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7 Compelling Reasons Google AdSense Will Ruin Your Real Estate Blog

1. Advertisements Will Cheapen Your Blog
Nothing makes you look cheesier than having a bunch of ads next to your honest message.  Especially ads that you really have no supreme control over.  I can forgive some solid sponsorship that directly relates to the visitor's needs and interest.  We showcase BlogJet on the TomatoBlogs site because we personally use it, and feel that it is a great tool that our readers should experience.

Rss_pieces_google_ad2.  Lack Of Control Will Lead To Some Surprises
Browsing around a real estate marketing blog that uses Google AdSense Advertisements to supplement their income, we stumbled across this completely off topic ad: Image to right.

The message may mislead your audience. 

In an environment where readership and subscription are the goal, establishing the focus of your message is essential.

3.  Your Keywords Attract Ads From Your Competition
The GoogleAdWords ads are often generated by relating keywords from your content and publishing ads that carry similar keyword focus.  So, if you are writing blog articles about San Diego Real Estate, be certain that you will see ads from people who purchased advertising for San Diego Real Estate.  Not smart.

4.  Earnings Are Minimal
Unless you are commanding a daily readership that reaches into the thousands, expect 'sofa change' earnings.  Blogs that have a regional focus with regional content will most likely never garner the audience that makes sidebar advertising worth the effort and consequences.  Your business is helping people make some of the largest and most important financial decisions in their life.  Don't make it look like you need a few bucks to pay for your hosting.

5.  Sidebar Advertisements Clutter Your Message
We have seconds to illustrate to the new audience that we understand their needs and have the content they seek.  The body of your blog is your articles.  The sidebars are generally for navigation and 'calls to action' - that are relevant to your message.  Advertising is nothing short of a distraction from that flow. 

Baby_ads6.  Valuable Real Estate, Wasted
Pleasing to the eye is that which shows organization, order, relationship and flow.  Nothing screams "I don't belong here" like ads that don't even match your blog's look and feel.  So, unless you are looking to design the site around the look of the ads, your blog will always have a a breakdown in harmony.

7.  Firefox Adblock
As much as 30% (and growing) of your blog's traffic is viewing your site with Firefox, instead of Internet Explorer.  A simple Firefox extension called Adblock will render all sidebar ads on all sites, invisible.  What's left?  Blank space. 

Your blog is a reflection of your business professionalism.  Don't sell-out your appearance so cheaply.  Imagine your car, business card, newsletter, lapel, or yard signs covered in advertising other than yours…

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AdSense makes no sense here. Priceless article on costly (ad) mistake. I guess I should also forget about getting my "Realtor with a heart" tattoo. I always felt all that extra stuff took away from being credible somewhat.

I could not agree more. Great post.

I *love* the Firefox Adblock extension...

I was on a Realtor's website the other day. Went to their IDX search page where I found six AdSense ad's for OTHER agent's IDX search. In the same city...

This is not just true of real estate blogs, but any site really. Adsense is a huge distraction and not worth the time and effort that goes into it.

Advertising is sometimes a necessary on blogs that are non-commercial, but you need to be very picky that the people advertising on your site fit someone you would do business with and people that buy Adwords are sometimes (not always) sometimes not those people.

It is webmaster beware that is for sure.

The analogy to a business card cluttered with others' ads is perfect.

Competition is fierce in real estate, why would you give a competitor's opportunity to take clients away from you on your very own page!?!?!

AdSense has always reminded me of those ads in bathroom stalls- I'm focused on business... leave me alone in there (or on a Realtor's page for that matter)!

I never understood the whole attraction to Google Adsense for sites with normal traffic levels. You might actually find more money in your sofa....and it's just so distracting.

Great post


Far better to put a link to one's own website or IDX search than take a chance with Google Non-sense.

Thanks for a needed article!

Love the pic of the commercialized baby!

I just mentioned on my blog yesterday that I pay for it by selling houses. Isn't that the purpose?

I tried Adsense months back. I made zero income and had a string of "discount" real estate ads runnning next to my "full service" content.

Well Duh...

Remove Adsense.

I've been toying with adsense for a few months now, and recently contemplated removing it completely from my blog. I don't have a large number of readers, so I've been making roughly $1 a day, sometimes less.

Your post basically made up my mind for me. What power you have!

Very valuable post, I've actually been contemplating why users would NOT use AdSense, but now it's very clear why it can be detrimental. Thanks!

Right on target. Sure, there are sites out there that can make it work. But generally, ads like these diminish your credibility and show disrespect for your audience.

Nice job,


Okay, I beg to differ here. First of all, I resisted Ad Sense for a whole year before breaking down and adding it to my blog because, hey, all the A-list bloggers serve it, so it must be cool, right?

Secondly, check this out... I'm making 28 cents a day! (Yeah, go ahead, on your knees people; we're talking Rich Dad's ultimate goal: passive income.) Seriously, it does help defray my Google Ad Words spending that drives people to my blog in the first place.

Thirdly, do I care if my competitors advertise next to my blog? No way. They all have such crappy websites I have nothing to worry about. I should have done this from the very beginning. Now if I can only get to a million page views a day, I'll be set. ;)

I'll take: "It will make your blog look like shit."

All for just pennies per day...

Solid points. I've run AdSense in the past, took it out and I'm hesitant about going back. Your arguments make me lean even more against starting up again. For instance, new competitor ads keep appearing as soon as you block a bunch. It's an endless battle.

When my readership reaches levels where the revenue would be high enough to justify it, I'll reconsider.

I agree 100% with this particular, the picture of the ads on rsspieces. Funny thing is, they recommend using them - at least they have that in a post, which I couldn't seem to find tonight. I dumped adsense on my site for about a week for filler, but they were all in chinese.

I'm sorry but the comment just before me was hilarious!
Cheers to the author of this one!

Some more support of the topic - straight from Darren Rowse, Pro Blogger himself:

This is some great information, not only for blogging but for all of your advertising. Clients won't take you seriously if you're always trying to "pass the buck" to advertising partners, so be careful and control your own destiny.

More and more, we're looking for pure advertising rather than gimmicky advertising. Putting your face on take-out menus and mailing out baking recipes is fine; if you're a chef! But for a real estate agent, you should be advertising real estate.

Do you actually believe that Ad sense help? I really don't think so. These advertisements are just clutter on websites, especially blogs. What are the chances of getting someone to contact you and become interested in a property? Think again. I say, opt for another alternative. The Internet could give you an opportunity, but you could do better by reaching clients wherever they are through wireless technology like the SMS.

Please help me, I want to put adsense ads between posts in my blogs

Google Adsense - flagship of contextual advertising! Really the best webmaster program for earning money..

Very informative post. Adsense pays off if you are not selling anything. If you are selling ad space on the site you are selling your own swervice then...well guess what...not a good are promoting your competition!

Adblock only words if you install it. not all FF users have this or even know about it. well i gues its better to remove it from your niche because of possible trouble. But most niches are ok with it. but a great read :)

head on to for Free Adsense Training + Unreleased Video Worth $97!

Adblock only words if you install it. not all FF users have this or even know about it. well i gues its better to remove it from your niche because of possible trouble. But most niches are ok with it. but a great read :)

head on to for Free Adsense Training + Unreleased Video Worth $97!

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