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Goodbye 2006

Happy_New_YearHappy end of the year everyone!  Although we showed up a little late to the party (July), because of your readership and participation, we felt incredibly welcome.  Thank you so much.

So how’d it go?

Craigslist has been hotZillow broke the moldRSS is a household nameCarnivals come to townSearch Engines love TomatoesBlogs really work. Forums too. Listings can be advertised for freeePro is so 2001ActiveRain is here to stayIt’s possible to post 102 articles in one dayThere’s a big difference between an online real estate website and a real estate blogBlogging is not for everyoneYour listings can be blogsParticipation is key. Keep your websiteBlogging equals leadsThe Internet is now traditionalIt’s best to be heardYour audience is everything. Start yesterday. Get help.

Here’s to a huge 2007!  Be Good!

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Happy New Year Tomato! Much success and continued prosperity to you in 2007.

Happy New Year, Tomato! We'll see how awesome you are after a full year of blogging madness!

A very Happy New Year to you and the Tomato, Jim!

2007 will be even more interesting, I bet!

Tomato? Any thoughts on a beautiful blog for Vince?

2006 was a big year for blogging...great post! Happy New Year!

Thanks everyone! I am so fired up for 2007 that we celebrated for 2 days!
Vince, You know I do. Talk to you soon.

Found some new snippets on my blog this morning...can't wait to find out more! Such a New Year's gift!! Thank you. You are the best!!

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