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Virtual BarCamp is Back! April 6th, 2010: 9am - 4pm PST. Mark Your Calendars.


Before you read any further, block out your entire day on Tuesday, April 6th to attend this incredible event.

If you already have plans, cancel them.  You do not want to miss this.

Announcing the 3rd edition of Virtual BarCamp. 
What is a Virtual BarCamp?

On Tuesday, April 6th, 2010, we will be live with 28 amazing presentations.
New speakers
New topics
New knowledge 
and a major announcement.

The format will be the same as past Virtual BarCamps where each presentation is 45 minutes in length with a 15 minute intermission in between.  There will be 4 simultaneous webinar rooms, hosting 7 speakers each throughout the day.


If you have registered for past Virtual BarCamps, you should not need to re-register.  Once registered for any VREBC event, you are considered part of the VREBC family, and will receive the event details (roster, schedule of presentations and access links/codes) as we release them. 

We are approaching 3,000 registered members for this event!

Stay tuned for details on who is speaking and what topics we will cover.

Please mark your calendars NOW to be part of another learning extravaganza. 
That's 4/6/10 from 9-4 PST.

In the coming days we will have updated information on the following:
Live Event Info
Session Calendar
Presenter Roster
Potential Topics

Spread-the-wordGiven that this is a free event, we appreciate any promotion and exposure we can get from our members.  Spreading the word is crucial to making this a successful event.  Thank you so much for your support.  Here are some ways to plug the event:

1. Visit our Promote Page to get logos and template tweets/memos:
2. ReTweet announcements we make about the event.
3. Bring it up at your office meetings.  Tell your broker/office manager.
4. Tell your local association.
5. Email your colleagues.
6. Schedule an office meet-up.
7. Schedule an after party.

Thanks again for all your support.  We promise to continue to deliver and exciting and unique experience for you all, for free, if you continue to help us grow our reach!

If you are interested in presenting, please send me an email to:
vrebc (at) 
See you on 4-6-10.

If you are interested in helping sponsor the event, please send me an email to:
vrebc (at) 

For any other information, please visit our main website:

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I would love to hear about conversion; how to set up my blog that sets people on fire to contact me.

I'm excited to attend my first virtual barcamp! Less than a week to go means we all better get promoting. Promo blog post to come later this week.

I wish I would have seen this post earlier. The 6th is completely packed with meetings. Any chance that you have another date planned further out, or will this be available online following this event?

Randy, we plan to hold a VREBC every quarter. Stay tuned. Subscribe to be notified.

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