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Jim Cronin, Guest Speaking at Keller Williams Mega Camp 2007

Mega_campI was so honored to have been personally called and invited by Keller Williams Chairman, Gary Keller to be a guest speaker at his world renowned event Keller Williams Mega Camp 2007.

This year's event will take place from August 20th through August 24th at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, TX.

From the Mega Camp homepage:

“Mega Camp 2007 is the exclusive event where top producers and Keller Williams Realty leaders converge for an extraordinary week of learning and networking. Here, you will discover the newest tools and answers to your business challenges presented by fast-moving mastermind panels, top guest speakers and real estate industry leaders, including Gary Keller, co-founder and chairman of the board of Keller Williams Realty International and a New York Times bestselling author.”

I have been asked to speak on the topic of Blogging Your Way To Success.
(No surprise here)

The items I will be focusing my presentation on are:

MegacampHow Web 2.0 Has Changed The Online Playing Field
Why Blogging Is Taking Over Real Estate
Why Blogging Works So Well In Search Engines
What It Takes To Be A Successful Business Blogger
How To Get Started Blogging.

Other speakers for the 5 day event include:

Dustin Luther
Dick Dillingham
Dianna Kokoszka
Gary Keller
Dave Jenks
Floyd Wickman
Jo Ellen Nash
Eric Johnson
Chad Goldwasser
Dee Shultz
David Therrien
Craig Proctor
Bryon Ellington
Mark Willis
Bob Kilinski
Dr. John Maxwell
Mary Tennant
Tony DiCello

And a KW Cares performance by Kenny Loggins

For more information on Mega Camp, the roster, the schedule, the event and how to attend, please visit their website:

A special thanks to Matt Fetick, an exceptionally professional Keller Williams agent, for his direct referral to Gary for my participation in this special event.

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Jim- Congratulations. It is a huge honor and well deserved.


Congratulations from Doug and Art. We're proud to be two KW Agents already on the vine.

Nice. You're like a rock star!

Congrats...good word spreads like butter! Heard you did a bang-up job!

Congratulations. I wish more realtors wouldn't find out about blogging :-( Those of us who are working on it don't want to let the "secret" out of the bag.

Jim, congratulations! Before I started my own two brokerage firms, I was with Keller Williams Realty here in Tampa. It's a great company. Still today I have gotten together with many of the agents for social activities and networking.

Hey Jim, surprise they "discovered" you. I sorta have to agree with Cindy... it's great for you, too bad bad the competition is learning from one of the best..

Kudos to you! Is it a mere coincidence that your recent popularity explosion coincided with the hire of Molly?

Mega Camp is a great'll enjoy it. You already have some KW bloggers in your camp...

You go, Jim! I've been to several of the KW events, including the Mastermind sessions and the annual Family Reunion. I PROMISE you'll be amazed.... and will be adding an important 'voice' that people will be avidly listening to.


Jim - say hi for me

Congrads on another speaking event- you truly are a leader. But as you advance up the ladder- remember that you are tomato sauce not tomato juice. Juice is raw, watery, bitter and comes out of can. Sauce is cooked for hours, has flavor and taste and texture- all done with tender loving care. As any Italian will tell you- everyone's sauce is unique and their signature. All made from tomatoes but each if different.

And that's what you do with us- take us from tomato juice- to sauce.

Have fun in Austin in AUGUST!

I'm a HUGE fan and will greatly look forward to meeting you at MEGA camp!!! Cheers for the Tomato....

Congrats!! Should be a blast. See you there!

Thanks so much everyone! We are fired up for the event.
Hope to see as many of you as we can while we are there on Monday. Unfortunately, we can't stay the whole week because of another special event in Miami that very next day.

I loved the whole Juice vs Sauce thing - Very cool

Jim, Congratulations! You did a PHENOMINAL job speaking for Star Real Estate last month. Thank you, again, for sharing your wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise!

Diane Flaharty
Director of Recruiting
Star Real Estate

Jim, You did a fabulous job speaking at Mega Camp yesterday in front of over 3000 Mega-Agents. Of course some people still do not "get" blogging ... However, you definitely put a much-needed bug in the ears of MANY agents.
What you spoke about resonated throughout last night and into todays sessions. I am sure that you will be brought up again in tomorrows technology sessions.
Thank you for the shirt, and I hope that you like your fully custom, limited edition, one of two ever made, tomato magnets!

Great Job!!! This was one of the highlights of the event. Our group from New Jersey was truely blown away.

It was sad, however, to see so many people walk out of the event during your segment. What a loss.

Thanks again.

Jesse Kaye
Keller Williams Premier Properties
488 Springfield Ave.
Summit, NJ 07901

I wish that I could just be a roadie for the rock stars of the Tomato.

So you inspired me to start my blog - after having heard you speak at the Keller Williams Mega Agent Camp I FINALLY saw the wisdom of starting a local blog! You talk was wonderful and very inspiring and I just can't thank you enough for getting me to understand the benefit to having a website AND a blog. Tara

Wow..Wow..Wow..Jim honestly you stole the stage at Mega Agent Camp 2007. (after Eric Johnson and Gary Keller of Course..established Legends)Not far behind, you are slicing your way through the industry with your vision. I am curious about one thing. During your presentation someone (I think it was Dave Jenks) interupted your presentation to inform you of something. What was that all about?

The passion you had about your topic reached the whole audience. I read your article today about Broker Blog Power. Hold on folks..the Tomato is coming..Remeber that movie?..Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!

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