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An Open Letter to Real Estate Tomato Blog Readers

Tomato-letterheadDear Readers,

First of all I want to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year.

2007 was an unbelievable year not only for us here at the Tomato, but as well for the real estate blogosphere.
The growth of this novel community has been nothing short of thrilling to witness, and I am proud to be a part of it.

It would have been impossible to predict the opportunities, events and success that we experienced in 2007.  For that reason, my only prediction for 2008 is that things are going to continue to be very, very exciting.

It is undeniable that the success of last year hinged on our blogging efforts.  And yet, it has been nearly 2 months since we've posted an article, exploring the art of real estate blogging.  This is inexcusable and reckless considering my predictions for 2008.  So, I apologize to our more than 2000 loyal subscribers and to the faithful Tomato Bloggers that have invested in our products, service and training.

The "Why" is two-fold.

-Developing over 150 custom, real estate blogsites and providing more than 2000 hours of intense, personal, blog training to our clients took its toll on all of our calendars.

-The longer it had been that I had published anything, the harder it became to make it the priority that it needs to be.

The fact is that we never really went away.  It's just that our blogging efforts were reflected in the several thousand posts that were published by our real estate blogging students.

Now that the Tomato Team has grown into a well-oiled machine that continues to deliver the same intense experience for each and every client, creating time to blog and participate is my personal top priority.  Call it a New Year's Resolution if you must.  I'm resisting, however, we all know how those turn out.

I have missed blogging here.  I have missed the comments.  I have missed watching the subscription count rise.  I have missed the stat-watch addiction.  I can only hope we have been missed as much.

I thank you for your readership and participation, and look forward to regularly engaging you again.


Jim Cronin
Real Estate Tomato

PS – To those of you who made an effort to contact us over the past week, regarding our products and services, we have to ask you to please try again.  The inquiry form you completed was failing to send us notification of your request. 
We apologize and hope to hear from you again.

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Welcome home, Jim. Looking forward to seeing you around.

Missed you man! Glad you are back. It's also great to hear that your success has not subsided.

Hi Jim and Justin, thanks for communicating what's been going on at your end. You have been a victim of your own success! While we students have been busy learning the blogging ropes, we are glad to have the mother vine back!

Hey Jim-
I just sent Teresa Boardman a message yesterday asking about you.

I am hosting the Carnival of Real Estate on my site on 1/21 if you are up for a submission!

Ok I promise- no more nasty emails at 1 in the morning. Now get blogging!


I'd be happy to submit. As long as we get the win :)

Jim, thanks for coming back. We almost notified the authorities to file a missing persons report. No, but in all seriousness, you have a fantastic blog and I am sure I speak for a lot of people when I say that your posts were missed.

We look forward to your insights and interesting articles for 2008. Can't wait to read the new stuff.


Looking forward to having you back Jim.

Your broken contact form cracks me up. If you won't make time off for yourself, the Universe will find a way to help you. =-)

Welcome back. You have been missed.


This is the big surprise of the morning!

Welcome back Top Tomato:-)

Jim - Just wanted to echo everyone else's thoughts - you've been missed and I am looking forward to an "exciting" year too - I'll be awaiting you next glass of Tomato Juice - we're thirsty for your blogging insights! :-). Love Tracy's comment - the universe is taking care of you - lol

There's that guy with all the energy- we missed you! Glad to see you front and center again :)

ALL RIGHT..... now we all can get back on track. Glad to hear your absence was due to increased business.

Jim - Welcome back! Days turn into weeks, then months. Been there... great to see you're back and looking forward to the awesome 2008 you write about. --Bob

Good to be reading your work again. We missed you!

Great to see you're back! I am looking forward to more from the guy that got me blogging in the first place. To the newer of the 150 bloggers, I can only say, stick to it! It will work! It may take a couple of months but the way of the tomato will produce fruit.

John C

Imagine my surprise when looking at my bloglines subscriptions and seeing a new post from the Tomato. I was cautious to click on it, hoping everything was going to be good news. Glad you guys are back. Looking forward to some great posts. Thanks for everything - Karl

woo hoooo...welcome back. I completely echo everyone's comments. I was concerned and fearful when I clicked on the link. but ya know, Jim, in a sorta strange way you have managed to encourage me yet again. I'm very encourgaged to know that if the Grand Pooh-Bah of blogging can find himself struggling to get back to his blog, then maybe, just maybe, my similar struggles are just normal. thanks... and again...a HUGE welcome back...

I too have caught some sort of tomato parasite since the first of the year and haven't made a single post yet for 2008. Jim, you got me back on the ball. You show me yours and i'll show you mine. Race ya!

Be honest Jim, we know you've really just been waiting for college football season to be over with before you could start doing some real work ;-)

Now that is the best news I have heard so far in 2008!

Welcome back Jim!

Been wondering where you were. I always enjoy your posts. I even happened to randomly come in contact with one of your clients of the past couple of months. Looking forward to your next post.

about freakin time

Looking forward to more articles - "The longer it had been that I had published anything, the harder it became to make it the priority that it needs to be." This line really rung true, and I'm sure it's the same for everyone writing a blog. Keep up the great work.

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