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How Has Blogging Changed Your Real Estate Career? - Mary DeLuca

Mary_DeLuca_Beltway_RamblingsThis article is the third in a series of interviews that we've conducted with a handful of our Tomato Blogger Clients.

The theme throughout these interviews is to learn how their blogging efforts have made huge differences in their real estate career.

Today, allow me to introduce Mary DeLuca.  Mary’s blog is Beltway Ramblings, covering the community and real estate happenings around Arlington, Virginia, aka the Beltway in Washington, DC.  Her launch date was June of 2007.


Mary, you jumped at the chance to be interviewed, what has you so fired up about blogging?


Blogging has done wonders for my real estate career in so many ways. Firstly, the expose to me as an agent in the area is so much greater.  It’s unbelievable how many people are telling me that they are reading my blog.  But what has really made such a huge difference is the fact that it has opened my mind to the opportunity that exists in the business of real estate, even in a sour market.

The blogging community that I have become a part of really helps me see clearly just how much positive news there is in our industry.  A stark contrast to the talk around the watercooler in the office where the mood is depressed.

I have just wrapped up the best year in my career where many are expressing that this has been their worst.  And blogging and the blogging community has been a critical reason for that success.


I remember that when we first spoke in June of last year, you were telling me how you were on internet overload.  Just confused about what you tools you should be using and whether or not all the money you had spent on real estate websites so far was even worth it.

How has your training through us and embrace of the blog as your central marketing tool changed all that?

Being in control of your online marketing strategy is awesome!Mary-

Jim, can you excuse me for a second, there is someone at the door, and I think that is is a package that I am expecting.

I’m back.  And it was the package I was expecting; my brand new Blackberry camera phone.  I needed a new one because I had just worn the other one out.

So I guess that gives you an idea of how far I have come.  I am so connected now, it’s crazy.  After I got comfortable with the blogging, and then learning all about the tools that make my life easier and career more successful it has all just fallen into place.  The blogging, the eflyers, the rss feeds, the social bookmarking, social networking… all of it now makes so much sense.  I am actually telling people what they need to do.  It’s awesome.


So, I don’t want to repeat the same story we’ve heard from the earlier interviews, but in a sentence, how has your marketing approach changed since you embraced the blog as a major part of your strategy?


Jim, all my prospecting is done through the internet.  And, I couldn’t be happier about it.


Do we get to blame all that on blogging?


Actually, it all goes back to the community I have found online.  The exposure that the blog has created by itself is huge.  Also, the Tomato Forum and the community is like a big referral network.  It’s weird.  We’re all birds of a feather, us bloggers.  And I feel that I have gotten to know so many great people through the blogging community… I trust them, and I would be happy to refer business to them, as they are to me.


Is blogging making you a better Realtor?

Being connected to the community is essential to the real estate bloggerMary-

Definitely.  It is forcing me to be so vigilant.  Now I really look at and think about things from the other side of the transaction.  I need to be connected to the community, and engaged in what matters to the homeowners and those moving into town.  It has definitely improved my approach to my chosen career.


My signature question: was there something that I should have asked you in this brief interview that I neglected to?


You didn’t ask me what my favorite thing about blogging is.




I get found for so many different things.  The SEO is huge.  I write about something, wondering if anyone cares… and then POW! Google brings another visitor to read the article I just published yesterday.  That’s awesome.


Thanks for your time Mary, we certainly appreciate it!

We’d love to hear from you about how blogging has changed your real estate career. 
Feel free to post below, or email me to interview you directly for a future post.
I’ve heard some great stories, so stay tuned!

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Mary-you've always done a great job being you on your blog. Keep up the good work and congratulations on your best year ever.

Mary- You made a great point about the online community. To cite one small example, until I started blogging, I had no idea that so many realtors are sharing ideas about how to serve their clients better.

This blog is always very interesting to read and this post reiterates that concept.

I agree with the "I get found for so many different things" - last week I blogged on whether or not banana peels are poisonous, because I happened to see a spoof about smoking bananas, and I remembered that when I was a kid my mom told me banana peels were poisonous.

I have had a whole bunch of people search for poison banana peels, etc. find me over that! It cracks me up!

It's been such a busy time- we are having a sleet storm- so I'm forced to be home. I'm catching up on things. I just got another call today from an Arlington realtor wanting to know if blogging is "worth it" I think I'll send her here.
Thanks Jim for the chance to be interviewed- you changed everything for me.

Hi Mary,I second your comment on how blogging affects SEO. It's strange to me why Google seeems to like certain blog posts more than others.
One of my posts put me on page 1 the first day after posting. Then the posting fell back to page 2, then 3 now page 4. What's with that?? Has this happened to you??

Tom- it's happened to me. Then for some unknown reason that same post will be very popular on Stumple or again show up on google.

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