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Real Estate Tomato Blogger Makes the Cover of Realtor Magazine

AnnMarieClementsRealtorMagazineWe a thrilled to announce that Tomato Blogger, Ann Marie Clements, of Montgomery County, MD is gracing the cover of this month’s Realtor Magazine (March 2008).

The cover article, entitled: Welcome To Real Estate 2.0, discusses how savvy agents are embracing Web 2.0 tools to enhance and improve their real estate careers.  Blogs, Wikis, MashUps, Social Networks and Video are the weapons of choice in this brave new Real Estate 2.0 world.

We are also proud to mention that our most popular guest blogger, Teresa Boardman and her blog get a lot of attention in the article.

Other friends that were interviewed or mentioned in this front page piece:

Ardell Dellaloggia
Dustin Luther of RainCityGuide
Matt Heaton of ActiveRain
Brian Wilson of Zolve
Frances Flynn Thorsen of Realtygram Blogger
Jeff Turner of Turner’s Perspective
Daniel Rothamel of Real Estate Zebra Blog

…and yes… even we got a mention at the bottom.

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Thanks for the heads up and congrats to all my Tomato friends and family, but it does lead to one question...
How far behind the times can the NAR and most Realtors really be that they are saying "Welcome to Real Estate 2.0" long after the catch phrase has come and gone. Though there have been no ground breaking revolutions in the technology, I'd wager to bet that we're living in Real Estate 2.98 about now.

Hey everyone, Welcome to the 21st century! What? We've been in the 21st century for 8 years? Why didn't anyone tell me?

Hey, congrats...even more publicity of the greatest kind. This should bring even more to the vine...

Oh my gosh...if I had started weblogging 8 years ago versus in 2006 I'd have so many associates working on my team--not bound by geography at all. It's funny that 2.0 is just being welcomed....The good news is that most new bloggers are fairly shallow, bland and clueless as to what they are doing. It's just not for everybody from what I've seen in my region....The beauty of RE is there are numerous ways to do it. I think 2.0+ methods hold the most promise though.

I will say the tomato had a BIG impact on me way back when (2006) I first heard about all this blogging stuff.

Congratulations on the accolades. Your blogs are very well thought out and make a lot of sense. You can tell a lot of work goes into them. I have to agree that although I am new to actually posting comments, I have read and followed them with great interest for quite awhile. Wonder what took them so long? Maybe thier series of tubes were stuck for awhile and they didn't know about blogs until now.

Thanks for the attention to our article.

The comments above about this being old hat for some people are well taken, but there are a lot more folks out there who are finding this all new and that's who the article was trying to reach.

We'll be writing more about it all in coming issues and in our blog:

Congratulations to Ann Marie. I saw the mag on my table, but haven't ventured to look into it yet. I'm excited now to read it. Go Tomatoes.

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