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Who's The Youngest Real Estate Blogger?

Baby_BloggerWhen I met John Harper (of the Harper Team) at Blogger's Connect in San Francisco this past month, the first thing he said to me was that he couldn't believe how young I was.  He mentioned it at least twice more that night as well enjoyed complimentary beers at the Thirsty Bear

I'll be 37 in a month, and I don't consider myself "young" for the industry I am in... and in fact I found myself thinking that same thing that John was as I met recognizable name after recognizable name at this year’s conference; Justin Smith, Dan Green, Mike Simonsen, Joel Burslem, Todd Carpenter, Dustin Luther, Drew Myers, the AcitveRain Gang, Noah Rosenblatt... and on and on.  I just kept thinking, “Wow!, this new wave of pioneers and entrepreneurs are so young.”

Well, now John Harper has made us all feel OLD.

John Harper has hired 18 year old Joseph Natividad as a full time contributor, consultant and networker for his company's real estate blog.

The story is both eye opening and heart warming, and can be followed on the Harper’s Team Blog.

To follow Joseph's personal blog, you can visit his site:

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Doesn't seem that young to me. I am 25, and have been investing in real estate for about 3 years. I'm hoping to reach financial freedom before 40, definitely, if not sooner. What sort of real estate do you do?

Keep pushing thru good times and bad.. I bought my first house @ 12 yrs old (old man is a developer) and sold it to pay for my first wedding 12 years later.. It's all about timing in real estate.. timing the right opportunities and letting the bad ones go when the timing is not right.. the more experience you get in this industry, the better your decision making abilities will be when opportunities are presented to you.. when the timing's right, you'll know when to get in.. age is not a factor only experience..


Wow! 18 years old makes me even feel old and I'm only 28.

18. That's impressive. I started my real estate career just after I turned 23, didn't start blogging until last year, at 25.

There are some truly visionary young people investing in real estate and riding the front end of the technology wave. Bravo to the young people and their parents who challenged and encouraged them to think long term. As far as blogging goes, I feel like a senior blogger since most bloggers seem to be fairly young. Another question I'd like to add to the mix is, "Who is the oldest blogger?" These older bloggers are also visionary people who don't ever stop learning new things. Congratulations to Joseph and John!

Doogie was 16 years old when he was a doctor ( Now, he's Barney (

I hope Joseph has similar success.

Jim, now I had the opposite experience at the Inman Conference....and I absolutely LOVED it!!!! Jeff Turner saw me for the first time and kept saying over and over again how much YOUNGER I look than my Real Estate photo. I wish I had that on a tape.

Great article Jim and nice plug for Active Rain, too.

-Gena Riede

I just turned 28! Us Gen-X'ers (I think that's what I'm considered) have the advantage of growing up with computers and the internet and have had to learn to be more adaptable to changing technology if we wanted to stay ahead of the pack. I see blogging as a great way to level the playing field in a business where expertise is most commonly associated with age/experience. It gives us youngsters an outlet to show our knowledge and show that we know what we're talking about.

At 33, I am on the older Gen-X side. I am not surprised at the hire of an 18 year old. My younger Gen-Y siblings could give a few a run for their money- I learn from them all the time.

Rebecca D. Levinson-

I think I remember seeing Joseph at Inman, because someone was commenting about how he was probably the youngest real estate blogger ever... Was it the same guy?

26 here... started blogging at 22 but didn't take it serious until I was 25.

I met Joseph at Inman. He's a great blogger, but also a great social networker. By the time I made it home to Denver that night, he had already invited me to connect on face book.

Still, I made someone feel even older yesterday. You see, I was "born" into the mortgage Industry. My mother is a Regional Manager for SunTrust Mortgage. I ran into a mortgage broker that has worked with my mom for years, and she was telling me how old she feels talking to me (as I am my mother's son). My reply was, "Try this, I've been in the mortgage business for seventeen years". Her eyes literally started to roll back. :D oh, and I'm 36.

Wow, now I feel old. I thought I was pretty young at 31, guess not.

Not that young myself, but still full of energy for Real Estate!

Im 20 years old and have been an oklahoma licensed realtor since shortly after my 19th birthday... In june Ill be eligible for my broker license, just 3 months after I turn 21. All self motivated efforts. One day going to incorporate this business with international multifamily development venture... work in progress. Always open to networking opportunities-feel free to email

Its nice to know there are other young professionals out there, I got my license at 18 and I am now 20.

These are very exciting times,even for us older ones (50's). I am new to Twitter and Blogging, but I am learning!!!!

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