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Project Blogger: Like Trying To Hold Back A Raging Bull

Little_jackieSizzle_logoI've been trying to hold back Jackie Colson-Miller from an official launch for a week now... and it's like trying to keep a raging bull in a chute.
She is so raring to go, it's dangerous.

Active Rain’s Jonathan Washburn set the rules that we're in "pre-season" through April 9th, but we see no reason not to start playing for real, judged officially, or not.

Located in Tampa, but global in spirit, Jackie aims to be more popular than her blogging master, the Tomato. 
If you ask me, I think she can do it.

The Name she has 'branded' for her international real estate destination:
The Real Estate Sizzle

The Slogan:
The "Burning" Issues In Real Estate... Tampa, Florida & Around The World.

The Platform:
Wordpress direct upload - Souped up, loaded, polished and custom painted to her specifications.

What Set's Her Apart:
Regular video correspondence from around the globe and around town... calling it as she sees it.

Our Training Schedule:
Same as all my clients: About 1 hour per week; Intense, rigorous, focused, formulated... and plenty of homework.

Her Experience:
Blogging: Zero.  Video Correspondence: Zero.  Real Estate: 13th year.

Her Quote: Project_blogger copy
"Jim, I am dating my blog for the next four months!"

The Project Blogger Rules
The Project Blogger Coaches
The Active Rain Project Blogger Group

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> Regular video correspondence from around the globe and around town... calling it as she sees it.

This I'm eager to see.

Good luck, Jackie!

Wow...we're getting ready to roll out "Real Opinionated in Briefs," which is our short video news cast. I promise, we're not trying to copy her. Seems great minds in Tampa think alike.

video... around the globe.... around the globe... around the globe

WOOHOO!! Good luck, Jackie!

Jonathan, dang, you need a carnival of titles -- I declare a winner.

Jackie, best of luck. Don't take any wooden super 8 millimeters.


This is going to be a BLAST...don't give away the rest of our "SECRETS"!

Hey Jonathan...I'm in South competition for you so START VOTING!!!

I wouldn't dream of competing with you, Jackie. I would rather cooperate...we can send each other business.

And this blogging thing....Jim and company have it figured out. You're in great hands.

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