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How A Strong Finish Has A Real Estate Blog Article Generating Leads

End your blog articles with a purposeJust as the dot at the bottom of the exclamation point signals to the reader that there is an emphasis on the statement that it completes, what you choose to complete your blog articles with can drive home a message with more impact than you may realize.

Once you have gained interest through a compelling headline, formatting makes all the difference as to whether or not a visitor actually invests the the time to read your blog.

One place that has traditionally been a popular landing area for the eyes is the end of any written piece. 

Take for example:
The Sales Letter, it has a Bottom Line.  And that's what we're all after anyhow, right?
The Love Letter.  It's all about the strong finish... Those 3 words make the whole thing so much sweeter.
Speaking of letters...
PS, anyone?  What thoughtful communication could be thoughtful without an extra thought?
Want to spoil a Police Novel?  The last scene is always the Whodunit.

Knowing that readers' eyes are consistently making it to the end, it would be foolish to not take advantage of the attention.

Getting a visitor to make that leap from reader to participant, or even inquirer involves at least 2 elements.
1. Trust
2. Value

Bloggers build trust through established readership, blogging consistency and the ability to develop passive relationships with their audience.
Bloggers can demonstrate value through their perceived expertise, resourceful real estate tools and reputation.

By leveraging the conclusion of a real estate blog article with the the above understanding in mind, bloggers can increase their lead conversions considerably.

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Here's your opportunity to:
- Keep your readers reading through more of your blog articles.
- Continue to establish your expertise on a subject.
- Improve SEO.

Calls To Action
This is a business blogging, not a hobby blogging.  Let your audience know that you can help them:
- Search the MLS.
- Receive listings as they hit the market.
- Determine their home's value.

Subscribe to your blog's feed or email blast.
Most new readers are not aware of the fact that you can get the great information that you are providing delivered to their inbox as soon as you hit publish.
By including a combination of the included list, Cyndee Haydon of Clearwater Florida has enjoyed more than 100 blog subscribers in her first 2 months of blogging.

It instantly builds trust when others have taken the time to say that they loved working with you.
- Say it in videos.
- Link to your testimonial pages.

Tie it all together.
If the only chance you have to guarantee that you have your reader's attention beyond the headline is the conclusion, then be sure end strong.
-Reiterate or summarize your most solid point(s).

Easter Eggs
Including an element that engages your audience in a manner unexpected develops appreciation and curiosity.
- Add them to links.
- Add them to images.
- Hide them even deeper for the most investigative. 
Good until the finishSomething Funny
Most of you article is going to be scanned at a speed-reading pace where humor will most certainly be lost. 
The guaranteed attention to that well formatted finale might just be your opportunity to crack a smile. 
That smile will earn at least another visit.
– Punch lines are always last!

So, if the habit is to scan to the bottom of an article, ensuring that one hasn't missed something of value, be sure to give them what they are looking for.

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He Jim - thanks for another great article - thanks for the mention and to add to your thoughts - a love letter is always sweeter on "pretty paper" and research shows a sales letter grabs your attention when it's not on "standard white" which is one of the "visual" reasons we love our Tomato blog so much - readers always comment on "the feel" and we all know you never get a 2nd chance to make a first impression or create even a subliminal "environment"- I think that all enhances the all important "message".

As realtors we know home buyers decide quickly about homes - which is why we stress curb appreal to our sellers - I believe the same is true with blogs - only the back button on a computer is even quicker if they're not drawn in - our goal when they think NEXT - is not have them go to the NEXT website but to be thinking NEXT as in our other posts and pages which we can track with average pages per visit.

Fabulous pointers, Jim (as always). I have to say, I've noticed that many people do take advantage of the "related reads" when included, especially if they are strongly related to the subject. If you have information they want, they want to read EVERYTHING you've got on that subject!

we love you too, jim :)

I agree with the value in a strong finish. I believe it was sales coach Zig Zigler that, when talking about crafting a presentation's bullet points or 3 main points, said to put your strongest point at #1, weaker points in the middle, then finish with your second strongest + a call to action. Most people can only keep 2 points in their head, and I am no exception.

Awesome tips! I am going to implement this right away! Thank you!

Great piece of writing, Jim. I've missed hearing from you.

You know, one of my favorite phrases is: Writers have the last word.

I'd love to see more bloggers realize that punctuation is not a substitute for good writing. You can put as many exclamation points as you want at the end of a sentence, but if it's not good writing, it's still not good writing. That's why we have words. To get our point across without having to resort to letting punctuation speak for us instead. :)

Great points :)

The one thing I would add to this is Honesty. We all know that Trust and Value is important, but if these two factors are a given, then it is the responsilibity of realtors to deliver what is promised.

Jim... a ton of excellent points, especially the often overlooked "a popular landing area for the eyes is the end of any written piece"...

As in almost any direct sales letter or online offer, a natural thing most of us do is head to the bottom of or the last page to check out the price/offer.

Welcome back, Jim. Excellent stuff - as always. Got to forward this to a cohort new to blogging.

Are you kidding me? Thanks for publishing Brian Brady's exact presentation at Inman. You are a loser and copycat. Get an original idea.

welcome the re. net missed u in nyc!

"Tough Guy" (that is too scared to post their real name),
I was not at Inman. Nor have I spoken with anyone who went to Inman.
You are a clown.
This is an article that I wrote on Oct 15th 2007 and sent to my colleague Jason to proofread and publish. I finally published it after a hiatus from blogging.
Take it easy, and only speak of what you know for a fact.

Thanks again Jim. Nice stuff.

Thanks for the post Jim. I think we can confidently say that people find this info useful - regardless of what Tough Guy says. And if you're a loser and copycat...why the hell is he reading your blog?

On a side note, what are your thoughts on going back to edit old posts? Should we as bloggers, go back and implement these Call to Action tools? At least for the posts that we get a lot of traffic on?

Thanks again.

Denny Oh,

I think that you can certainly amend old posts. They are just as valuable as any of the new ones you do. I'd absolutely add calls to action on old posts.

Hey Jim, first time poster long time reader. Loved this blog.


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I recently added a closing signature in my blog, and I have been able to increase the traffic coming from my outside blog to my website listing pages. It really works, great blog.

-Lisa Udy

However, that "Search the MLS" call to action might actually get you in trouble with your local MLS.

Atleast it did for me, they said I was misusing the term MLS and confusing the public.

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