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Blogger Burnout And The Steps To Avoiding It

Blogger burnout
is the feeling that blogging is no longer worth the effort.  Taking the time to develop unique content for a blogsite no longer outweighs the perceived pain of the effort. 

Burnout comes from one of three reasons: The blog is not successful enough of a marketing effort, the blog is too successful as a marketing effort, or you haven’t paced yourself (too much, too soon). Sure, outside life and business issues may have a crippling effect on one's passion and availability for blogging, but this should not be considered a burnout as much as a distraction.

If your business blogging effort isn't paying off based on the expectations you had set, the willingness to keep the pace starts to seem unreasonable, even unnecessary.  The lack of results can seem like you are shouting into a hurricane; the effort is great but the reaction is next to none.

If you are burning out due to lack of success you probably fall under any combination of the following

Your expectations of success are not in line.
    I preach, "If you write it, they will come" - But don't think for a second that there isn't a formula tied to it. 

Your content is not focused enough

    If your content is all over the place, your audience will lose interest.  Without having an expectation of what you will be delivering on a regular basis, your readers will return irregularly.  You build trust by educating your audience on their needs, waiver from this and they will be educated elsewhere.

You are part of the community and not the voice of it

    If you are part of the noise, you will never be heard.  Joining in is not the way to be noticed.  Find your topic and you've found your soapbox.

Your participation is weak
    No successful blog is an island.  Reading less that you write is a blogging sin.  Blog comments are the bridge back to your blog... just ask Google.

You aren't blogging enough
    Consistent effort is the key that unlocks the door to the search engines, as much as it sets the expectation for your audience's visitorship.

Your tools are faulty
    Not all blogs are created equal.  Standard pinging, plug-ins, captcha, and social bookmarking are just a few examples of that which is not always included in your free blog.  The next level can be podcast and vidcast support as well as property listing and mapping support.

To prepare yourself against this type of burnout you need to set your expectations that successful blogging is much more than a hobby, a skill, or an ego booster.  Successful blogging is a major marketing effort that takes a lot of focus, practice, and research.  The only shortcut to your success is through proper training and commitment.

Noteworthy_blogOn the other hand, when your blogging strikes the chord that your audience is seeking, the result can be overwhelming to the point that you begin to build your business around your blogging effort.  When this happens, your success gets in the way of your blogging availability.  Making time for blogging becomes more and more difficult and although you haven't truly burned out like the above, your blogging suffers the same.

This sounds like a good problem to have, but the reality if the situation is that it is not fun.  Maintaining the effectiveness of your blog as a marketing tool requires the same effort it took to make it work in the first place: consistent, focused, relevant, knowledgeable and noteworthy articles that meet your consumer’s needs.  Stop delivering, and the audience and the search engines will spend their time elsewhere.

The most effective way to avoid this type blogger burnout is to start formally scheduling time to blog.  I'm serious.  Organize 1-2 hrs of blogging time for each quality article.  If you have the goal of 3 per week, make it happen Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  As your blog develops into the marketing tool it was intended for, you will realize that it is this consistent effort that has made all the difference to your audience and the search engines.

The third burnout cause: too much, too soon, can easily be remedied by realizing that blogging is about the journey, not the destination.  Prepare to be in it for the long haul.  Consistency, dedication and habit will build your audience without overwhelming them nor yourself.

And finally, if you find that the there is just no time left to blog, then it is time to bring in help.  Guest authors, blogging partners, and pay-per-article services can all satisfy the need for consistent content.

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I would add that we all expect instant results. It takes time and as you point out a consistant effort. I think the payoff is worth it.

I'm hoping that by blogging every day now the pressure will be off and it will just become a daily activity. I found that when I took time off I started to feel the pressure of having to post. You have a lot of good tomato juice here.

I've been trying to leave more comments on other blogs lately because I know that really encourages me and keeps me from burning out.

I can read the stats and reports of how many people are reading my blog, but it doesn't mean nearly as much as getting comments. I try to reply to each comment that I get on my blog.

I don't see burning out so much as a problem as an opportunity to go off half cocked heckling someone and see if you can make a new friend that way.

Your mileage may vary.

Actually I think that for verbose characters (or is that caricatures) such as myself, attracting escrows from the entropy is the way to go, and ultimately the payoff is worth it. But there are lots of people who shouldn't be doing it at all, they should be sending out postcards or calling expireds or something else. I firmly believe that prospecting is a deeply personal thing -- sort of magic in a way. I know some people who swear by open houses. Frankly, I'd rather spend four hours hugging a rock than holding a house open -- at least I could lie down and get comfortable hugging a rock, maybe take a nice nap.

As for blogging, you make a few pals along the way, and that's nice, especially when they follow a period of thinking you had zero pals. But the hard thing for me is realizing that the only important entity reading me is an algorithm, and heck, so what? Who am I, James Joyce? F. Scott Fitzpedant?

Commercial writing is a different beast than creative writing, but it's still OK.

It's hard to be as boring and occasionally obtuse as I am, but the checks help me bear up pretty nicely.

Your post is quite timely. The day before, I actually posted a blog asking for ideas from my readers...suffering from a bit of blog burnout.

I'm happy to say, I'm feeling much better now and this post was the two aspirin recommended by Dr. RE Tomato.


I am thrilled to have been able to been part of the remedy for your eminent burnout. It seems my thousands hours in blogging medical school are paying off.

I fell into the third category and took a 2 month break. Trying to keep up on my own blogs in addition to reading others became overwhelming. You're absolutely right...consistency, but also pace, is key.

Good Post. I can relate to "un-focused" problem. There are just so many good things out there to write about... I can't decide on one particular focus.

Jim, you have the "how to" of blogging category down pat!!

Good advice. I'll try to remember that.

When you mention focusing your content, I wonder how focused that should be. Should I just discuss real estate stats with every post? I think that would turn people off as well. So I guess it's a balance that we are trying to hit. Enough variety to give a little spice, but not so much that readers are put off.

Oh thank you. When I look at the tomato, selsius, bloodhound...I wondered how I could ever keep up! With the realization that I CAN'T keep up with you guys, but can carve myself my own little niche at my own pace, it's been liberating. I was trying to do too much too soon. In a hurry to see results. It's still a struggle to keep my own reins pulled in, but after a blogging break, I'm back at it!

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