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Like A Wedding Where They Forgot To Send Out The Invitations

MoveIncMove Inc. has real estate blogs?  That’s news to me.  Probably because the splash they’ve made in the real estate blogging community has been at best ‘ho-hum’.

Glenn Roberts of Inman News shot me a quick email yesterday looking for my feedback on the budding blogging community of Move Inc.  Since I had never heard of them before, my first thought was “either I’m really slipping in my vigilance, or these blogs aren’t anything to be writing about.”

The answer was very apparent after a short discovery.
The first thing I did was grab any phrase from one of the blogs that had been around a couple of months and search the phrase (in quotations) in Google.  No results.  I tried again and againThere is absolutely no search engine optimization done for these "blogs" - the quotes are intentional... they look like blogs, smell like blogs, even tasted like blogs... but what blog that looks so much like a blog and has no presence in the search engines?  
I looked deeper:
Some things are so right, some are so wrong.
Hurricane1. Design, upon first impression, is stellar.... but then I noticed that everyone has the exact same look.  That's like everyone showing up to the prom in the same dress.  Nice try.  Yawn. and Digg options at the bottom of every post, sweet! ... but then I realized that none of the dozens of articles I checked had ever been submitted to either.  It's as if the authors are as clueless about marketing with social bookmarking as the audience they aren't reaching.
3. Posting at an incredible pace... my hat is off.  Such effort; some blogs are posting 10 times a week or more... but then I realized that no one is leaving comments, with the exception of other bloggers.  All the effort and no real estate blogosphere penetration?  Kind of like shouting into a hurricane if you ask me… well, Glenn did.
4. These are islands.  If I have not heard of them, I (perhaps incorrectly) assume that most in the real estate blogging community have overlooked (that's a compliment) them as well.  No participation in the community (comments on others' blogs outside of their community, seeding articles in ActiveRain, pinging Technorati, submitting to, etc...) is the recipe for disaster.  

Here are a few for y’all to check out.
Danny and Nina
First Time Home Buyers
Living with Roommates

At least they’re pretty... 
Thanks for the heads up, Glenn.

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Ouch Jim...

Give us a little bit of time... I only got started a little less than three weeks ago ramping up the amount of content to the blogs (someone else was running the content generation portion last Fall and there was a few months with very little activity on the sites), so I'm not surprised that we haven't built up a community yet. It took me a year on RCG before I could count on a comment for any given post!

But your title is very correct in that we haven't sent out any invitations yet. I'm of the belief that if Move was to make a big deal of the blogs before there was at least a few months of activity, then we'd be looked at extremely skeptically. (Just as you've looked at us skeptically for not building a community in three weeks!) A blog without content is just more noise. I want to prove that we're going to run a first-rate blogs for a while and then I'm sure we'll get the appropriate traction.

BTW, try some Google searches related to our rental blog, Rental Survival Guide. I haven't put much love into the roommates blog, so it doesn't do very well. We do much better on the rental blog.

Nonetheless, I'm glad you find them pretty. I see so many bad-looking blogs and I wanted to make sure we put at least a little bit of thought into the design!

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