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Inman News Holds Project Blogger Conference - Listen In!

Project_blogger copyToday, at 11AM PST, Inman News and 4 Guest Speakers From Project Blogger will be discussing “Building from the Ground Up. Real Experiences Starting a Real Estate Blog from Scratch.”.

The best part, you can join in to the chat and listen in to the call.
In advance of the show:

Please visit, Sign Up, and Pick a PIN (part of the Sign Up process).

It will take about 30 seconds and it's free. (Note: Software download is NOT REQUIRED. Feel free to skip that step unless you want to ask questions by text-chat.)

At the time of the show or up to 15 minutes early:

Call 724-444-7444 and follow the audio prompts.
Enter the Talkcast ID: 32606
Enter your PIN (which you chose at Sign Up -- it's likely your own phone number).

So, who’s talking?

Hosted and Moderated By:
Jessica Swesey
– Managing Editor from Inman News

Jackie Colson-Miller (Apprentice)

Jackie Colson-Miller is a 13 year veteran in the Real Estate Industry. Originally from New England, she has lived and studied in Switzerland, has a B.A. from Providence College, Providence, RI, and was recently awarded the Certified International Property Specialist Designation (CIPS). Working with a heavily international clientele, Jackie works in the Tampa Bay area, as well as International Relocation. Jackie’s blog is

Jim Cronin (Coach)
Jim Cronin, author and creator of the popular Real Estate Tomato blog. Having helped thousands of Realtors embrace the internet as an effective marketing tool over the last 7 years, Jim has developed a blog, a company and a product on the premise that the best service is through education.

Julie Ferenzi (Apprentice)
Julie is a Realtor with JP Realty Group in Illinois, and prior to her career as an agent she spent 3 years working as a real estate investor’s apprentice. She is the busy mom of four great kids. She loves real estate and working with people and is a new blogger and a new agent, and so far loves them both too. Julie’s blog is

Jeff Turner (Coach)
Jeff Turner is a serial entrepreneur and is currently President of Throughout his career, Jeff has excelled at bringing extraordinary vision, creativity and innovative solutions to challenging situations. Jeff only recently started blogging but sees many similarities between what makes a good entrepreneur and a good blogger. Jeff blogs at

For more info, visit the official page for this conference at Inman News.

Note: If you encounter problems, call TalkShoe technical support at 724-935-8265 or email

If you miss the live call, you can always listen to it after the fact. You can download and listen to an MP3 podcast using your favorite music player (like iTunes) or stream it over the internet. Click here to access all recordings and features:

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What appears below is akin to me jumping in on Joe's sales calls in order to pitch my services. I don't know that he would appreciate, nor take too kindly to it.

It's 'passive' because it starts out as a compliment, relative to the content of the post. It is 'spam' because he is trying to generate business from our readers, without permission.

(Certain items have been omitted to extinguish their effect)

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I surely see waaaay too many of those, myself.

Sometimes I will start typing a reply email to them... then I just delete it and move on.

What a waste of time. :(

I'm not sure what day this call took place but it sounds interesting. Is there a site I could go to for the podcast?

Daniel Del Real

Oops! Sorry, I just found the link above.


Daniel Del Real

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