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Our First Home, An Editorial

House hdrIn a mitigated effort to return the favor to Teresa Boardman, who delivers a weekly article here on the Tomato, I was handed the St. Paul Soapbox over the weekend.  Because her site is focused on actually talking about real estate, I stayed true to her aim and chronicled the story of my wife and I’s journey to home ownership. 

To read how much of a big fan I am of our Realtor, and what it is like for a computer savvy, real estate marketing professional to buy their first home you’ll have to put on your snowsuit and head over to the St. Paul Real Estate Blog.

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snowsuits not needed. We are having a heat wave, it is almost 25. I would however grab some boots, we have snow.

A dream home, indeed. What a lovely setting!

Thanks, Jim, for sharing your story and experience. I would not hesitate to refer a cherished client to Joanne.

It's so nice to hear when people have a GREAT experience with their Realtor. Sounds as though you had a good one where "communication" was key, as it always is for a good relationship in all areas of life. Good for you, Jim.

I am truly honored that you have provided me with such a great referral on Teresa's St.Paul Real Estate blog. I also posted this comment on her site. I love what I do for a living, and it is clients such as yourselves that make my job so rewarding. Working with first time homebuyers is such a great experience for me, as they are also very excited to make their first purchase. Your faith and trust in me enabled me to close escrow on your first dream house. What you neglected to say was that you are an awesome webmaster and spent countless hours educating me on the value of having a website. You answered all of my questions numerous times without much compensation given to you just because you wanted to help me. I learned a lot about technology because of you. You gave back to me as I gave to you which is the golden rule of life. I would recommend you to anyone who needs real estate marketing advice and guidance. Thank you again so much!

Cool home, my home is more poor... :(

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