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7 Reasons Why You Should Consider an Extreme Internet Marketing Makeover For Your Real Estate Business

Before and After the Makeover7 Real Estate Marketing Powerhouses Team Up To Give Away More Than $16,000 Worth of Services, For Free!

Our good friends over at Online Marketing Strategies had this crazy idea:

Let’s get a bunch of very effective and cutting edge real estate marketing companies together to change someone’s life.  The Real Estate Tomato was lucky enough to be chosen to be a part of this event, and we couldn’t be more excited.  I can’t wait to see who wins.

The Contributors To The Winner’s Package Include:

- Online Marketing Strategies - This Web design and marketing firm will deliver a thorough review of the winner’s Web site, ultimately to design a highly targeted Web site incorporating the latest marketing techniques. The winner will also receive a custom, high-resolution print artwork branded from their Web site for business cards, letterhead, envelopes, Just Listed and Just Sold cards. VALUE $7500

- Jim Cronin - The founder of The Real Estate Tomato and maven of real estate blogging, will be contributing an intense training course through his Tomato University. VALUE $3000

- Michael Russer - aka “Mr. Internet®,” will provide a membership to his Online Dominance program. VALUE $897

- Point2NLS Premium for One Year - The pinnacle of Point2’s software product family, Point2 NLS Premium is a complete online marketing solution that includes unlimited listings, the most powerful syndication system in real estate, comprehensive Web site, e-mail and referral platform, and a great deal more for one full year. VALUE $1428

- Diverse Solutions - Diverse Solutions is on the cutting edge of IDX technology, and will deliver one year of free service. (Conditional on the winner’s MLS partnership with Diverse Solutions). VALUE $1200

- AgencyLogic - Contributing a 10-pack of PowerSites (VALUE $400), the most comprehensive single property Web site product on the market today, PLUS a free custom design (VALUE $1000). TOTAL VALUE $1400

- OnLetterhead E-mail - Two OnLetterhead Branded E-mail Licenses + Activation (1 year) - Access to the OnLetterhead “Ready-Made” Design gallery + holiday designs - Silver Design Package - 2 custom design e-mail letterheads & newsletter design - One OnMarketer E-campaign License (301-500 contacts/ 1 year) + activation - VALUE $1231

Online Marketing Strategies CEO, Cherie Young expressed,

“Our team of professionals will deliver to a REALTOR® with an operational business, budget, and an active website, a complete custom website and a marketing review of current online strategies.” “Further,” she explained, “the winner will be announced on February 15, 2008, and I’ll be delighted to deliver the good news!” 

For more information, visit

We will be announcing the winner here on the Tomato, Feb 15th.

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Thanks for the heads up Jim, I love the training and custom website you built for me, but I entered so I could benefit from all the other goodies.

Wow - Jim - somebody is going hit the jackpot - what a great idea - I can't wait to see who the winner is.

What an excellent concept all around...

We here at would love to be a part of this, if you guys would be interested in adding us to your list of included marketing give-aways. How about adding a video tour or two to the list of prizes?

If you'd like to take us up on this, please shoot me an email at: Thanks!

Dan Dashnaw

Now THIS is how I love to be sold to ;->
Let's add some hardware vendors and Cartridge World for a free year's worth of toner.

As realtors, let's think about how we could do this for our clients: free warranty, free inspection, free attorney's fee, free title search, rebated real estate commission ... hummm.... we might be on to something here.

What an awesome package. I hope the winner makes the most of it. Seems like once you get into the whole internet marketing arena, things start moving fast and it is hard to keep up. The Tomato blog classes have really helped me.

I agree, if you are going to compete into today's environment, you need to learn to partners up and share resources. If you website is not on the first page and half of Google, Yahoo, or AOL, it is almost pointless. Think of a good website, like a good bill board, if that bill board does not have enough traffic come by it is pretty useless. Website marketing and SEO are two completelly different types of activities and need to be accounted for seperately.

Best of Luck

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