Myths About Real Estate Blogging. Egomaniac that I am, that praise would normally be enough to get me to start typing up a...

March 2, 2008: Carnival of Real Estate - The Hair Metal Awards
Comments: 24 | Categories: Blogging Peers , Carnival Of Real Estate , Real Estate Blogging
Here we are in 80th edition of the Carnival of Real Estate, and I’m going to take you to a place that Real Estate has never before gone. It’s a world of high hair and lipstick, raunchy innuendo, guitar solos and the power ballad. Hang on, no sissy bars on this Harley ride through the Hair Metal Awards. This theme certainly deserves an explanation. My teen years (“the 80’s”) were supported with an ever-present soundtrack of Heavy Metal music. Within the genre of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock was an over-the-top category of bands that came very close to being mistaken as Chick Rockers: Hair Metal (a.k.a. Glam Metal or Pop Metal). Several bands jockeyed for the top of the Rock ‘N’ Roll Billboard Charts with their oxymoronic, musical mix of testosterone and make-up. Today’s Carnival is a juxtaposition of real estate industry bloggers jockeying for the top spot of...

February 25, 2008: How Has Blogging Changed Your Real Estate Career? - Roberta Murphy
Comments: 9 | Categories: Blogging Peers , Interviews , Real Estate Blogging
Here we are with our fourth article in a series of interviews that we've conducted with a handful of our Tomato Blogger Clients. Our mission throughout these interviews is to learn how the efforts of our blogging clients have made significant, and positive differences in their real estate career. Today’s interview is with Roberta Murphy of both and Roberta was one of our very first clients and an early graduate of our intense blog training course. Way back in the Fall of 2006, Roberta contacted us after reading our writings on ActiveRain. She contracted us to build LuxuryHomeDigest, a blog focusing on a blend of Luxury Living and the world of Luxury Real Estate. Shortly there after, she hired us to convert her main website, into a full featured blogsite and intense community resource. Tomato: So, you know the theme, how should we jump into this? Should...

February 22, 2008: Real Estate Tomato Blogger Makes the Cover of Realtor Magazine
Comments: 7 | Categories: Announcements , Blogging Peers , Real Estate Blogging , Tomato In The Press
We a thrilled to announce that Tomato Blogger, Ann Marie Clements, of Montgomery County, MD is gracing the cover of this month’s Realtor Magazine (March 2008). The cover article, entitled: Welcome To Real Estate 2.0, discusses how savvy agents are embracing Web 2.0 tools to enhance and improve their real estate careers. Blogs, Wikis, MashUps, Social Networks and Video are the weapons of choice in this brave new Real Estate 2.0 world. We are also proud to mention that our most popular guest blogger, Teresa Boardman and her blog get a lot of attention in the article. Other friends that were interviewed or mentioned in this front page piece: 1000WattConsulting Ardell Dellaloggia Dustin Luther of RainCityGuide Matt Heaton of ActiveRain Brian Wilson of Zolve IncredibleAgents Frances Flynn Thorsen of Realtygram Blogger Jeff Turner of Turner’s Perspective Daniel Rothamel of Real Estate Zebra Blog …and yes… even we got a mention...

February 12, 2008: Stefan Swanepoel Does It Again With His 2008 Top 10 Real Estate Trends - A Must Read
Comments: 10 | Categories: Blogging Peers , Tomato In The Press
This morning, UPS delivered to my door, arguably the most influential annual publication in the Real Estate Industry. Stefan Swanepoel had sent me 2008’s look at the Top 10 Real Estate Trends, hot off the press. Since 1997, Swanepoel has been producing this intriguing report, mapping out what real estate professionals need to be recognizing as major factors that shape the industry in which they aim to strive. The 2008 report illustrates the maturation of last years ground breaking trends such as blogging, social networking, and online communities. But just as interesting, he brings light to the fact that there has been a mostly national shift in the market, and just what needs to be considered to ride on with this change: [Those in the industry] “will have to readjust their DNA and understand that transformation has become mandatory if they wish to be part of the winning side of...

February 9, 2008: How Has Blogging Changed Your Real Estate Career? - Mary DeLuca
Comments: 7 | Categories: Blogging Peers , Interviews , Real Estate Blogging
This article is the third in a series of interviews that we've conducted with a handful of our Tomato Blogger Clients. The theme throughout these interviews is to learn how their blogging efforts have made huge differences in their real estate career. Today, allow me to introduce Mary DeLuca. Mary’s blog is Beltway Ramblings, covering the community and real estate happenings around Arlington, Virginia, aka the Beltway in Washington, DC. Her launch date was June of 2007. Tomato- Mary, you jumped at the chance to be interviewed, what has you so fired up about blogging? Mary- Blogging has done wonders for my real estate career in so many ways. Firstly, the expose to me as an agent in the area is so much greater. It’s unbelievable how many people are telling me that they are reading my blog. But what has really made such a huge difference is the fact...

November 9, 2007: What Is The Future Of The Real Estate Blog?
Comments: 29 | Categories: Blogging Advice , Blogging Peers , Collaborative Articles , Guest Author , Real Estate Blogging , Topics and Opinions
This past week’s Collaborative Article topic has been focused on the Future of the Real Estate Blog. Inside the Tomato Forum, the gang hashed out 2 specific questions: 1. What do you see as the future of the real estate blog? 2. What do you fear about the future of the real estate blog? Before we jump into the article that is the highlights of the Tomato Forum discussion, I just wanted to paint a picture of the very near future of real estate blogging I see: Imagine for a moment you are sitting on your couch, feet up, remote in hand. You scroll through your Tivo’d favorites looking for updates from your favorite topics… San Diego Luxury Real Estate being one of them. The console that sits 10 feet away is tomorrow’s television, an all-in-one entertainment center merging Internet, TV, Computer and Game Console. Tivo has selected and recorded...

October 9, 2007: Sellsius Real Estate Blog Announces Their Top 12 Women Real Estate Bloggers For 2007
Comments: 14 | Categories: Announcements , Blogging Peers , Real Estate Blogging
The list from 2006 has grown from 10 to 12… Now there are enough to fill a Women of Real Estate Blogging Calendar. In order of appearance in the list from Sellsius: Teresa Boardman Kris Berg Missy Caulk Diane Cohn Ines Hegedus-Garcia Maureen Francis Kristal Kraft Laurie Manny Roberta Murphy Sharon Simms Rhonda Porter Frances Flynn Thorsen Congratulations Ladies! *Update (10–16–07) Our good friend, and master blogger, Oliver Muoto over at VFlyer has taken the time to interview the Dynamic Dozen. Listen in. Follow Us on Twitter and Get Our Daily Real Estate Blog Tips! If you enjoyed reading this article, why not Subscribe to be notified of the next one? Tags: women+in+real+estate+blogging, sellsius+real+estate

October 4, 2007: Inman News Ranks Real Estate Tomato A Top 25 Most Influential Real Estate Blogger
Comments: 10 | Categories: Announcements , Blogging Peers , Real Estate Blogging , Tomato In The Press
Flattered. Honored. Thrilled. Proud to be listed among such heavyweights on the RE Blogos. Here are Inman's Top 25 Real Estate Bloggers: — Broker and Agent Blogs Teresa Boardman St. Paul Real Estate Blog Ardell Della Loggia Founder, SearchingSeattleBlog Marlow Harris Founder, 360Digest Doug Heddings Founder, TrueGotham Noah Rosenblatt Founder, — Community/ Multi-Author Blogs Dustin Luther Founder, Rain City Guide Greg Swann Founder, Bloodhound Blog — Mortgage Blogs Morgan Brown Founder, Blown Mortgage Todd Carpenter Founder, LenderamaCR and Tanta Bloggers, Calculated Risk Paul Jackson Founder, Housing Wire — Housing Economics Jonathan Miller Founder, Matrix — Industry Commentary Kevin Boer Founder, 3Oceans Real Estate Joel Burslem Founder, Future of Real Estate Marketing Patrick Kitano Founder, Transparent Real Estate — Marketing and How-To Jim Cronin Founder, Real Estate Tomato Joseph Ferrara, Rudolph D. Bachraty III Co-Founders, Sellsius Real Estate Blog — Local Blogging Jonathan Butler Founder, Brownstoner Adam Koval Founder, SocketSite...

September 8, 2007: Who's The Youngest Real Estate Blogger?
Comments: 17 | Categories: Blogging Peers , Real Estate Blogging
When I met John Harper (of the Harper Team) at Blogger's Connect in San Francisco this past month, the first thing he said to me was that he couldn't believe how young I was. He mentioned it at least twice more that night as well enjoyed complimentary beers at the Thirsty Bear. I'll be 37 in a month, and I don't consider myself "young" for the industry I am in... and in fact I found myself thinking that same thing that John was as I met recognizable name after recognizable name at this year’s conference; Justin Smith, Dan Green, Mike Simonsen, Joel Burslem, Todd Carpenter, Dustin Luther, Drew Myers, the AcitveRain Gang, Noah Rosenblatt... and on and on. I just kept thinking, “Wow!, this new wave of pioneers and entrepreneurs are so young.” Well, now John Harper has made us all feel OLD. John Harper has hired 18 year old...

August 30, 2007: Photos and Real Estate Blogging, It's What Makes This Fun and Easy
Comments: 14 | Categories: Blog Content Creation , Blog Dos and Don'ts , Blogging Advice , Blogging Peers , Guest Author , Real Estate Blogging , Teresa Boardman
Before going up on stage in front of 3500 Realtors last week, I was speaking with Teresa Boardman about what she enjoys to most when it comes to posting on her St. Paul Real Estate Blog and her ActiveRain blog. “Photos I shoot and my Fridays Are For Fun posts,” she quickly responded. “I know that I need to be posting about the local real estate market and other topics around that subject, but I really enjoy the pictures and the fun stuff.” “I also know that my audience enjoys them a ton too.” So when I got back from the big event, to an over-stuffed, under-managed inbox, I wasn’t surprised to find the following article from Teresa, ready for the Tomato. Photos and Real Estate Blogging, It’s What Makes This Fun and Easy By Teresa Boardman It has been fairly well established that through our business blogs we build...

August 28, 2007: The Real Estate Broker Blog - Bigger, Badder, Better and Beyond
Comments: 33 | Categories: Announcements , Blogging Advice , Blogging Peers , Real Estate Blogging , Web 2.0
Are you are real estate broker seeing the power that individual agents possess through blogging, thinking, we could own the search engines for this area if we could just harness the efforts of our agents? …Then suddenly, you realize that you have the following challenges holding you back? - Can't risk the liability of agents posting freely. - Don't have the resources to get the team to see the value and embrace the effort. - Don't have the tool for agents to post content into the current company site. - Recognize the nightmare in organizing the presentation of so much content. - Don't have the IT team to support such a project. - Don't have the resources to train the agents to blog effectively and consistently. Making announcements about our company's product is not the normal M.O. here at the Tomato, but when you're about to make history, you need...

June 26, 2007: Nine Months Of Real Estate Blogging A Celebrity Will You Make
Comments: 7 | Categories: Announcements , Blogging Peers , Partners & Friends , Real Estate Blogging , Sacramento RE News , Search Engines
We are so proud of our first Real Estate Tomato Graduate, Gena Riede. This hot house tomato has just leaped from her keyboard to the television. This past weekend, Gena was interviewed by Channel 13, CBS, in her home town of Sacramento, CA. The piece ran on both Friday the 21st and Saturday the 22nd. She owes her new found celebrity to her hard work, timely advice, and her real estate blog: Anchor Kris Pickle contacted Gena directly, after noticing an article she had posted to her blog called: Sacramento Foreclosure Auction Looking for Suckers! Apparently Kris and her team loved the piece and wanted to have Gena give her two cents, forewarning potential bidders for an upcoming property auction in the city. To watch the piece that appeared on the evening news click here. To read Gena’s account check out her post on the event here. In addition...

June 11, 2007: The Little Real Estate Blogger That Could
Comments: 9 | Categories: Blog Discipline , Blogging Peers , Guest Author , Real Estate Blogging
One of the biggest advantages to breeding A-List Real Estate Bloggers, is that now I have an army of talented and savvy bloggers willing to contribute incredibly useful content to the Tomato. Today’s debut comes to us from Denver, CO; Jennifer Steck is the author of new launched She has put together a piece relating her anxieties of trying the wrangle the blog as a real estate marketing tool. I think most looking into real estate blogging for the first time can surely relate. The Little Real Estate Blogger That Could By Jennifer Steck I think I can...I think I can... After doing a lot of research on technology and rainmaking for real estate, I decided late last year that a blog was the way to go to become a valued community resource in my area. A link led to an article from Inman News about blogging. Who's name...

June 11, 2007: Inman News Holds Project Blogger Conference - Listen In!
Comments: 5 | Categories: Announcements , Blogging Peers , Interviews , Real Estate Blogging , Tomato In The Press
Today, at 11AM PST, Inman News and 4 Guest Speakers From Project Blogger will be discussing “Building from the Ground Up. Real Experiences Starting a Real Estate Blog from Scratch.”. The best part, you can join in to the chat and listen in to the call. In advance of the show: Please visit, Sign Up, and Pick a PIN (part of the Sign Up process). It will take about 30 seconds and it's free. (Note: Software download is NOT REQUIRED. Feel free to skip that step unless you want to ask questions by text-chat.) At the time of the show or up to 15 minutes early: Call 724-444-7444 and follow the audio prompts. Enter the Talkcast ID: 32606 Enter your PIN (which you chose at Sign Up -- it's likely your own phone number). So, who’s talking? Hosted and Moderated By: Jessica Swesey – Managing Editor from Inman News...

June 8, 2007: Real Estate Blogging Tips From A Rural Real Estate Blogger
Comments: 9 | Categories: Blog Discipline , Blogging Advice , Blogging Peers , Guest Author , Real Estate Blogging
One of the biggest advantages to breeding A-List Real Estate Bloggers, is that now I have an army of talented and savvy bloggers willing to contribute incredibly useful content to the Tomato. Our newest contributor, Daniel Bates of, has had to take the load less traveled in the real estate blogosphere. Rather than spoil it, I’ll let him tell it: Real Estate Blogging Tips From A Rural Real Estate Blogger By Daniel Bates Bright Lights, Big City The 2000 census reports that 94.6% of the US is rural open space, yet 79% of the population live in that remaining 5.4% (Don’t you guys feel cramped?). We can’t all live in the big city, and I gladly represent the 21% that said “thanks, but no thanks”. My home town of McClellanville has a population hovering below 500 and relies on shrimping as it’s main source of income. We draw a...

May 17, 2007: A Real Estate Blogging Event - Let's Write An Article, Together
Comments: 15 | Categories: Announcements , Blogging Peers , Real Estate Blogging , Topics and Opinions
Here at the Tomato, we usually take the role of educators with the aim of covering a topic from many angles and with as much context as possible. This time we are asking for some help for you to provide us with the angles and context that will develop into an article. We would like to use this opportunity to illustrate the power of transparent participation (A.K.A. "Mob Wisdom"). Basically, we want to write an article with our readers, for our readers. We present the topic, and you help us fill in the body. The topic we are presenting as a platform for discussion and participation is: "The Power Of The Team In Today's Real Estate" Planned directions: 1. The Business Of The Real Estate Team. What are the advantages that come with being part of a real estate team? What are the drawbacks? How does being a team affect...

May 11, 2007: A Lazy Stroll On Real Estate Blog Lane
Comments: 7 | Categories: Blogging Peers , Real Estate Blogging
Here are a few samplings from this week’s real estate blog stumbling. Happy Friday! The Boys From Sellsius Are Headed Out To Blog Across America We look forward to catching up with them as they crawl into California. Tomato Launches The Carnival Of Project Blogger Our aim is to give back to the community following the contest. Oliver Over At VFlyer Has A Great Rundown On All That Is Real Estate 2.0 How many of the companies mentioned will be seen as pillars and how many will be seen as dust in 5 years? RSSPieces Jumps The Shark By Calling Us Losers So much so that they don't even publish our comments to their post. Posh'd Is Holding A Blog Beauty Contest We look forward to seeing our designs make the pageant. Fraser Beach From Toronto Real Estate Blog Just Launched A Web 2.0 Real Estate Site For The Toronto...

May 7, 2007: Blogger Idol, Where's Simon Cowell When You Need Him?
Comments: 19 | Categories: Blogging Peers , Guest Author , Jason Benesch , Real Estate Blogging , Topics and Opinions
Jason Benesch presented me with the following article and I felt it was so timely that not only did I have to post it, but I decided to contribute some editorial as a 'second half' to the piece. Blogger Idol, Where's Simon Cowell When You Need Him? By Jason Benesch I have to come clean. I have watched every episode of American Idol this season. It's still extremely hard for those words to roll off my tongue, but I believe the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem (so I've heard). I have never before watched a full season of American Idol. Matter of fact, I have never even seen one episode. Before the girlfriend, I was never so compelled, but I have since learned that with relationships, certain TV watching habits must change. But even before the dedication to watching every minute of this season,...

May 6, 2007: The Unintended And Unexpected Consequences Of Writing A Real Estate Blog
Comments: 12 | Categories: Blog Participation , Blogging Peers , Guest Author , Real Estate Blogging , Teresa Boardman
As the Tomato had mentioned, blogging is a marathon and does take commitment. By now everyone knows that my blog is for lead generation, and that it seems to be working. Our market in the twin cities is a bit slow, and we have plenty of Realtors, if not for the blog brining in business I would be considering a new career at Wal-Mart as a greeter. This post isn't about lead generation. it is about what I call the unintended and unexpected consequences of writing a real estate blog. 1. Speechless In St. Paul There is not need to talk anymore. I just direct people to one of my blogs. Clients send emails with questions I send a link to a post on the subject. It wasn't until I started my blog that I discovered talking is highly overrated because I can't use pictures, tags or links. I can...

May 3, 2007: Real Estate Blogging: The 80/20 Rule Applied
Comments: 10 | Categories: Blog Writing Tips , Blogging Advice , Blogging Peers , Guest Author , Jonathan Greene , Topics and Opinions
Jonathan Greene is back with a very insightful look at defining the growing success he is experiencing with his Real Estate Blog: Real Opinionated. Real Estate Blogging: The 80/20 Rule Applied By Jonathan Green You've probably heard of the 80/20 rule. It's a contemporary theory related to management, economics, and many other applications that states "20 percent of actions/causes/inputs, etc. will lead to 80 percent of consequences/effects/outputs." The idea is sometimes attributed to Italian economist Pareto who developed the theory in 1906 after observing the unequal wealth distribution is his country. Here are some examples: 20% of Realtors make 80% of the sales. 20% of Families hold 80% of the nations wealth. 20% of your daily tasks net 80% of your best results. You get the point. The theory is surprisingly pervasive. I wondered if the idea applied to blogging, so I set out to make some observations about the...

April 30, 2007: Real Estate Tomato Hangs Out With The Boston Globe
Comments: 5 | Categories: Announcements , Blogging Peers , Tomato In The Press
4:27AM, PST. The phone rings. "I just picked up the paper and you wouldn't believe what's hanging out of it," my mother excitedly states. "What?" I grunt. "I'm sorry to wake you, I thought I was going to get the machine." "You won't believe where the Globe put your logo in the paper, it's hanging right out of the front page!" In what we hope not to be the peak of our mainstream media exposure, this Sunday, The Boston Globe offered a headlining piece on Real Estate Blogging. Paul F. Roberts penned a timely article entitled “Brokers In Blogsville.” You can read the piece in full on The Real Estate Tomato was not only mentioned (and quoted) along with 8 other pillars in the real estate blogosphere, but we also got some pretty nifty brand exposure! Also included in the article: CondoDomain St Paul Real Estate Blog Bring The...

April 20, 2007: Young Blogs Be Free Tonight
Comments: 14 | Categories: Blog Discipline , Blogging Advice , Blogging Peers , Guest Author , Real Estate Blogging
John Coley, my favorite real estate blogger in Alabama, has been making strides since his blog launched earlier this year. His strategy has been simple: Write about local topics to attract local interest traffic; Uncover an audience searching for the content he delivers. John’s blogsite content focuses on the interests of a somewhat small community around beautiful Lake Martin. His commitment and consistency to that aim inspired me to invite him to take a stab at calling it like he sees it when it comes to real estate blogging technique. Young Blogs Be Free Tonight By John Coley Are you considering starting your own blog, but think that you have to be a huge national player to make an impact? Wrong. One of the great things about web 2.0 is that anyone with good content can make a difference. Anyone that is willing to work hard and play fair can...

March 19, 2007: Project Blogger: Like Trying To Hold Back A Raging Bull
Comments: 7 | Categories: Announcements , Blogging Peers
I've been trying to hold back Jackie Colson-Miller from an official launch for a week now... and it's like trying to keep a raging bull in a chute. She is so raring to go, it's dangerous. Active Rain’s Jonathan Washburn set the rules that we're in "pre-season" through April 9th, but we see no reason not to start playing for real, judged officially, or not. Located in Tampa, but global in spirit, Jackie aims to be more popular than her blogging master, the Tomato. If you ask me, I think she can do it. The Name she has 'branded' for her international real estate destination: The Real Estate Sizzle The Slogan: The "Burning" Issues In Real Estate... Tampa, Florida & Around The World. The Platform: Wordpress direct upload - Souped up, loaded, polished and custom painted to her specifications. What Set's Her Apart: Regular video correspondence from around the globe...

March 12, 2007: Project Blogger and My Secret Weapon
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"Project Blogger", a competition of real estate blog coaching, is the brainchild of Jonathan Washburn of ActiveRain. The goal is simple: over the course of about 4 months, each participating blogging coach will aim to develop the most successful real estate blogger they can. Here are the details: Pre-Season: March 12th - April 8th Getting the 'kinks' worked out. Developing the blogsite Hand calisthenics Competition Begins: April 9th No more excuses, the race is on. Competition Ends: July 15th (14 weeks later) Judging: Each week a new guest judge is rotated in. Guest judge evaluation weighs 85% of weekly point scores ActiveRain community weighs 15% of weekly point scores Examples of potential guest judges: * Brad Inman, president of Inman News * Matt Heaton, CEO ActiveRain * Robert Scoble, famous ex-Microsoft blogger: Scobleizer * John Battelle, Federated Media - Author of The Search * Errol Samuelson, new president of Move,...

March 12, 2007: 16 Reasons Why "Bloggers Connect" Is Going To Rock
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Now that Realtor Magazine recognizes that real estate blogs are worth visiting, it seems we can all lower our “freak flags” and breathe a sigh of relief; we’re on the map. Now let’s take it by storm. This year’s Inman Connect in San Francisco has included a special two day event called the Bloggers Connect. 16 of us have been asked to be part of a Steering Committee where we’ll aim to develop the topics of discussion and workshops for the event. In addition to the serious stuff, there are to be “fun and crazy events being built into the program including the Dive Bar Tour, the Haight Ashbury experience and the blogging romp.” What a blogging romp is, I can’t be sure… I can only hope involves the throwing of tomatoes. In addition to the above, Inman and ActiveRain have sponsored a contest called “Project Blogger”. As many as...

February 2, 2007: Interview With A Real Estate Blogging Goddess - Teresa Boardman
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Our regular readers and seasoned real estate blogosphere readers all know Teresa Boardman. Recently she has gained some broader exposure in national publications as an example of a locally focused real estate blogger that is firstly generating business from her efforts and secondly gaining respect from her peers nationally. Along with this success has also come some misinterpretation of who she is, why she does it and how it’s done. We have enjoyed having Teresa here on the Tomato Soapbox, and felt that her articles have brought some much needed clarity to our voice, so in turn, we would like to return the favor and bring some clarity to hers. Below is an interview we held with Teresa that focus on the reasons why she blogs, why it works for her and her outlook on the phenomenon of the real estate blog itself. 1. What prompted you to start a...

January 29, 2007: Of Blogs And Bricks
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Lately, blogging advice from successful real estate bloggers has been a hot topic here on the Tomato. Hearing it from Realtors that are in the trenches, actually generating business from blogging, strengthens the confidence of those on the outside looking in. Nearly all my topics these days come from clients' concerns regarding the effort it takes to make it work. Admittedly, I am not a Realtor, but rather a marketing consultant for real estate professionals. So the support that I have receive from the real estate blogging community means the world to me, encouraging my effort. But, I realize I can't do it alone, here on the Tomato. Bringing in voices from the (battle)field makes for greater testimony than the armchair journalist. One of our brazen blogging comrades from the front lines is Elizabeth Weintraub. Her voice is heard on a national platform called, where she pens her daily...

January 22, 2007: Tomato and Boardman Make the Chicago Tribune, Together.
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In today’s Chicago Tribune Technology Section there’s an article (subscription required) on the effectiveness of real estate blogging. Featured in the article is our real estate blogging goddess, Teresa Boardman, with a hat tip to the Tomato. Because this article brings in so many relevant points for our audience, and because I can’t be sure that the above link will work forever, here are a few key excerpts from Mary Umberger’s piece: Real Estate Agents Hang Blogging Signs. The subsequent quotes come from the following bloggers: Fran Bailey Joe Zekas Teresa Boardman Dan Green "[Blogging] It's just about the perfect way for a savvy agent to carve out a sustainable marketing pitch," he said. "That immediate way of communicating and providing an audience with perceived value, and showcasing expertise and product knowledge--it just doesn't get any better as a way to build a business." Bailey and other prolific bloggers say...

December 19, 2006: Trump Joins MyBlogLog?
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The boys from Sellsius are back! In true fashion, they deliver compelling, relevant and up-to-the-minute content more than once a day. Here is their second offering for us and the great Yankee Blog Swap. Every New Yorker admires Donald Trump. Besides being a savvy business man, great builder, entrepreneur, and friend to the city, he has the great quality of being approachable. Yeah, he's a millionaire but he projects himself as being one with the rest of us. Egalitarian, not elitist. It's that human quality which endears him to us and many other people. And he has a great sense of humor. In fact, because of it, we covered his moon project in an April Fool's post last year. Only for you, Mr. Trump. [Although he may not recall, I had the pleasure of being in his office at Trump Tower after it was built (I remember the large silver...

December 19, 2006: Chit Chat, and the Yankee Blog Swap
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Chit-Chat: Noun - light conversation; casual talk; gossip Verb - to indulge in chit-chat; gossip The holiday season is a special time of the year when we get together with friends and family. It's also a time when we attend lots of holiday parties where we don't know anyone. You know, the corporate soiree. The friend of a friend's Festivous party. Our wife's best friends uncles sisters friend from Russia get-together. You get it, right? At these parties, we usually have a drink in hand, which always helps us relax anyway, and probably stand around looking at a bunch of strangers wondering what to talk about. Should I compliment her on her candy cane stockings? Do I interrupt the group next to me, which I've been eavesdropping on for that past 20 minutes, and interject and tell them that blogs are not just a fad? What do I do? With...

December 18, 2006: Yankee Blog Swap - Coming To A Blog Near You
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Tomorrow, Tuesday the 19th, is the first ever Yankee Blog Swap. This event is the brainchild of Mary McKnight, who first emailed Pat Kitano and myself with the idea. I recommended the yankee swap name, and she and Pat ran with it. Now, just two weeks and a website later, 20 of the more vocal bloggers in the real estate community will be swapping blogs with a counterpart for the day. For example: Sellsius Real Estate Blog will be responsible for the content that graces this blog, and I, in turn, will be posting there. This is the official swap list: RSS Pieces’ Mary McKnight vs. Future of Real Estate Marketing’s Joel Burslem St Paul Real Estate Blog’s Teresa Boardman vs. Phoenix Real Estate Guy’s Jay Thompson 3 Ocean Real Estate’s Kevin Boer vs. SLC Real Estate’s Nigel Swaby Issaquah Undressed’s Larry Cragun vs. Maury Properties’ Andrew Maury Chicago Home...

December 15, 2006: What Is A Meme You Ask?
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I'll admit that I had no idea what a Meme was until I was "memed" this morning by REBlogGirl. Meme has been described as the following: “A unit of cultural information transferable from one mind to the other. (not so clear)” “It’s a thought-stream carried from one person to another” (hmmm) “Virtual blogging game of tag” (warm) “The blogging equivalent of a chain letter” (warmer) “A good excuse to spread a blogging topic around” (hot) The thought-stream that I was tagged with is “5 Things That You Don’t Know About Me.” So here goes: 1. I was raised on the geek side of the tracks; my parents sent me to Computer Camp at age 12. Way back then (1982) we were learning to code in Basic, Pilot and Pascal. Oddly enough, all I retained from my experience was how to juggle. 2. On occasion I can still solve the Rubik’s...

December 13, 2006: Business Plan 2007: Blog For Leads
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Teresa Boardman is back! Last week we were in the trenches with her, examining the challenges of embracing the technological side of real estate. Today we gain some perspective on why business blogging needs to be a big part of your marketing strategy for 2007. Enjoy! — It is that time of the year again. Well, actually it was that time of year last month; time to complete my business plan for 2007. I figure out how much money I want to make, and then I figure out how many transactions I need to accomplish my financial goals. The transactions are then broken down into buyers or sellers, and then I figure how many appointments will be needed each month to meet the goals. After I have my numbers I start planning the tasks that I will need to complete during the year that will generate the number of appointments...

December 11, 2006: Carnival Of Real Estate - 22nd Edition
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The 22nd edition of the Carnival of Real Estate is up over at ActiveRain. Our good friend Matt Heaton hosted and organized his picks for the Top 11 real estate blogosphere posts. We were fortunate enough make the list, thanks to Elizabeth Weintraub’s contribution as a guest author last week. So, put on your galoshes, grab your umbrella and leap into the puddle of fun that is this week’s CoRE.

December 6, 2006: Straight From The Hound's Mouth
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The real estate blogosphere is still a very intimate community. It's arguable that the same 300 or 400 visitors here today, will be mostly the same group visiting the other top blogs in the industry. So I feel it is safe to assume that you all know the great Hound, Greg Swann of Bloodhound Realty in Phoenix, AZ. Whether my assumption is true or not, it is my pleasure to shine the light on perhaps the most well spoken (written) real estate blogger among us, giving us all the opportunity to peel back the curtain on how he does it. I asked Greg for this interview not just because his writing style is pure prose, nor because I knew his responses would be most polished, but because I feel that he has a great understanding of what he is doing, with every effort. It is that understanding that I wanted...

December 4, 2006: Top 10 List: What Sellers & Buyers Expect From a Real Estate Agent
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Our guest authors have been received very warmly here at the Tomato, and I think that this is a reflection of the quality of content that they have been able to produce. I receive emails every week from bloggers looking for the opportunity at some exposure (read: links) on our blog. In an effort to maintain the integrity of the content we deliver it needs to be clear that we are first and foremost a destination of knowledge for the online real estate industry. The guest authors we choose to participate are those that bring a clear message of education to our audience. This past week, I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of Elizabeth Weintraub. Elizabeth is a Sacramento area Realtor with an affinity for blogging and a keen understanding of the relationship between the agent and buyers and sellers. The conversation we had was fast and furious...

December 4, 2006: Carnival Of Marketing, Something Different
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Welcome to the December 4, 2006 edition of Carnival of Marketing. Normally the majority of the audience that either subscribes to, or uncovers the Real Estate Tomato is obviously interested or involved in the real estate industry. In an effort to expand not only our horizons, but those of our regular readers, we have taken the responsibility of hosting this week's Carnival of Marketing. An integral part of one's success in the real estate industry is due to their strength in marketing, so it only seems fitting to have a look at what those outside of our industry are writing about when it comes to the subject. Below are the Top 8 articles from this week's entries. Patricia presents How To Use A Sick Day To Change Your Life posted at Patricia. Suzanne Falter-Barns presents The Big Google Adwords Experiment posted at The Get Known Now Blog. Alvaro Fernandez presents...

November 12, 2006: Starts Blogging About Real Estate
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James Kimmons over at (actually recognizes a few of us real estate bloggers as a destination for a "Lively Discussion." We are honored to have made the short list with such blogging titans as RainCityGuide, BloodhoundBlog and RealtyBlogging. The Tomato even gets the nod for being "popular." We all also represent their current blogroll. Until now, I have never taken the time to check out the real estate business section of My first impression was: "cool 2.0 upgrade on the About logo." This division of appears to be relatively new, based on the depth of content, however I will say that it has some very useful information for someone considering a career in real estate, getting into investing or making the jump to broker. If Kimmons keeps it up, his blog might just be another nice resource to add to your already jam packed RSS newsreader.

November 6, 2006: Carnival of Business - Something New
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Welcome to the November 6, 2006 edition of Carnival Of Business. Although I have participated in the Carnival Of Business a number of times, admittedly, I can not say that I have joined the community as a participant until today. Digging in, and reading dozens of articles from dozens of business blogs that I have never heard of was a refreshing change from the tunnel vision of real estate blogging. Below represent this week's top 7, as well as the top article. Enjoy. Alexander Becker presents The Pareto Principle vs. the Necessity of the Unnecessary posted at WOW, saying, "Comparison determines quality." Peter Kua presents 2006: The year venture capitalists adore freemiums posted at Dan Crites presents They Call it the Hawthorne Effect posted at Seeds of Growth - Ideas to Help Small Business Grow, saying, "Change is required for improvement, they call it the Hawthorne Effect." Greg Swann...

October 31, 2006: Halloween Carnival - Scary Real Estate Stories
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The much anticipated Halloween Carnival of Scary Real Estate Stories is finally here. I want to thank all the participants for making this a successful event. Given that this special Holiday Carnival falls just one day after the weekly Carnival of Real Estate, I wasn't sure what kind of turnout to expect. However, with a couple of last minute entries this evening, we rounded out at two dozen spooky real estate stories. Below are the coveted Top 10, all of whom are winners of an official Real Estate Tomato T-Shirt. Congratualtions to you all! Before the announcement of the Top 10, I do need to thank Debbie Cook for inspiring the Halloween Carnival in the first place. Almost all of the articles I have posted in the last month have been inspired by conversations I have had with clients. This one is no different. Debbie and I were talking about...