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Tomato and Boardman Make the Chicago Tribune, Together.

Chicago_tribuneIn today’s Chicago Tribune Technology Section there’s an article (subscription required) on the effectiveness of real estate blogging.  Featured in the article is our real estate blogging goddess, Teresa Boardman, with a hat tip to the Tomato.

Because this article brings in so many relevant points for our audience, and because I can’t be sure that the above link will work forever, here are a few key excerpts from Mary Umberger’s piece: Real Estate Agents Hang Blogging Signs.

The subsequent quotes come from the following bloggers:
Fran Bailey
Joe Zekas
Teresa Boardman
Dan Green

"[Blogging] It's just about the perfect way for a savvy agent to carve out a sustainable marketing pitch," he said. "That immediate way of communicating and providing an audience with perceived value, and showcasing expertise and product knowledge--it just doesn't get any better as a way to build a business."

Bailey and other prolific bloggers say the pursuit hasn't caught on in real estate because it demands an investment of time, and because many in the industry are wary of technology. (Related Article: To Blog Or Not To Blog)

"They [Realtors] are totally not buying into the Internet as a personal promotional tool,” said St. Paul agent Teresa Boardman, who recently was dubbed a "real estate blogging goddess" by The Real Estate Tomato marketing blog.

"We're taught how to sell homes by the most successful people in the industry, who have been in business for at least 20 years, and they tell us you get business by doing open houses," said Boardman, who estimates that 80 percent of her business comes through her blog ( "I've stopped doing open houses," she said. "I find if I spend those two hours working on my blog, it's a much better use of my time." (Related Article: Your Broker Hates Your Blog)

Boardman said she has closed six transactions for blog-generated clients since she began it in May and is working with six others now, from as far away as France. She teaches Internet-marketing classes to other agents and said she is mystified by their reticence about blogs. (Related Article: Carnival Of Blogging Success)

"People say to me they don't have time to blog," said Dan Green, who began The Mortgage Reports ( about two years ago.
"I time-block an hour a day for it," he said. "Sometimes it takes less, sometimes more."  "You have to enjoy the writing. If I really push it, it takes me half an hour to write it. But when you pull in a graphic image and crop it, size it and upload it, it can start taking more time." (Related Article: How Often Should I Blog?)

[He] said that he strives to keep a consumer orientation, and that because he blogs, he no longer follows the long-standing industry practice of mailing hard-copy newsletters to clients.  "That information would be a month old when I send it," said Green, a mortgage planner for Mobium Mortgage in Chicago. "But I blog daily." (Related Article: Is 12 Months Too Long?)

Teresa had a big day in the media, also making an appearance on

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That makes it a big day for Teresa AND the Tomato, Jim...


Congrats to both of you - you both deserve it. :)

Too cool! Congrats to both of you. The press is well deserved.

Fran Bailey
Joe Zekas
Teresa Boardman
Dan Green
As well as the Tomato -
Congrats to you all. No doubt the leaders in the blogoworld.

Teresa - Congratulations to you - you truly are a Blog Goddess and I always have open ears. (I am actually starting to feel like a stalker).

My favorite quote was the one that keeps getting snipped from the proaggregators such as It's the quote in which the co-founder of one of the largest local brokerages in Chicago says that blogs have limited utility as a marketing tool.

I'll open comments up to the floor.

Jim and Teresa: Hooray and thanks to you both! Media recognition of real estate blogging and its voices is a boost for us all.

congrats to both of you!

mainstream media is starting to notice the how early adopter real estate bloggers are changing the face of real estate.

teresa and jim prove that when you share your knowledge and expertise via your blog, people listen. consumers are always looking for professionals that stand out from the crowd and who provide real value.

[standing ovation from sellsius°]


Tip to those you want to access the Tribune article without having to register (& risk spam)---Go to Bugmenot to get the password. The Link is here:

Congrats to all. Well deserved recognition.

The ever resourceful sellsius - thanks for the tip!

Jim - did you notice that the post about local content was featured in this weeks carnival of real estate? You must have submitted it when I wasn't looking.

Kudos to you both, keep up the good work. ~MP

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