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Why Real Estate Blogging Makes You A Better Realtor, Part 1 of 3

Improved-RealtorThere are many unintended, yet beneficial consequences of real estate blogging.

One that continues to reveal itself to our clients is how their blogging efforts continue to improve their skills as a Realtor.


Blogging to an audience, for your business, forces you to approach topics much differently than a business conversation in person. 

A sound blog article is one that has been:
Had it facts checked
Considered from all angles
and Well organized.

Take for example how one might explain, in person, the complete understanding of Closing Costs to a buyer, or the even the role Zillow plays in the perceived value of a client's home.

Face-to-face, on your feet, these concerns may not be handled to the best of one's knowledge or ability.  However, with the blog, you have time to research, consider and present your understanding of these topics in a clear and organized manner.  You may even find that you have educated yourself in the process.

 This helps you accomplish two things:

1. The impression your audience receives from your article is the 'best foot forward' on topics that may be more challenging to handle 'on the fly'.

Current and future clients will have a greater understanding on complex topics and appreciate the effort you have made for them.
2. You never know your subject better than the moment you hit 'publish' on your keyboard. 
All the work you put in to ensuring that you have presented the facts on a topic has helped you hone your understanding as well as your response to detailed and difficult subjects. 

The next time you are in a position where you need to handle these same concerns in person, you have a much clearer sense of your response.  Not to mention, you can send them to your blog, illustrating that you have made the commitment to presenting your response in a well organized and detailed manner.

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I can't tell you how much our business has benefitted from blogging because of the amount of reading (of others' blogs, news feeds for updates, etc) and research. I had no idea how much I DIDN'T know until I began blogging- what an eye opening experience!

For example, so many people here locally have no idea what Zillow or Redfin are, but people from the west coast that call to relocate ask questions that I would venture to guess 99% of Realtors locally cannot answer ("uh, what's a Redfin?).

Also, reading others' blogs I've learned so much more than just news but what the practical application of law and practices are- you know, the fine print that's easy to overlook! AND having a pulse on technology that I couldn't possibly have without the Blogiverse. I could go on and on, but I encourage everyone in the industry to take a risk and jump in- the more in the pool, the better the collective knowledge becomes!


Could not agree with you more. Just this afternoon I was researching hazardous waste disposal in Carlsbad,CA and discovered that we can arrange for door-to-door hazardous waste pick-up for our Carlsbad and Encinitas clients (up to 125 pounds) for only $10. What a service--and one that was discovered via blogging research.

Clients are going to love this one!

--Roberta Murphy

I have experienced this so many times. Like Roberta mentioned I've learned a lot about Eco-friendly offering in the Clearwater / Tampa Bay area for example from doing the research before someone asked.

It reminds me of sellers when they prepare to move and do all the things to their home that they could have enjoyed while living there and never get to really benefit from personally.

When I research a blog - it's like making those changes/improvements now and then I get to share my knowledge and attract more even clients than just giving 1 answer to 1 question when you have a client that asks. If one asks you know many more want to know.

Looking forward to Part 2 and 3!
-- Cyndee Haydon

I've unfortunately learned nothing from blogging. That's the downside to already knowing it all. ;)

Actually, I think it has made me a better researcher more than anything. I find it easier and easier to locate the information I need based on three years of just looking around the net.

I've learned FAR more than I've taught.

And knowledge is power.

Ah, Jim, you made me laugh this morning with that little mouse-hover comment.

You are so correct, though. I find blogging makes me more aware of the huge amount of details clients want to know. When you're forced to think about a way to present material in a clear and concise format, it not only reinforces knowledge but it almost always teaches you something new.

When I sit down to write, I never know how I'm going to write a piece or what it will entail. I let the words flow. Even when writing about topics that I initially suspect will be boring, I learn something from it because I feel it's my responsibility to check facts.

Last week I wrote about beneficiary demands and beneficiary statements. I obtained copies of those documents from my escrow officer and asked questions. That's when I learned that many lenders today don't know the difference between the two -- primarily because they don't issue beneficiary statements all that often anymore as few buyers take title "subject to" or do loan assumptions, on top of which, loan statements contain all the information required for satisfying the condition of superior loans when obtaining an equity or junior loan.

That's really maximizing our time - instead of sending an e-mail to one person answering a question, post it on our blog and send the client a link. Then it's there for the next one. I love it.

That's really maximizing our time - instead of sending an e-mail to one person answering a question, post it on our blog and send the client a link. Then it's there for the next one. I love it.

We all benefit from research and providing up-to-date information for all. It's an ever changing world and sometimes what was old is new again...needs to be dusted off and brought up to speed. That's where I think we are headed and in order to better serve the public we need to keep-up-to-date. Blogging can do just that!

--Gena Riede

The unintended consequences are sometimes the most interesting. Yes, its a time saver - but moving things along to the thought process of giving our customers the information they want instead of trying to sell them a cheesy slogan and a high school prom picture adds value to what we do.

After reading the comments, I'd like to add that blogging creates "talking points" if you will. Someone may have a difficult time articulating their worth, their job or a particular RE process, but after reading in depth about it, the collective voices have empowered the reader to not only understand that information but be able to disseminate it.

Jim- Great to read a new post on the Tomato!! I do agree blogging makes you a better realtor, if for no other reason that it makes you take a stand on an issue and back it up with facts!!

I agree completely. When you put it in writing, it had better be right. Blogging has forced me to pay far more attention to details of a subject and naturally made me a better fiduciary for my clients.

Geez...I want to be you, Todd! I know for a fact that writing out a presentation on any subject has enriched my knowledge and made any presentation I've made better. Especially when I begin to perceive the nuances of the information through reflection, reworking and additional study. The depth of knowledge increases and being perceived as an expert in the field becomes obvious. Great insight!

Exactly! You don't know how much there is that you don't know until you start reading about it in everyone else's blog.

yea I have learned so much through blogging! I get a magazine from and they recently had an article in there about how properly blogging can actually make you into an industry expert because of the research that it takes to run a successfull blog. I have found this to be true! I also think that it is a great way to network with other local professionals. I have actually formed some great relationships with other third parties such as mortgage lenders, appraisers, inspectors, etc that I actually became aquianted with through my local blogging efforts. so don't be surprized if you benefit in many different ways.

I can't agree more with the previous comment, just by reading other professionals bloging you can learn a lot if you take the time to do so. As a professional Toronto realtor I do regularly open and read such blogs to learn from my well educated colleagues, and hope it didn't sound too cheesy either. So keep up the good work..,I am watching:-)

I couldn't agree with you more! It is a sign of a Pro.

Its true Jim, until I started blogging I had no idea how much I didn't know either. Its been quite a learning experience in many areas. Also a great networking venue.

It is good to know that the things which you are doing in your blog is having some good points of view.


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