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The Little Real Estate Blogger That Could

One of the biggest advantages to breeding A-List Real Estate Bloggers, is that now I have an army of talented and savvy bloggers willing to contribute incredibly useful content to the Tomato.

Today’s debut comes to us from Denver, CO; Jennifer Steck is the author of new launched  She has put together a piece relating her anxieties of trying the wrangle the blog as a real estate marketing tool.  I think most looking into real estate blogging for the first time can surely relate.

The Little Real Estate Blogger That Could
By Jennifer Steck

Toy_trainI think I can...I think I can...

After doing a lot of research on technology and rainmaking for real estate, I decided late last year that a blog was the way to go to become a valued community resource in my area.

A link led to an article from Inman News about blogging. Who's name should come up but the Tomato man. So began my journey with the usual challenges of a new project.

The Software Learning Curve

I've found the software learning curve to be a climb. I've lived through the usual glitches and bugs involved in bringing up a new program. I've sat at my computer almost in tears when I've created problems I couldn't fix. While issues still occur on occasion, most of them self imposed, the problems are not at the same level as they were just a couple of months ago.

My biggest lesson? Walk away before you throw your computer out the window.  

I remember the early conversations when Jim, in his excitement, would go on and on about blogging and how things worked and I was lost after the first three words.  UH HMMM! Can you tell me what you meant when you said RSS Feed? What about that social bookmarking thing? I felt kind of bad for him.

I think I can...I think I can... 
Putting it on Electronic Paper

Writing the blog articles has actually been pretty enjoyable. It's posting them so other people can read my words that is difficult. It's one thing to take my writing and show it to a friend and a completely different thing to spread it out where millions of people have access. Okay...maybe just twenty or thirty… I'm still new.

My most embarrassing moment so far is my posting, With All Due Respect. I was very emotional as I wrote it and really struggled to make the words convey clearly what I wanted to say.  When I finally posted it, the first comment made on Active Rain said something like, "Great article, but you may want to change it to Memorial Day, not Veteran's Day." I still turn red when I think about it. I'm glad the first person was kind enough to correct me instead of finding out I made a mistake after 1,000 people looked at it. I thought about deleting his comment after I fixed the post, but I figured we all have those kinds of days and other people would understand.

I think I can.. I think I can...

Somebody Say Something

"I'm not getting any comments!" There was a pause at the other end before Jason (one of the Tomatoes) suggested I start commenting on other people's blogs. Oh...I get it. Quid pro quo. Now, I just needed to get over the intimidation of commenting on someone else's blog.

One of my comments on another blogger's site had this kind of response from another reader, "I was just going to make fun of Jennifer's comment, then I went to her site." So, I had made a "duh uh" kind of comment, but I'm really glad he liked my site. Thanks for looking.  Value added comments make for valuable visits… I get it.

I think I can...I think I can...

Long_haulIf Only the Neighbors Knew

Getting the word out in my local community is a challenge.  I've sent out the information to my farm area and sphere of influence and there has been a bit of a spike in my visitor numbers. 

Note: The spike in visitors on my site has resulted in my passing the twenty visitors a day for two days in a row. I am very excited. (I think I was probably four or five of those visits each day, but who is counting… besides me?)

I think I can...I think I can...

This whole world of blogging is new to me, but I love my site and I'm enjoying the interaction with blogging professionals. I promise to do my best to add good comments, but an occasional "duh" may still occur. I haven't had any business calls just yet, but I know they’re coming. I may be the tortoise in the blogging race, but I'm in for the long haul.

I'll check back in a year and let you know how this future seasoned veteran is doing.

I think I can....I think I can...

Thanks Jennifer, welcome to the vine.

Jennifer is an exceptionally professional and focused Realtor servicing the Central Denver area. 
Her blogsite:
Her website:

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Jennifer: I predict that by year's end you will be going full steam. Nice post and terrific site!

Keep up the great work, Jennifer. I really enjoyed reading this post-you have a nice style. Some days my neighborhood blog out performs my mortgage blog (in terms of visitors)... it's always nice to have a neighborhood blog to "retreat" to when you have a "duh".

Good blog Jennifer: I checked out your Denver One as well. Pretty cool

Roberta- I think the steam is building. Your encouragement means a lot.

Rhonda- I'm glad I'm not the only one who has an occasional "duh". I can't imagine trying to write for two blogs. I have a tough enough time with just one.

Marty- Thanks. I like it too. The Tomatoes did a great job.

Jennifer - I feel I've walked in those same shoes this past year, almost step for step - best of luck to you - great post and keep it up. We'll all get the energy from each other.

Sister, I feel your pain, acutely. Hope that makes it less painful. I was grinning as I read this- it's my experience to a tee. The tech stuff is crazy-making for me. Greg Swann is coaching me and I've had to say "explain it to ME, Greg". I don't envy him.

But, you've done a fantastic job sharing your experience here, so looks like you've got the communication part down perfectly! Great job with everything, keep at it. I know you can, I know you can.

Jennifer- I'm still stumbling sometimes in those shoes, but having a great time. The good energy helps us all. Thanks.

Teri- I think our coaches have the patience of Job. Thank goodness they don't hang up on us when they get tired of the questions. That's why they have the mute button I'm sure. I know we can...I know we can...

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