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Nine Months Of Real Estate Blogging A Celebrity Will You Make

Gena_TVWe are so proud of our first Real Estate Tomato Graduate, Gena Riede. This hot house tomato has just leaped from her keyboard to the television.

This past weekend, Gena was interviewed by Channel 13, CBS, in her home town of Sacramento, CA.  The piece ran on both Friday the 21st and Saturday the 22nd.

She owes her new found celebrity to her hard work, timely advice, and her real estate blog:

Anchor Kris Pickle contacted Gena directly, after noticing an article she had posted to her blog called: Sacramento Foreclosure Auction Looking for Suckers!  Apparently Kris and her team loved the piece and wanted to have Gena give her two cents, forewarning potential bidders for an upcoming property auction in the city.

To watch the piece that appeared on the evening news click here.
To read Gena’s account check out her post on the event here.

GraduateIn addition to her appearance on the local news, her blogging has continued to pay off in other means as well.  Through her blog, she receives regular inquiries for her services as a real estate broker and has surged to the front page of Google for dozens of desired search phrases, including: Sacramento Real Estate

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Hey Jim,
Check the spelling on that link to Gena's site, I believe there is a "r" in sacRamento. Congrats on the great work and successful blogging!

Thank you tomato. You taught me well and I soaked up the juice. All your little cherry tomatoes are out there squirting Google, knowing they got their start with you. Happy to be counted as one of the first Tomato graduates.

Just got a call from a new Home Buyer today that I will meet with tomorrow who was referred to me by an editor from the Sacramento Bee who apparently reads my blog.

Thanks, Jim.

Gena - you know you rock!
Daniel - Thanks - all fixed

Congratulations Gena! Great job!

That is awesome. Congrats from Chicago.

Great post! I am gonna share it with my own blog readers Thanks.

Congrats on the media opportunity Gena and on the graduation. You're a juicy example for us all to follow.

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