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Real Estate Tomato Wins 2007 REBA Award!

Reba_button_win_how_toHousingWire hosted the first annual Real Estate Blogging Awards (REBA) this year, and we were chosen by the community as best “How-To” Real Estate Blog. 

We appreciate the recognition and are honored to have be selected as the winner, thanks for all your readership and support.

Other fantastic “How-To” Real Estate Blogs included in the contest were:

  • Future of Real Estate Marketing
  • Realty Blogging
  • RSS Pieces
  • Sellsius Real Estate Blog
  • Next year I hope that a much larger group of blogs is nominated for all categories.  Although we are still in an early adaption phase here on the Real Estate Blogging front, I, like Sellsius, feel that many excellent real estate blogs were left out of the running.  In any case, it is fun to win, and we hope to still be on the ballot for next year. Follow Us on Twitter and Get Our Daily Real Estate Blog Tips!

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    Congratulations. Well deserved.

    Three cheers!

    We're happy for you Jim. Keep up the good work. ~MP

    Congrats. Well deserved.

    Congrats...this is the reason I called you. You deserve the reward.

    Congratulations Jim! Well done.

    Hooray for The Tomato!

    Congrats juicy Tomato!

    Congratulations Jim, now on to 2007. So you are juiced and ready to turn the good shade of red.

    Thanks everyone! I am blushing... can't you tell.

    Wow, Jim! From the entire Rexi staff, thanks for your valuable contribution to our industry.

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