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Announcing the Launch of Real Estate Tomato 2.0 - Community. Knowledge. Excellence.

BrandNewRealEstateTomatoFor the last 2+ years, we have been forwarding the domain name to this blog (  Today, that changes. We are happy to announce the launch of the official website for our company and community,!

This blog here will continue to be our Real Estate Blogging Advice column, and for now will remain mostly unchanged. 

So why the new site?

1. Community First

The care that we put into each and every client, has us feeling like one big family.  Each blogging client has a relationship with our whole crew, and many of them with each other.

The homepage of the new RET is dedicated to showcasing our extended family by displaying the latest articles published in the network*, as well as featuring their avatars and blogsites as featured bloggers.

In the next couple of weeks we will be bringing the whole family even closer together by turning on a universal, members only, back-end blog that will be shared by ever member of our community.  As they log in to blog to their local audience, they will have the option of being exposed to a national conversation centered around the art of blogging. Advice, announcements, discoveries, videos, tips, studies, contests and business referrals are just a sampling of the topics that we will maintain and encourage on the Real Estate Tomato Vine.

2. Separating the Message from Messenger

As effective as the blog has been at inspiring potential clients to contact us about our products and services, I’ve always felt that the true nature of our business model and offerings has been less than obvious to the casual observer.

The clean, uncluttered presentation of the new website gives visitors a clear understanding of our services as well as our community focus and most recent blogging advice articles.

Clear descriptions of our Agent Blogsites, Broker Blogsites, Tomato University Course, A La Carte Training, and Community Vine make it much easier for visitors to answer their questions about our ability to service their needs.


3. Change is Good

We all get tired of the same experience over and over, and I had finally had it with giving everyone else a new home, while we were still in the same one we moved into Day 1.  A new coat of color scheme, a new layout, and a new slogan have us all feeling energized and in step with the progressive changes we have in store.

Many have noticed that our own blogging came to (another) halt this past month, and it is because every bit of spare time has been dedicated to launching our new home.  We hope you love it as much as we do.

Click and listen on Real Estate Radio USA as I discuss the launch of our new site!

*Currently the network only represents about 1/3 of our entire client database.  We are working to move everyone on to the Tomato Matrix in the next few months.  We will be moving clients over in the order of most active to least active, so if you see that your articles are currently not being syndicated to the new site, get blogging and we’ll have you moved over shortly.  Thanks for your patience.

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Jim - how exciting! No wonder your blogging has slowed - but all for a better purpose. I'm glad to be part of your community!

Jim and Team - The changes look great. I love the idea of the new community focus and the tools that will come with it. You guys/gals do an incredible job.


We're in the moving business- so I guess we all have to get up and move every once in a while. Change is always good.
Good luck with the new site- I'm looking forward to it!

Jim, Jason, Chris, et al:

Lovely overhaul! You've created a very sticky vine.

Any way to include Luxury Home Digest?



Wow, I love the new look and the expanded community concept! Very classy. "Community, Knowledge, Excellence" says it all and has a nice ring to it. Congratulations!

Very nicely done Jim!


Thanks for tell us about Cheap Domain Name Hosting .. This will help me to know more….. Keep writing like this one.

The changes look great, I can't wait to see what the community produces.

Jim - appreciate the value added change and opportunity for more visibility!

jim as a newbies we at are looking forward to learning and sharing in the "tomato mix" guess that would be salsa.. maybe good name for the new community!

Wow it's been a long time coming - congrats on your new vine - the "old" community was great can't wait to see what the new one is like!

Luv the new site....thanks for including HotOnSanDiego!

Ok, inquiring minds want to know - how did you make the "Join Our Vine" light up that way? That's so cool!

Looks good to me. Always need a new look as we move forward. keep us updated. Back from the Hurricane vacation.

Thanks everyone for the kind words. It makes all that hard work well worth it.

That Vine image lights up by creating a 'rollover' effect where you have two images layered exactly on top of one another. When you pass you mouse over, it calls up the second image.
It is very common to see this on Navigation buttons. You have that same effect on your map images. They light up to yellow upon mouseover.

I just created 2 images, where one is identical to the other, but has the vine graphic highlighted and a glow light up behind it. No magic, really. Just design. Glad you like it.

I'm just getting into blogging and came across your blog. Well written!

I think you guys are doing a great move by implementing the new site. Social networking is the future of the web.

Good luck with your new site and look forward to seeing your results.



This sounds like a great idea. I have been enjoying your site and really am looking forward to joining your community and prospering much.


Congrats. I can't wait for all the cool new stuff.

Three excellent points.

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