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Why Real Estate Blogging Is Like Golf.

9 observations of how publishing your real estate mind is like mastering a game of patience and grace.

1. You are competing against yourself.
In golf there is no other responsible for your successes failures.
Blogging is no different.  Your search engine presence, traffic and leads are all dependent on your performance.  The more you play, embrace your strengths, improve on your weaknesses and learn from those that are better, the more effective you will become.

2. It’s not how you get the ball in the hole, it’s if you do.
It's not how you generate leads and business through blogging, it's if you do.
There are a lot of 'right' ways to to get business from your site.  Listen when you are attracted to what you see as sound advice.  Recognize what’s working for you, and duplicate that.

3. The better you are, the less important the equipment becomes.
Tiger will out play you with just his putter; no driver, no irons, just the flat stick.
Have you seen Seth Godin’s blog? Just the flat stick. 

4. Put together a couple shots and you’ll still have a good hole.
An errant drive can be recovered with a strong iron; an ill approach can be saved with a delicate pitch; one-putt and you’ve made up for that bunkershot.
When blogging, as long as the topic is solid and attractive, every point made doesn’t have to be absolutely polished.  A couple great observations, or nuggets of knowledge will carry it through.

5. Drive for show, putt for dough.
This common expression explains that, just because you can crush from the tee, it’s really your green work that will shave the strokes, keeping you competitive.
With blogging: Just because you can write a killer headline, it’s keeping the reader’s attention through to the end of the article that proves its worth.

6. Play within the limits of your game.
Golf will beat you if you press.  Going for it usually adds up to more strokes and penalties.
Similarly, if you don’t have a poetic command of the English language, don’t press.  Leave the thesaurus on the shelf, and just write it the way you’d say it.

7. Approach each putt from all angles.
Hastily hitting a putt leaves you open for surprises on the path to the hole.
Blogging topics should be contemplated, analyzed and refined.  Leaving yourself open for surprises in the comments that discredit your post is never a good thing.

8. Golfing is social.  Play nice and honest.
When your phone stops ringing to be part of a regular foursome, it’s because of your behavior.
Keeping your cool in the comments and on the blogosphere is crucial for maintaining face online.  Your written words can last forever online, be certain that what you write will be construed with its intention.

9. Etiquette is expected.
You can always tell the new guy on the golf course; he’s stepping on your putting line, teeing off out of turn and ignoring his divot.
Beyond spellcheck, it may do you proper to spend some time reading and learning from the behavior of the seasoned bloggers before jumping into the ring.  A gaffe won’t have you expelled, but heads-up play can save you from some embarrassment and eye-rolling. 
Leaving this one off after nine holes to go in and get lunch at the turn.  Any other golfing bloggers out there have some suggestions for the back nine?

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Hey Jim, I love this post. It really "rings true" and just makes a lot of sense. I think your Rule #1 is the most important. Someone else will always be more (fill in the blank) than you or less (fill in the blank) than you. Do your best and don't worry about anyone else. And I think #9 is another gem.

Truly one of the best posts I've seen this week. Thank you for sharing your experience with us new guys.

Hey Jim - I met Jackie last night and one of the things we talked about was No. 1 - she told me you tell her that all the time. Great advice, no doubt about it.

Great Post...everyone in Project Blogger needs to read this and stop worrying about the "tiara"....


2. Also worry about timing! Don't sit around for another six months "learning" about bloggin- you're already behind if you haven't started yet! Be brave and jump in, but never act like you already know it all.

6. This is an important part of the Web2.0 movement- getting your TRUE voice out there. Try to use words that aren't yours and it will be all to clear to readers. Remember- many of your readers have the same vocabulary set as you do, so don't fret (but do spell check). Acting like you're someone else defeats Web2.0 because it's a platform to get your TRUE voice into the public!

9. As we're discussing over at BloodhoundBlog, if you can't say something nice, at least say it constructively (and if it's criticism about a blog, say it privately in email). Nice words and "making friends" has brought me a long way in 90 short days!

Your items 5 and 6 really ring true for me. Guess I'm a slow learner at times, but it has taken almost six months for me to feel comfortable with my blog posts. You are a great teacher!

Great analogy!

Have you ever thought about what you would consider the "Majors" of Blogging"???

Who could not relate to this? You just scored and eagle!

I think we'll live or die by #1

So, did the Sock send you a green jacket for winning the Carnival? :) Congrats!!!

Jim - A blog after my heart. You know I can relate to this one. By the way, my team took first yesterday with a 57. The others were driving for show, my putter was hot and made the dough.

For the tenth hole...Make a full turn in your swing. Get that right shoulder all the way around to straighten out that fade and hit the fairway. Finish what you have to say without leaving readers feeling like something is missing. Follow through and finish.

10. 99% of "players" are hackers. Aspire to the 1%

Jim, it's posts like this keep me coming back. Well done.

You left off one..

No matter how badly you play, it only takes one good shot to make you come back for more!

I'm a novice at all this and my son sent me yr web page,
loved reading it and am amazed at this new technology called 'blogging'. Keep up the good work and looking fwd to all your future articles.

Jim - I thought that was a great analogy - thanks for thinking it through in such detail.

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