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Tomato Bloggers At Inman Bloggers Connect 2008 SF and PageRank Surges

CorkIt seems that while we’ve been busy toiling the last couple of  months on the development of our latest and greatest: the Real Estate Broker Blog 2.0, there have been a few significant updates that were worthy of mention, even if a tad belated.

Not only have I accepted the invitation to participate on a panel at the much anticipated follow up to last year’s huge SF Bloggers Connect event, but it seems that 3 other Tomato Bloggers will be upon on stage… representing!

I will be tackling the topic: Growing Pains: Take Your Blog to the Next Level

Beth Butler (EWM Broker and Tomato Blogger) will be joined by our Director of Technology, Jason Benesch, discussing: Group Blogging;  How One Broker is Making it Work.

And just recently, Matt Fagioli (Broker of Diamond Dwellings, Tomato Blogger & Coordinator of the successful RETechSouth): Building a Real Estate Brokerage in a Web 2.0 World.

All three of these topics couldn’t be more timely with the development and launch of our new Broker Blog Product.  I continue to mention it, because I know that you all have been meaning to read that extra long post I put up about it… but are saving it for a rainy day.

We’ve had some other real exciting news over the last couple of months.  According to Google, The Real Estate Tomato is officially a PR6 website.  Not bad as we approach only our second year in existence.

However, I am most proud of all our Tomato Bloggers that continue to surge in PageRank as well as in the SERPs.  In dozens of major cities throughout the US, our Tomato Bloggers are Front Page for their most competitive terms.  All this from one simple formula: Content, Frequency and the most Basic SEO.

Here’s a list of all the Tomato Blogsites that I want to congratulate for having made a recent, significant jump in PageRank and now hold a solid position because of an application of skills learned.  Here’s to their hard work paying off.

Current PR5

Current PR4

 There are about 100 blogs in the PR3 range… so next update could pose quite the task.

Special thanks to Roberta Murphy for helping put together this list, and for kicking my butt into gear in order to get this post written. 

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Good stuff. It looks like you and I will be sitting on the same panel, which is very cool. I am also glad to see that Matt will be participating. I met him at Inman NY, and he is good people.

Keep up the good work!

Can't wait for SF!

Also, can't wait to rank among you "old timers". & 3 of our other blogs are now PR3 after about 8 months!

I am so clueless - what is this google ranking PR-stuff?

And I'm shameless enough to ask the question on one of the most read real estate blogs. :)

Wow, cook! I had no idea. I do know that Focus On Crofton is often in the top 2-3 results of prime search terms for my area, and so is my personal website after applying some of the things I learned through the Tomato. Who knew this ol' dog could learn those new tricks?!?


To tell you the truth, I find that most don't really understand PR and it's value. So don't feel bad about it.

PR is something like a reputation/popularity meter. PR is determined by inbound link weight... meaning, the more sites that link to yours, the more 'popular' you become. If a hugely popular site links to yours, this carries more weight than many less popular sites linking to you. The more inbound link weight you carry, the more authoritative your site appears to Google, and your results will reflect that. That said, your results in the SE's do not 'depend' on PR, as many websites appear at top of the results with poor PR. PR is simply a part of the slippery Google Algorithm:

As you can see by the list above, blogs can surge in PR quickly if you approach blogging properly (blog, blog, network, blog).

Thanks for the good newsy post.

Is someone going to be reporting on the Inman Blogger Connect...for those of us who live in the more remote areas?

I'd like to attend one of these sometime, but they are too far away.

Woo hoo... can't wait until the next round of page rank changes by Google! How often do they update these things?

Looking forward to all the good stuff that will surely come from Inman Blogger Connect 2008. Where is the best place to get the scoop? Well, of course I'm sure there will be reports here, but is there an "official" coverage site somewhere?

Great to hear. Also thanks for the blogs with related PR listings. I value google's pagerank system because it is developed from links that other people put on their sites. Just means that the site is valued by other people.

Thanks for the mention...glad to have my PR5 again.

Can't wait for the Inman Conference. We had such a good time last year and I'm looking forward to another.

Thanks, Jim. I'm going to be at the conference and maybe reporting back to my company on the happenings!

These comments are helpful as I was wondering what PR is.

Here's to improvement & growth!

I probably had it the easiest of all your competition based on the size of my town, but I was briefly #1 for "McClellanville Real Estate" as well as simply "McClellanville" along with hundred of other keywords I have worked on. Thanks for the great service that you provide and making my business soar!

Hey, You forgot my blog. It is a solid PR4 and ranks on the front page of Google for my key search terms, "Pensacola Real Estate". At least it did last time I checked. It has been bouncing around like a basketball lately.

Sorry for overlooking you. Not sure how that happened. That makes me think that there must be others I missed as well. It's a challenge to go through 100's of sites, checking PageRank and placement for top terms. Thanks for the heads up. I've got you on the list now.

PS - I have you in the 4th spot, first page, for Pensacola Real Estate in Google. You'll be tops in no time!

Anyone else whom has noticed that I have failed to include in the list, just let me know...I'll get you right up there.

Thanks for the PR6 link love. Enjoy the ride on the tomato PR6 coat tails.
thx, k.

Guess I have some work to do at a PR3 blog. I would thin the time on line would be a factor in the rankings. At least I am on the google page one for my terms.

Thanks for an informative blog post. I wasn't aware how to improve the pr in a blog. i guess it is simple, rich content, frequency and basic seo. Thats something google has been saying all along.

People will realize soon that google actually love blogs more than websites in my opinion, since blogs hit tht serps a lot faster.

Thanks againing for inspiring me to blog, blog blog.

Donte from NC

We were left off as well.

I tweeted last week about falling from the #1 spot for Dothan real estate on Google. We are still at PR4 though, and will be back at the top of Google soon.

If anybody has any suggestions on why we feel several spots, I would love to hear them.


We have just added you to the list. Thanks for the continued vigilance. Regarding the drop... this is the first I'd heard. Let me have a good look at this and see if we can't resolve the slip.
I'll keep you posted... this should be an easy fix.

Thanks Jim. I understand that sites rise and fall on Google, so if you see anything looking over the site and recent posts that might have lead to the drop, I'm all ears. Once we get back up there, and we will, I would like to make we don't repeat any mistakes that lead to the fall.

It is rather frightening to see how much our traffic has dropped off since falling from the #1 spot.

I thought I was stuck as a PR3! Jim's guidance has been invaluable. AND I've got 9 homes in escrow and 11 listings. 18 of the 20 were readers for weeks or months before contacting me. My blog is completely written for my consumer niche market.
Uncle Jack

Thanks, Jim, and all your crew for helping make me so busy with new real estate customers I barely have time to read these posts! But I do find the time to blog ...

- Lori Turoff - Realtor in Hoboken NJ

Congrats wioth your PR6. Thats awesome. Just thought I would let you know that the team at also have a PR5.

PR has nothing to do with your rankings in Search Engine results. Its just another thing invested by Google.

Dubai Property,

I assume you mean, Invented, not invested.
Your claim is not exactly true.
PR is not something that will improve your rankings.
It does however display your networked strength (in bound link strength) and that absolutely has something to do with your success in the se's. The more of an authority that Google considers my site, the more likely my site will appear in the top results for the content I publish.


It is a very informatic and helpful list and I think it is a very helpful list for real estate agents.

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