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16 Reasons Why "Bloggers Connect" Is Going To Rock

Bloggers_connectNow that Realtor Magazine recognizes that real estate blogs are worth visiting, it seems we can all lower our “freak flags” and breathe a sigh of relief; we’re on the map.  Now let’s take it by storm. 

This year’s Inman Connect in San Francisco has included a special two day event called the Bloggers Connect.  16 of us have been asked to be part of a Steering Committee where we’ll aim to develop the topics of discussion and workshops for the event.

In addition to the serious stuff, there are to be “fun and crazy events being built into the program including the Dive Bar Tour, the Haight Ashbury experience and the blogging romp.”  What a blogging romp is, I can’t be sure… I can only hope involves the throwing of tomatoes.

In addition to the above, Inman and ActiveRain have sponsored a contest called “Project Blogger”.  As many as 10 real estate blog coaches will be teaming up with a their own blogging apprentice to compete to develop the best new blogger.  The winner of the competition will be chosen at Bloggers Connect.  (Details on the contest forthcoming)

Those whom have been selected by Inman to participate in the steering of the event are listed below.  The event will be a great opportunity to not only meet the authors of this motley crew, but to pick up a few tricks of the trade as well.

SellsiusSellsius Real Estate Blog
Rudy Bachraty & Joseph Ferrara
Often referred to as the “Gentlemen of the real estate blogging community,” Rudy and Joe are relentless providers of real estate, blogging and web 2.0 happenings.

True_gothamTrue Gotham
Doug Heddings
Not a platform to showcase his company’s listings, Doug built TrueGotham with a clear mission to help build trust between real estate consumers and their real estate professionals.

Urban_digsUrban Digs
Noah Rosenblatt
Designed to be an unbiased, real-time take on the Manhattan real estate market, UrbanDigs pumps out beautifully formatted and well researched articles at a furious pace.

Socket_siteSocket Site
Adam Koval
Beautiful images, and a ton of personality have helped the property dominant blog become the gem of bay area real estate blogging.

Rain_city_guideRain City Guide
Dustin Luther
Admittedly, Dustin’s masterpiece was the inspiration for me to begin blogging.  A blend of Seattle real estate with technology, advice and overview, this is still my all time favorite real estate blog.

Transparent_reTransparent Real Estate
Pat Kitano
A fantastic networking effort, coupled with spot-on observations of technology’s effect on the real estate industry has made Pat’s blog a splash hit in the real estate blogging community. 

Future_of_real_estate_marketingFuture of Real Estate Marketing
Joel Burslem
FoREM is the reason I learned to use an RSS reader.  No one beats Joel to the punch when it comes to uncovering what is interesting, hip, launched, or newsworthy in online real estate.

Rss_piecesRSS Pieces
Mary McKnight
With an ear to the ground, Mary seems to anticipate just what real estate bloggers want to know, and she delivers.

Jonathan Miller
Perhaps the best example of giving it all away just to bring it all in.  Renowned appraiser and juiced up real estate blogger, Miller is a statistical wizard.  Can dodge bullets in slow-mo as well.

BloodhoundBloodhound Realty Blog
Greg Swann
No one in the community writes like Greg.  No one.  I’ve said it before… If there was only one blog I could read a day, it would be Swann’s.

Marlow Harris
On topic and off beat.  A joy to read.  Marlow has been entertaining and informing her audience about the Seattle real estate since 2004!  A true pioneer.

Realty_gramThe Realty Gram Blog
Frances Flynn Thorsen
A weblog digest of news, articles, and essays about events and trends impacting the real estate market.  Frances is a great writer and a very internet savvy Realtor.

Stpaul_real_estateSt. Paul Minneapolis Real Estate Blog
Teresa Boardman
We may have been responsible for crowning Teresa, “the Real Estate Blogging Goddess”… but it is her pace, style, approach, personality, and candor that have made her the undisputed localist blogging champion.

Zillow_blogZillow Blog
Drew Meyers
The founders of the Carnival Of Real Estate also have a great blog touching on all sorts of news beyond Zillow’s effect on the real estate industry.  Always a great read.

Active_rainActive Rain
Matt Heaton
Captain of the largest and fastest growing (congrats on 20K) real estate social network, Matt’s blogging platform has helped spawn the next generation of real estate bloggers.

Real_estate_tomatoReal Estate Tomato
Jim Cronin
Recently labeled “The Zen Master of Blogging Lead Generation,” I humbly aim to educate real estate professionals on how to embrace the internet as an effective marketing tool.

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Congrat's to all of you making it to this list! For sure, a great foundation for a Steering Committee. Looking forward to reading all the coverage from the event. Keep up the good work.

A very distinguished group, to say the least. Sounds like it should be a 'blast.' I grew up in the Bay Area, but it's been years since I've been in downtown SF. I used to enjoy frequenting a punk rock sushi bar called 'Godzillas,' but I don't think it's around anymore. Buckwheat and I should plan on attending this event. Let me know if you guys need any help.

Not a localist, just a small business blog writer who focuses on her market area and her business. Misunderstood yet appreciated. :)

We're looking forward to Pat Kitano's hoops classic.

Joe, I have you and Rudy pegged in as the Steve Nash / Amare Stoudamire component of Team East Coast. Thanks Jim, btw, how tall are you?

I stand 6 feet. But with the afro I'm up to 6'6"

Great to hear Steve Nash mentionned. Know of any Canadian bloggers attending?

Jim - Congrats! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Jim: Sounds like a fun steering committee and a perfect event for anyone feeling blogged down by writer's block and cramp:-)

"Steering"? You're giving out driving lessons and all?!

Hope to be there though I already booked a vacation that week before I found out about the conference. I just may have to reschedule vacation...

And congratulations to everyone who made the list!

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