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The Real Estate Business Is Content, Not Home Selling


The above might seem like an odd statement, but it couldn’t be more true.

Let me use some examples of other industries to illustrate the point.

The Music Industry

The business is content creation; melodies, lyrics, videos, live presentations, etc.
The product comes in the form of CD’s, DVD’s, downloads, posters, T-shirts, tickets etc.

The Baseball Industry

The business is content in the form of the actual game, the play-by-play, the TV broadcast, the reporting, etc.
The product is tickets, jerseys and caps, hot dogs and beer, etc.

Real Estate Is ContentThe Restaurant Industry

The business is content in atmosphere, presentation, description, expertise, service, etc.
The product is meat, vegetables and alcohol, etc.

You get the idea.

The real estate industry is even more obviously tied to content, so much so that it is difficult to pin down the actual product.
Some may argue it’s the service, but that’s actually the crux of the content. 

In the Real Estate Industry, the content is everything, and everything is content. 
The product comes at the very end of a transaction; the signed contract and the handing over of keys.

In a consulting and relationship industry like real estate, all parties involved rely on the content as a means to the end.

Real Estate Content:

100’s Questions Asked and Answered
Dozens of Opinions Offered and Defended
Insight and Instinct Relied Upon
Research and Data Analyzed
Needs, Concerns and Challenges Assessed and Handled
Relationships Forged and Leveraged
…and more.

Once this concept is recognized, developing content for your real estate blog should never be a problem. 
You are in the content business, and it’s just a matter of documentation to be on topic.

So put your blogger’s hat on the next time you open your mouth, and hear the blog articles happen in real-time.

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Love this post - and the comparisons to other industries and professions. Plus - add in a microphone and you have a podcast / blogcast! TomatoRadio perhaps? Cheers.

I was chatting with a non-real estate entrepreneur today and when he saw my blog he said "what you are providing is a value-added service" -this is essentially what you are saying, the content we provide 'free of charge' to our clients and potential clients is oodles of CONTENT which is added value to the nth degree!

Content is king :). Communicating information that is of value instead of selling an image is absolutely essential. I think when you ask most real estate agents about their area in which they serve they can give endless amounts of information, so it always amazes me that they have nothing to write about! Simply writing about your area and the issues that can affect it creates powerful content that will reach new customers.

I like that post as well and I`ve found truth in that, my experience with the realtors is not bad, when I was a first-home buyer I got really useful information from a Vancouver real estate agent. However the content is so empty at most companies dealing with real estate and I don`t wonder it because the competition is as tough that there is no time to rethink the whole procedure. I absolutely agree with you that being effective means that you provide proper explanations and you care about the people`s requirements.

Absolutely correct. There is so much out there right now and both Home Buyers and Home Sellers need as much correct information as possible.

Write it and they will come.

Great article, Jim. You've done a great job isolating the importance of great content. If only people could realize how providing information could help them distinguish their homes, they would not have to rely on price alone to sell their home. We like to teach people to "Sell the Lifestyle, not the house" at I am going to put a Trackback on our blog and have our members read this. Great Job!
Steve Rosenbaum


Thanks for stopping by my site and grabbing a quick screenshot. Interesting always, you should write for your clients and audience and focus on content...but sometimes you do get sidetracked. Thanks for the reminder and I hope all is going well. Any plans to start looking here in Santa Babrara...Come on???

All of what you say is true, I would, however, add that you need to be able to sell houses also. By-the-way, all this holds equally true in my business (commercial real estate finance) People want their questions answered. Answer them (with quality content) and they will give you business.

How about this for content?
ps and you will come home is dedicated to those who offer the ultimate sacrifice in order to preserve all that is right, good and truly American.
MLS# 991170: A mini video that has been written, directed, filmed, and produced by a builder and his agent in Nashville, TN as a means to market the builder's latest project, a majestic American Foursquare located at 1742 Hillmont Drive, Nashville, TN. In the film, a young American Korean War veteran makes his long journey back home after serving his country in battle. He is reunited with his family and inherits all that is right and good in life- the love of his strong family, a special heirloom gift from his proud father, and knowing he is finally home. At the end, he returns the favor to his son, years later.

That's exactly what I am talking about.

Love it! Love it! Great article - thanx.

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