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Why Is A Nationwide Audience A Good Thing If I Specialize In Local Real Estate?

Most real estate agents are very specific as to the area in which they specialize when it comes to generating leads and operating their business.

Even within a city, most agents will identify themselves with a radius that encompasses a only few neighborhoods.  Their aim is to have the majority of their business generated from their local referrals and marketing efforts. Inquiries outside of their sphere will be referred out to another rather than spreading themselves too thin, geographically. 

So, beyond the obvious relocation business, why would a real estate blogger be interested in reaching a nationwide audience?

I have no national blogging statistics to stand on, but I can safely say that the traffic one generates from successful blogging cannot be limited to a local range.  In fact, I'd be willing to entertain the idea that most of the traffic one generates from business blogging is not local.  If this is the case then I feel we need to look at this foreign majority and find the silver lining. 

Otherwise, approaching blogging, knowing that you are reaching a diluted audience may discourage the commitment needed to be successful.

Your expertise is relevant to all.


Real estate is not a universal language, but the similarities throughout the country make it easy to be on the same page with agents nationally.  Laws and procedures differ from state to state, but the basics are always the same: Helping parties buy and/or sell property.  Your expertise, however local, can help educate any number of buyers, sellers and agents from all over, given that the topic is relevant.  Take a moment to analyze the ethical boundary of allowing people with a criminal record to practice real estate (because of a local instance) and you'll find the topic globally interesting.  Talk about a local sign ordinance that prevents advertising an open house with the standard signage, others will comment that you're not alone.
The element of participation in your blog by the audience is crucial.  The extension of the discussion and the growth of content on the site by others not only brings clarity to the subject at hand, but helps create the warming sense of community as well.Diluted

Builds trust and add validity to your voice as a national consultant.


As your audience grows, and your reputation improves, the validity of your voice strengthens.  Your local audience will respond to the success you garner nationally, making it easier to gain their trust.

Being recognized as a quality writer, with a beneficial message will gain the respect and backlinks from others.


Stand out as a committed, passionate, knowledgeable and consistent blogger and others will come to respect your efforts.  A reflection of that respect will be apparent in two ways:
1. The inclusion of your site in others' blogrolls.
2. The inspiration of others' blogs based on your article(s).
In both cases links from others' sites point back to your blog, in turn increasing your visibility and inbound link count.  This is a key element to increasing the SEO of your blogsite.  The content you write about to attract local traffic will carry more search engine weight, as your inbound link count improves.

Referrals from around the globe.

As your place in the national community of real estate bloggers takes root, you are positioning yourself for referrals from agents that recognize your value and participation.

The real estate industry is one built on relationships and referral.  Your blogging voice can greatly increase the opportunity to refer and be referred.

And finally, you never know where your next client is coming from. 

Don't limit yourself to only taking aim at the local audience.  

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I think it's a balancing act between local and national. I do feel that local clients should be able to find something very local on your site, and being a "local expert" likely helps you on the way to becoming a "national expert". Blogging certainly keeps you abreast of national issues, and that helps with the local expert slant too. Chicken and Egg?

Gives reason to pause and think. If my blogging reaches a national audience, Why then would I blog about local information? Someone from outside my geographical area would have little interest in the Lakes in Minneapolis?

Just to be clear, I am not advising people to strictly aim their blog's content at writing for a national audience. Ultimately the blog needs to cater to the local audience; it's where the real action is. The angle of the article is that by writing with your expertise in the industry, you will be engaging a broader audience all along. Since this is the case, simply be aware that there can be a benefit to the exposure, and one may consider the element of leveraging this exposure.

Your post addresses an issue that I have been concerned about for some time. I look at where my readers are located and see that about 50% are here in Minnesota and the rest are from around the country. Some of my posts might be of interest to a national audiance but most are aimed at the local, and I will continue that way. I guess at the end of the day the more readers and more clicks I get the more motivated I am to keep it up. My blog will be celebrating it's one year anniversary this weekend and I have to say it is a lot of work to post at least once a day!

I completely agree, a national audience is 1. unavoidable and 2. necessary for a local real estate site in that it promotes your service well outside your farm area to attract those buyers that may be looking into your area. So, it is important to blog at least once a week with re-location in mind. Pen articles that give info about your local area. However, you can blog for local traffic by as well and use services like to drive more local traffic.

Absolutely. Being aware of the [inter]national exposure of a local blog can help agents to realize so much more income. Another example is how an effective local blog can attract people that are relocating or looking for out-of-town investments. Globalizing your information can create some great website stickiness.

To answer your headline's question, its not a good idea as a local agent.

The number #1 reason realty bloggers do not make money is that they comment on larger geographies and issues that are outside the scope of their marketplace.


Love seeing you make an appearance on the Tomato.

I know the headline seemed to beg the question that you addressed, however the basis of the article is that bloggers can't really control the geographic range of their audience as they become widely read. So, since this is the case, I took a stab at looking at the silver lining, and how a haphazard, national audience can in fact be a benefit to the locally focused agent. In no way are we promoting that local agents look to national real estate issues as something that will improve their readership regionally.

I agree that bloggers need to stay on topic (local issues) if they want to incubate the local audience and generate leads that will end up working with them... but since the audience can't be corralled, it inspired me to look into how we can harness the exposure.

Again, thanks for your readership, I appreciate it.

Good stuff. As a newbie to blogging, I have wondered who my target is and how do I get to them (and them to me). Should I stay focused on local stuff or try to appeal to a wider geography? Sounds like I need to attract other bloggers (bigger audience) for the inbound links, yet appeal to the local readers that I am trying to win over on the biz side. Opposing missions?

I draw more links from British Columbia, Canada, than my home state of NC..?
Theres nothing like a claim of international readership to your local market ;)

As a Florida waterfront developer, our market and sites are national by virtue of the second home and retirement market. It is interesting to find the percentage of people outside of our local market that tune in to what we do.

This can be useful when people from one region wants to buy property in your region, it can be useful and for ranking of your site, in this case all visitors can go (show) real offers and bargains

I just love these new mapping widgets and stuff that seem to be coming out. This is another great one!

The referal business can be potentially HUGE. What Im waiting for is a national MLS.. Agents or brokers should have access to it before 'trulia' type sites put us all out of business!

George Asker

While a national presence/audience is important to consider - its also important to focus on your local market as well. The local market is what drives your business.

I think in most markets, referrals are going to be considered gravy rather than the meat & potatoes that feeds your business. Sure, you can find some places that are growing at phenomenal rates with huge population explosions, but by and large, most persons aren't seeing that.

A nationwide audience can drum up *some* business for you - how much really depends on the market you are in the first place though. If you are seeing a large percentage of relocations, investments, and second home purchases - it can really pay off.

Tracking analytics on my blog,, indicates a strong concentration of local readership, but also about visitors from 328 cities in 53 countries over the past 30 days. My assumption is that these visitors are looking for information about my market. New York City is a place that is a second home destination for some and a place that looks interesting to international investment right now. My writing tends to be consumer oriented in general, but whenever I've posted a business to business piece, I've heard from brokers around the country, so I know they are looking too. My experience from careers past is that it all feeds into an overall atmosphere of visibility, and that's good. The big media channels are always absorbing the information in the smaller ones, so having visibility there is important. Think locally, blog globally.

I'm a real estate agent and am also working in a little region. I'm pleased with my job and don't need to have a nationwide audience to have enouph clients. If someone wants more then go ahead.

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Just for the record, the comment posted here on June 26th and attributed to me, was not posted by me. It was discovered while using Google to research incoming links to us. The bizarre comment and the impostor's motives are simply unfathomable.

In fact, I'm pleased to note that our analytics show that in the past year, my blog has gotten the attention of people in 103 countries around the world. We openly welcome their readership in the international Real Estate market that is New York City. Market locally, reach globally!


Woops! let me correct that, the comment above the dotted rule was posted by me on June 26th. The comment below it was not. Looks like a gestalt mishap-- my bad sorry! But glad to be able to update our stats anyway.

Good stuff. As a newbie to blogging, I have wondered who my target is and how do I get to them Should I stay focused on local stuff or try to appeal to a wider geography? Sounds like I need to attract other bloggers (bigger audience) for the inbound links, yet appeal to the local readers that I am trying to win over on the biz side.

I have seen the light! And it is blogging! It has become part of any strategy for SEO. You not only get traffic, you also get the calls from people that see the blog post, and SEO benefits.

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