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Inman News Ranks Real Estate Tomato A Top 25 Most Influential Real Estate Blogger


Proud to be listed among such heavyweights on the RE Blogos.

Here are Inman's Top 25 Real Estate Bloggers:

— Broker and Agent Blogs

Teresa Boardman
St. Paul Real Estate Blog

Ardell Della Loggia
Founder, SearchingSeattleBlog

Marlow Harris
Founder, 360Digest

Doug Heddings
Founder, TrueGotham

Noah Rosenblatt

— Community/ Multi-Author Blogs

Dustin Luther
Founder, Rain City Guide

Greg Swann
Founder, Bloodhound Blog

— Mortgage Blogs

Morgan Brown
Founder, Blown Mortgage

Todd Carpenter
Founder, LenderamaCR and Tanta
Bloggers, Calculated Risk

Paul Jackson
Founder, Housing Wire

— Housing Economics

Jonathan Miller
Founder, Matrix

— Industry Commentary

Kevin Boer
Founder, 3Oceans Real Estate

Joel Burslem
Founder, Future of Real Estate Marketing

Patrick Kitano
Founder, Transparent Real Estate

— Marketing and How-To

Jim Cronin
Founder, Real Estate Tomato

Joseph Ferrara, Rudolph D. Bachraty III
Co-Founders, Sellsius Real Estate Blog

— Local Blogging

Jonathan Butler
Founder, Brownstoner

Adam Koval
Founder, SocketSite

— Company Bloggers

David Gibbons
Director of Community Relations, Zillow

Glenn Kelman
CEO, Redfin

— Journalist Blogs

John Cook
Reporter, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Writer, John Cook's Venture Blog

Peter Coy, Dean Foust, Chris Palmeri, Maya Roney
Reporters, BusinessWeek
Bloggers, BusinessWeek's Hot Property blog

— Bubble Bloggers

Founder, Housing Panic

Patrick Killelea
Blogger, Reality Parser

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Congrats on the well deserved recognition Jim!


I'm sorry. It looks like there is now no where to go but down.

I know, get INMAN to dump the categories and go for first : )


Hey, congrats to YOU and your staff! Honesty and hard work pay off as evidenced by this award!!

- Gena Riede

Congratulations. So how do you top it?

Congrats Jim and everyone at Tomato!

A great honor and a great list that expands the group I need to go and read every so often. Congratulations; you are the best in my book!

Isn't it great when we get to see hard work pay off! Congratulations!

Jim, We knew that all along. Congratulations for the wonderful recognition and congrats to Teresa too!

Congrats to the Tomato. You all deserve. What a great team. In the great words of Zig Ziglar.....I'll see you at the top!

as my people say: mazel mazel good things!

well deserved Jim!!

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