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News On the Vine - Books, Blogs, Magazines, Records, Events and Podcasts

TomatoTimesVineRipenedAs the Vine has grown into the hundreds, it seems the positive news just keeps coming. 
Recently, there have been plenty of noteworthy moments for Tomato Bloggers… here a few fun ones from just the last couple of weeks.  Pats on the back all around.

1. Aaron Auxier sets new records for price-per-square-foot in Las Vegas and even ends up getting a link on the Drudge Report for the accomplishment.

2. Ann Marie Clements makes the cover of March’s Realtor Magazine.

3. Matt Fagioli and Brad Nix team up to organize RETechSouth – This month’s hottest real estate tech event.

4. Roberta Murphy and Gena Riede team up with a dozen blogging agents to syndicate content for the Women’s Council of Realtors.

5. Tara Nicholle-Nelson, between television appearances, is recognized in Kaira Sturdivant Rouda’s new book Real You Incorporated

6. And yours truly ends up on over 2 hours on 3 separate podcasts for your listening enjoyment

-Carnival of Real Estate – the Hair Metal Awards with Michael Price
-Real Estate Radio USA with the Barrys – Discussing the Biggest Deterrent for Agents To Begin Blogging.
-Coaching Session for Point2 Discussing How To Attract Ready-To-Act Buyers with your Blog.

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Looks like we all hang out with some pretty special folks,hugh?

If you're not blogging in this business you won't be in business very long...

Congrats on all your podcasts and to all the other vine bloggers, a big "yahoo" or should I say "Google" to you on your accomplishments.

"If you're not blogging in this business you won't be in business very long..."
I think you're right. Blogging is the latest "requirement" in the job description. It is amazing how the Internet has evolved. Why, I remember way back when when R was just beginning ....

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