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The 10 Biggest Mistakes Made By Real Estate Bloggers

Daily_dose_pill10.  Poor Headline Writing

There is a dichotomy on the blogosphere.  Headlines that have you feeling like they are worth clicking on, and others overlooked.  You clicked on this one.  Why?  Answer that question and you will stop making the mistake that has your articles being overlooked.
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9.  Rants

Business Blogging is about building trust with your audience.  Would you trust someone like Howard Stern's to help you buy a home?  A rant here and again to stir the pot keeps you and your readers on you toes.  Ranting to have your audience 'wondering what you're going to say next' is not always good business.  Blog like it is your next listing appointment.

8.  Burn-Out

This one's easy.  Blogging is a marathon.  It's 100 marathons.  It is not a sprint.  Whatever you are blogging for, set the pace; don't rush in, don't play catch up.  The longer you are in the game, the more successful you will be.  Your content and its regularity of appearance is the formula to that success.  Hang in there.
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7.  Writing About Things That Interest Them

Coming up with content can be a challenge.  Posting content that misses its mark is not only futile, but a tragedy.  Your interests might be easy to spew content about, but this is not eHarmony.  To attract clients, you need to anticipate their interests, concerns, challenges, needs, and objections.
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6.  Writing About What Everyone Else Writes About

A great way to get a traffic spike to your real estate blog is to write about Zillow, Redfin, Web 2.0, HousingPanic, Craigslist, WordPress, ActiveRain and the like.  Unfortunately, it's also a great way to be rendered insignificant and vanilla.  Niche and local topic writing is the slow and steady way to rise in the search engines for the keywords your target audience uses.
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5.  Writing About Oneself

If you are blogging successfully, your audience will be mostly new every day.  Giving the impression that there is an audience that is concerned about your personal affairs can alienate those that are attracted to your blog by your relevant content.  Those that appreciate and encourage you to continue writing about your life are not business prospects... they're called friends.
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4.  Blog Is An Island

Writing alone is not going to be enough to make your blog successful.  As more and more join the party, your content will become just part of the noise if you aren't a voice in the community.  Your participation in the real estate blogosphere is crucial; constructive commenting, blogrolling, trackbacks, social networking, social bookmarking, carnivals and guest authoring are just a some of the efforts you can make that will make a difference.  There are so many benefits to your exposure that not participating is nearly the equivalent to not blogging at all.
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3.  Writing In Linear Topics

You are not BoingBoing, you are not Digg, you are not StumbleUpon.  Writing about whatever pops into your mind is not going to comfort your audience that it is worth giving you their email address to be notified of future content.  Without a clear understanding of what to expect from your blog, it is hard to recognize the value of your message.  Define your topics and categories in order to help establish the core focus of your blog. 
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2.  Missing The Goal Of Business Blogging

Blogging is for business.  Business is generated by your audience developing a trust in your message and services.  You achieve this by garnering readership, subscription and participation.  The goal of blogging is to develop a readership that wants more.  More writing, more content, more message and more of you.  If you are blogging for: SEO, Traffic, Content, Friends, Ego, Community, Hobby, Fun, Fad, Obligation or the like, then you are missing the point.  These are all byproducts of your efforts, not the goal.
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1.  Poor Formatting

A great message is easily lost in a poorly formatted blog article.  Poor writers can win readers with proper formatting.  Presentation is everything.  How else could a high class restaurant get away with charging more than $20 for a $1 chicken breast?
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I would like to add one more. Writing negative posts about other blog writers is going to make you look bad. If I were looking someone to do business with and found entire negative posts about other blog writers I would conclude that the blogger is not very friendly.

I agree mostly, but I disagree with number 9 pretty strongly. Have you seen the size of Howard Stern's audience? He is very trusted the only things he ever says are truths. I think he is one of the most honest people alive.

Yes, he is a jerk sometimes and does rant, but that is what makes you trust him.

To refine one of your points, Jim: Remember who your audience is. If you write for new business, treat each post as an audition. If you write to increase your stature in a community, write for the community's benefit.

You wouldn't see Law and Order on the Game Show network. Blog for the audience you know will be watching. I'm guilty of #10, #9, #7, and #5. Oh, and sometimes #2. I guess my blogging future is pretty bleak.

Man, just when I think I've read the Top 10 Most Pertinent Tomato Blogs... you put out awesome lists like these- thanks for the homework Jim!

I most strongly agree with #2 which I would argue is the most difficult to abide by, yet extremely important! As O'Reilly would say, "no bloviating!"

I would strongly DISagree with Jennifer in her contesting #9- in a social blog rants are the norm, but business blogs are a different animal... just because the blogosphere doesn't require a blazer or good posture, we have still created a professional environment which has high standards expected from any agent in their literal office. I'm a Howard Stern fan, but just because I trust his honesty, doesn't mean I trust his ability to guide the biggest investment of my life! I support #9!

Confused on the Redfin, zillow remark above...are you saying not to blog about that and follow the lead that is writing about it?

I am saying that unless you are the one to break the news, or rather, have something earth-shattering to reveal about businesses like Redfin or Zillow, then you should probably just stick to topics that your target audience is interested in.

Blogging...Hmmmmmmm.....Thanx for another fine "blog" about mistakes you can make on blogging....hmmmmmm......we talking about blogging, man! Have fun, don't take yourself so serious & still have time for your family!

Yep, that was a good one! I'll be hanging out here more often in the future.

Here's a nice example: lol
She even references this article. Posting this in fun, and only because she mentioned this post. As I said in a comment to her, I normally really like Kris' posts.

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