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Announcing the Official Launch of Tomato University - Technology Training For The Real Estate Industry


It is finally here!  We are so excited.

We’ve launched Tomato University (beta):
“Technology Education For The Real Estate Industry”

The success of our first three Virtual BarCamp events made two things very clear:
1. There is an overwhelming interest in learning how to use technology to improve one’s real estate career.
2. Participating from the comfort of your home or office is a hugely popular alternative to learning in person.

Please Note: If you were a participant in any of our Virtual BarCamp events, then you are instantly a member of the University.  You will have received an email notification of your membership… and if you haven’t, simply login and request a reset of your password. 

Our mission with Tomato University is to scale back a bit on the intensity of the VREBC experience, and give everyone an opportunity to learn in a much more relaxed and engaging environment.

Rather than spending the day drinking from the fire hose of VREBC (28 live classes over 7 hours), we are launching the University with just 5 classes per week (1 per business day).

See University Schedule:

The other major distinction from VREBC is that the classes will be limited to much smaller audiences, allowing for direct engagement with the professors, in real-time, during class.  Classes will last between 1 and 2 hours, and in most cases will be limited to just 40 students.

See University Professors:

Our-missionDuring this beta period (roughly 45 days), all classes will be held at 11am PST (2pm EST).  In addition to the great schedule we already have in place, we will be adding classes and professors on a regular basis, with constant turn-over and growth.

Soon we will be offering intense Labs and Tutoring Options to our schedule.  The labs will be limited to as few as 5 students, and the one-on-one tutoring sessions will be available for those that want our undivided attention.

Even though the University is in a beta phase, our commitment remains in providing our students with the most relevant and effective technology training available. 

Here are a few of the ways you can instantly take advantage of the University:

1. Sign up for upcoming classes taught by some of the Real Estate Industry's finest minds.
2. Shout out from your Dashboard to the entire community, Twitter style!
3. Hold conversations with any other member(s) in real-time using "@membername" Twitter style!
4. Rate and Comment on classes you have taken to improve our offerings.
5. Friend other members to send direct messages and get updates on their activity within TU.
6. Post your RSS feeds to your profile to gain more exposure to your blog articles.
7. Submit your ideas for classes and/or your application for professorship.
8. Update your profile details.
9. Connect with Twitter and Facebook to broadcast status and connect with others.
10. Manage your email update preferences.
To begin taking advantage of your free membership you will need to register or login:

Once logged in:

To view your Dashboard:

To see our Upcoming Classes:

To meet our Professors:

To update your Profile:

We are going to be making an enormous amount of usability and functionality improvements in subsequent phases. 
Many of these improvements are already in the works, but we would love suggestions from you.

Tomato-u-dudeOur goal is to create an incredibly resourceful learning environment that thrives as a social network.
This initial phase is intended to be interactive, so don't be shy.

Near future upgrades we already have planned:
- Fan Classes for notification of updates and future related content and classes.
- Uploading of instructional videos to a tutorial library by both professors and members.
- Direct Message other members, privately.
- Participate in a community blog discussing high-level real estate technology topics.
- The addition of a Tomato University Blog for system news and updates.
- Browse and view an archive of recorded classes from past VREBC events.
- RSS/XML Feed of upcoming classes for affiliates and professors to showcase on their websites.

Don't hold back on your suggestions - we are very excited to hear from you.


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It is good that participant in any offer the members that virtual BarCamp events, then we are instantly member of the University.

What a great resource! I've learned more about using a blog to enhance my brokerage from this site than any other by far. Thanks and keep it up!

More power to Tomato Real Estate University! Keep up the good job!;-)

This a great plan and can prove a success if carried out properly. The various advantages mentioned are also worth noting.

TU looks like it is a great resource. I just need an extra 10 hours a day to do all the education, blogging, links backs etc!

this is great information for us.. I will keep follow your post. thanks

This sounds like helpful and tangible information to help us all grow our real estate business in this age of technology. Awesome!

Having the ability to post our RSS feeds to our RE Tomato profile to gain more exposure on the blog posts we write...this alone is reason enough to sign up for the class!

Great resource! I might have to sign up for some of these courses to gather some good info on making my Arizona real estate blog a little more effective!

This is a great opportunity for people to stay on top of all the latest techniques.

Fine resource! I should have to login for some of these courses to gather some useful info on making my Laguna beach blog a tiny more efficient!

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