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Food For Fodder – 101 Real Estate Blog Topics

Teresa Boardman, in response to comments in her most recent article, has whipped up a tasty treat for all real estate bloggers.  Grab a fork, and enjoy.

Food For Fodder – 101 Real Estate Blog Topics
By Teresa Boardman

Blog_foodIn my last post on the Tomato I wrote about writing being the biggest obstacle for real estate professionals who want to have a blog.   

Some of  our readers commented that figuring out what to write about poses the greatest challenge. 

It is hard for many to come up with topics so I wrote a list of 101 topic ideas for real estate professionals who want to have a blog to expand their internet presence and to meet the home buyers and sellers who live inside their computer. 

Potential clients are in your computer right now and are looking for great agents and lenders to work with.  The idea is to build enough rapport so they will stop hiding and give us a call or send an email.  Lets face it, consumers believe we all have horns and a tail and we need to put them at ease and establish a little credibility before we can earn their trust and their business.

The best posts come from the every day life of a real estate professional.  There is also what I call “the real estate bloggers conundrum”:  If we spend too much time writing, we don't have time to sell real estate, if we don't sell real estate, we don't have those experiences to write about.  Our day-to-day lives and experiences in the real estate industry are filled with blog food, look for it, find it and start typing. 

Here are 101 ideas:

  1. A story about your neighborhood
  2. Local business, and send them a copy.
  3. Your pet
  4. Go through your email, is there a question or comment from one of your clients that can be made into a post?
  5. Listen  to your buyers, they give you blog food.
  6. Listen to your sellers, they give you blog food
  7. Conversations with other agents can be a source of great content
  8. Architecture or housing styles in your area
  9. Historic buildings
  10. Market statistics for your area, including average prices and absorption rates
  11. Read the blogs and look for ideas to build on or spin a new idea from..
  12. Take a picture write a post.
  13. Home maintenance
  14. Take a walk
  15. Senior housing
  16. Pet  friendly housing
  17. Staging ideas
  18. local events
  19. Your hobby
  20. A closing
  21. A lender who did a great job
  22. Things that go wrong with real estate sales
  23. Home owners insurance
  24. Gardening and landscaping
  25. Your city council
  26. A new development
  27. Lofts
  28. Decorating ideas
  29. Real estate industry news - with your own unique commentary
  30. Mortgages news
  31. Interest Rates
  32. Credit scores
  33. Consumer hoaxes and scams
  34. First time home buyer programs
  35. Working with seniors
  36. Working with Baby Boomers
  37. Second homes
  38. Investment properties
  39. Foreclosure
  40. Property flipping
  41. "Rehabbing" a home
  42. Home energy conservation
  43. Final walk through
  44. Equity stripping scams
  45. Agency
  46. Real estate companies
  47. Transportation & Parking
  48. Schools
  49. Churches
  50. Day Care
  51. Paint and painting
  52. Pest control
  53. Good neighbors
  54. Bad neighbors
  55. Over priced homes
  56. The home buying process
  57. The home selling process
  58. Book review of a real estate related book.
  59. Real Estate Laws
  60. Real estate terms
  61. Moving with children
  62. Moving
  63. Moving with pets
  64. Places to eat
  65. Places to shop
  66. Commentary on local news stories
  67. Commentary on local public policy
  68. Tell a story about a client who was fun to work with
  69. Write about what it is like to be  a Realtor
  70. When taking classes find something you learned that could be used as a post.
  71. Write off topic humor
  72. Environmental issues
  73. Land lord or tenant issues
  74. How to sell a house
  75. How not to sell a house
  76. Building trends
  77. Parks
  78. Art
  79. Home safety
  80. Review web sites on local or real estate related topics
  81. Property taxes
  82. Crime
  83. Open houses
  84. Trends in kitchen design
  85. Area events for children
  86. The local zoo
  87. Where to play golf
  88. Coffee shops
  89. Women home buyers
  90. The_TrickAdvice for FSBO's
  91. Interview some one
  92. Local  real estate market trends and observations
  93. Furniture
  94. Investment scams
  95. Mortgage fraud
  96. Types of mortgages
  97. Home owners associations
  98. Attend a public meeting and write about it.
  99. Week end getaways
  100. Credit repair
  101. Fair housing issues
They may look kind of dry and boring in this list but the trick is to take every day experiences, based on these topics and weave them into a post. There are times for most of us when we just can't write but there are some work-arounds.  Find a photo and write about it, have a guest write a post or take a break from it for a couple of days. 
It also helps to have a system. 
I have three days of the week that I have topics for, and four days where I have to find them. 
I once wrote an entire post about socks, and not only got by with it but got a great response from it.   Those posts help show our human side and make the horns and tail less obvious.

Teresa Boardman is an exceptionally professional Realtor in the St. Paul, Minnesota area.  

Her website:
Her blog:
Voice: 651-216-4603
Thank you Teresa.  As always, it’s a pleasure having you 'on the Vine'.

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What a great resource, Thanks!

Great food for thought. Can you now give me a 26 hour day so that I can accomplish my next "great" post?

Teresa- you are an inspiration to someone who's just starting this whole blogging adventure. Thank you.

cool, cool list! Thanks for sharing. Hey, gotta run, you've given me an idea! :P

I like the tomato. I love the canned image better. Maybe i should consider putting some juice to my blog also by using the same technique that you have.

Thanks for awakening my brain.

Pest control is an excellent topic! :)

Teresa - great list - thanks for all the ideas!

KK - I was thinking about you, and Jim too when I came up with that one.

as always, a great post. Your article provides not only great ideas, but it inspires as well. Hearing that pro-bloggers like you struggle with topics, and aren't afraid to write about the "off-beat" breathes new life into my writings...

That's a great list of ideas, and good to take a look at when you think you're coming up blank.


I am new to the Blog world and I thought this was a great post to get me started. I am really looking foward to blogging not that you have given me some real food for thought.

Hi Teresa,
do you think that writing about lifestyles, recreation and the like is not too off topic? (the topic being real estate) My SEO person told me that it waters down my keywords and makes them less important. I have incoming traffic that find some of those posts as people search for things like ski pass prices etc. I think that finding my website accidentally is probably not bad, but I would rather have people find it who are looking for real estate. My initial thought was that anything about my area (the mountains of Colorado) would be good, including hiking, wildflowers etc. What do you think? Are they too off topic?

Teresa - nice list.

Great ideas here. I am interested in your thoughts in response to James Crandall's comment as well. Can we get too far off topic?

Thanks for the list!

Joanne - I think blogs are the easiest to write and work the best if you write about something you have a passion for. You SEO person is most likely right about watering things down with keywords. but . . . I am finding that if I can tie things I am interested in to real estate it can work. I also find that off topic posts can be the best for building relationships with the buyer and sellers who live inside my computer. I hate to give this advice because many will dissagre but the only way I have found to make this work is to find my own rhythm with it and to do what comes naturally. Experiment a little bit. if you tie real estate to a hobby or interest maybe people with the same interests will want to work with you. People prefer to work with people like themselves, friends and people they can related to.
Eric - I think it is Joannes comment that interested you. The one asking about off topic content? I can never figure out which comment goes with which name of Jim's blog. I think he is trying to confuse me. This would be a great topic for a post. I'll see if the fruity guy has some space for it. You notice he is writing about golf these days and weaving it into blogs which is an excellent example of off topic that is on topic. Nice post Jim.

Terrific post. Sometimes all someone needs is inspiration...and the desire to succeed.

Teresa, thanks for the post. I have passed it on to all my agents and another 25 or so that I keep on my recruiting list. Hope all is well.

Teresa - thanks for the ideas for writers block.
I, too, argue with myself over sticking to a topic vs random thoughts of interest (which may establish a bond with a client or future client). has some good market stats too for bloggers, but only in about 20 cities. Like these foreclosure stats ran yesterday

I found your website that captures my interest while searching the internet for particular keywords related to real estates. This is a very informative blog of yours. Keep up the good work. You may also check Real Estate Investments and TIC Investments if it interest you for additional information's. Thank You...

Beaitiful article... I hope to become a better blogger now...

Beaitiful article... I hope to become a better blogger now...

This is definitely high on my bookmarks! I hope I am as good at squeezing out the juicy Port Orange FL info and news as you have grown the tomato!!!

As for topics right now, that should not be a challenge. The sub-prime mess is so menacing that it begs for exhaustive investigation, shaking out, and clarificataion.

I write on scams of all kinds, but find this present state of the RE market to be about as threatening and unstable as any market I've seen in years.

Teresa-just wanted to say thanks for this article. I am just starting to venture into unknown blogging territory and this offered a great insight into where to start and where to go. Thanks again!!!

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