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Simple Marketing Tip: Engage The Audience You Create To Avoid The Headache of Lost Opportunity.

Jawbone-TMJ-ouchI believe I have developed TMJ.

For the last month I have had frequent headaches and a persistent clicking in my right ear.  The sensation varies from an annoying pop to a painful snap.  I have been doing light research on the issue since it began, and am now really ready to find remedy. 

What does this have to do with Real Estate Blogging?

Other than the fact that I can't be the only blogger out there suffering from TMJ and any solution I find will be much appreciated, I'm sure... the following post is a documentation of how I used the internet for research, found a potential solution, and yet the source failed to engage me as a reader/subscriber/potential-client. 

The mistake: Although I did find useful information on relief of TMJ, it was at the most critical moment that he failed to engage me. This mistake can be applied to any and all business blogging, hence the article.

The search for relief from the pain of TMJ:

I went to Twitter (I'm always there anyhow) and typed "TMJ" in the search.
I also chose twitter because I believe that my TMJ is a result of my extended computer usage, and wanted to find advice from others that may be experiencing this disorder from a similar cause.  Aren't all Twitter freaks computer over-users?
Right away I found a tweet from @DrFrankKaden that said:

New gentle treatment for headaches, neck pain, vertigo, tinnitus and tmj pain:

This linked me to a short, somewhat informative YouTube hosted video of Dr. Frank explaining the treatment's application.  Basically, he's recommending relieving the pressure on the top 2 verts that connect the skull to the spine.  He conveniently suggests that we visit his website for more on this treatment.

I click the link in the description sidebar on the YouTube video page and land on his homepage:

Everything up to this point has been executed quite well, from a social media marketing standpoint.
1. Twitter post offering a solution to a challenge I have
2. Short video allowing me to watch/hear from Dr. Kaden on the topic - and a call to action to visit the (all informative) site.
Now, I'm at his homepage...and this is where it all falls apart.

The website is professional and well organized.
The website covers an enormous amount of information on his services, FAQs, wellness, rehab, etc.
The website even has clear call to action to subscribe to a newsletter on 9 general topics.

Where the experience for me goes wrong, however, is that there was nothing specific regarding the reason I was brought there.
There was no call-to-action that spoke to me, given the concerns and challenges I have.
Normally I wouldn't be so concerned that a website I visited didn't 'speak' to me, specifically (I can't expect websites that cover general topics to be able to clearly engage every concern under their umbrella, from the homepage) but, in this case, I was led to believe that it would.

Dr. Kaden took the time to attract me because of a very specific concern: TMJ. 
He tweeted and he recorded a video on the topic. 
I am ready to be engaged. 
I'd have signed up to receive more information on TMJ relief, recovery and rehab, had there been such a thing.  There wasn't.  Not immediately anyhow.  Not satisfied, I used his search site feature, typed in TMJ and found 2 links;  1 dead link, and 1 marketing advertisement of the good doctor (catchy tune and all, using animoto - more props!).  The TMJ ad was actually not bad, and did create a call-to-action to contact the offices for a consultation.  But, I would have never discovered it had I not known to use his site search.

Final-elementAfter having done so many things correctly, he missed the final element that makes it all worth it.  The clear Call-To-Action that speaks to your inbound traffic.  I know not all of his traffic is suffering TMJ, but the traffic coming from the avenues that he put in place that I found are.  In order to make the most of those efforts, he needs a specific CTA connected to them, even if it means creating a separate landing page (with clear to call-to-action) for that traffic.

The lesson here is clear.

If you are going to take the time to use the tools of social media (or any effective marketing for that matter), in order for it to be worth the effort, you need to engage the traffic you generate.  If you are blogging/updating/tweeting/recording about a topic that is more specific than the umbrella itself, you need to have a call-to-action in place that speaks to the interested. 

In the case of Dr. Kaden, I clicked away, and wrote this post.

Back to my search for relief.

(Dr, Kaden, if you are reading: I am sorry for picking on you.  I was just so struck with how effectively you were engaging me just to lose me at the end).

What have I learned from all the searching?

Non Serious TMJ symptoms can be relieved with
– Better desk posture; sit up straight, good lumbar support and monitors located at or above eye-level
– Massage therapy
– Chiropractic Adjustments
– Supported jaw when sleeping on one’s side
– Avoid: chewing gum, grinding teeth

Now to test it out.

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What a helpful post! As a non-computer guy though, applying the suggestions are taking longer than I would like. My bad for daydreaming way back in high school.

I also found a couple of treatments at the dentist (freezing) relieved my symptoms. Hope you find relief.

Great post, thanks for the info

Very timely post for me. I did a video on Sunday about the windstorm in our area and places to buy that would escape the wind. I thought it was a good video and so did others,, It's already had more than 300 viewings. I did put a link back to the article on my site but just realized after reading your post that I did not have a good call to action on that article capitalizing on peoples need to find property out of the wind zone.

I'm going to fix it. Still I received several emails thanking me for the video and one asking for me to help them find property.

You could have used my site as an example like you did the TMJ doctor's. Thanks for the heads up.

A great post. Thanks for sharing the information. It helped me a lot and a lot of people will find helpful information from it.

Yours is one of the few sites that really goes the extra mile to help others. The layout is easy, the information informative and the results speak for themselves.

Ah yes, we need to remember with every "tweet" and every post that if our goal is to capture a "lead" we have to give them what they are looking for, not an advertisement of who we are! Thank you for reminding me of that fact.

This is a very interesting post. I hope to apply the advice and insight here for my site that helps people face foreclosure.

Keep up!

Great information! Leads are the key. I'm sure having to change my old ways of doing business in this new world.

Very cleverly written article that points out several "spot on" marketing mistakes made by online marketers. Thanks for pointing out some very valuable lessons that when applied can't help but to boost our site visitors positive experience.

My whole issue these days since starting with you guys almost 2 years ago now, is monetizing the traffic you've helped me build. Great reminder. I'll go update my autoresponder with some appropriate CTAs!

Thanks for the post. I think it could have been a little more straight forward, but you gave a great summary. I agree that you need to monitor and engage whatever traffic you create.

TMJ Update:
I have finally gone to the chiropractor and go for a follow up on Fri. Lots of popping and cracking. Jaw is our of place...hope to have positive update soon.

I have TMJ..try avoiding any caffeine or chewing anything too hard to eat.. especially on the side that's worse. Try taking low does of muscle relaxers at night before may take a few days but it works for me.

Engaging the customers on the website will improve the visibility of the website over the search engine as well as reduce the bounce rate of the website.

Interesting how sometimes out of our pain and discomfort, we can learn a valuable lesson. I appreciate you taking us through your firsthand experience and pulling some lessons from it. Hope the pain lessons, keep up the good work!

It absolutely always comes down to the power of your CTA, and the position in which its placed with any good web transaction. We have learned the hard way that some of our best efforts were literally stopped in their tracks by bad call to action placement! Great Post

I am going to use these great tips to establish our online presence for the Fsbo real estate market. I see no reason these same ideas do not apply to the for sale by owner market. I love the tips you are sharing for the real estate folks.

Creating a call to action in every blog post, tweet, FB post, etc can be a challenge. This is a good reminder to keep focused when you let your guard down. However, to be honest, I find the tweeting thing a lot of noise at times. Prefer the blogging much more - but end up feeling I'm short changing things if I don't do them all!

Hey I really like your blog and the given information about real estate. Great information.

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I currently use multiple blog sites that help search engines recognize my name and bring more of the viewers to my actual website. I can say that this has worked to an extent due to the fact that my site has recently received more traffic. However I don't know if this is also due to the trends of real estate turning into a more online market.

I found this blog informative. Needs of a person varies from person to person. In order to achieve more success in real estate business now-a-days sales people have to be more specific. Thanks for this

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