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The Trend Wave, Grab Your Board

Recently Dave Sifry, writer for Technorati Weblog, provided a detailed analysis of blog growth in his State of The Blogosphere, October, 2006.  As of October, Technorati is claiming to track as many as 57 million blogs (see graph).  Just 3 years ago, they claimed to be tracking as few as 1 million blogs.  And, in the last year alone the number has grown by as many as 40 million new blogs.

The obvious statement: The blogging trend has caught on.

As new technologies are introduced, accepted and utilized, the trend can be seen as a wave.  The wave is made up of 4 sections.  Let's call them Early Acceptance, Front Wave, Back Wave, and Late Acceptance.  The largest growth periods are seen in the Front and Back waves, while the trailblazers and stragglers make up the smallest growth periods.

If the trend graph holds up for the real estate blog, then our community is in for some serious growth.  Throughout this October, Pittsburgh Homes Daily, with the help of a few others, compiled and then published a comprehensive list of 500 real estate blogs to watch. As the benefits, buzz and curiosity of the real estate blog ripple through the industry, we seem to be approaching the Front Wave.  I won't make a specific prediction for Oct 2007, but I'm confident that a comparably complete list will reach well into the thousands.  If PHD plans to continue to compile real estate blogs to watch, he's going to need more than just few lending their support.

Another observation is that one trend generally usurps another.  With the advent of the blogsite (hybrid real estate website/blog built on a blogging platform), it could be argued that the Trend Wave for standard real estate websites is in sharp decline.  The blogsite has all the benefits of a standard site (IDX, CMA, community info, mortgage tools, etc) while at the same time fueled for success by the act of blogging. This will force web development firms to adapt as well, driving the wave upward.  Their options are to either work a fully functional blogging platform into their current product or redevelop their product completely upon a blogging platform.  Selling blogs separately, or offering an inferior blogging platform in their current product would be snake oil and a poor strategy for the client.

Soon enought, this blogging trend will be replaced by something else.  Any guesses or insight as to what's next?

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I have been asking and suggesting to real estate web site providers that they build a blog into their products for a year now. No one is listening. It is interesting to me that I have been ahead of my vendors for years when it comes to technology, because I respond to how my clients and customers use the internet, but my web site provider does not respond to my suggestions.

The next important step is probably more online transaction mangement and communication systems for the consumter. It would be nice if they could log in and see a closing notice, watch progress on title work, see the appraisal and take a peak at the settlement statement.

I just wanted to make a short comment regarding Teresa Boardman's comment. My web site provider,, has recently added Blogs to our web sites. Point2 is one of the leading web site providers for Real Estate Agents and Brokers with oves 100,000 sites. Maybe you should check them out. I have started a Blog but I am new to blogging and I can see from all the Blogs I have read (including this great site) I have a lot to learn. Keep bugging your web provider Teresa. Maybe they will get the message that Blogs are here to stay.

Teresa, check out Relay from the folks at ZipForm. It does exactly what you are looking for I believe.

Jim, I'm guessing that while the trend will continue to rise... we will see what I consider 'generic' blogs make the real impact on numbers.

Blogging is not easy and many will find that out... then will look to third party sources to provide them content.

Many Realtors are simply trying to catch the next wave of whatever the flavor of the day is. Right now it is blogging.

Me, I love blogging and I think it is am important tool in my business moving forward. I'll continue to offer relavant data about my market but will try to attract readers (whoever they may be and for whatever reason they may read) from every corner of the universe.

I think I have a mission with my blog, but I dont' think that the masses of realtors that will begin blogging will have any such mission... other than to make more money or to keep up with the Jones'.

I would be more impressed by weblogging statistics if they accounted for decay. If there are 57 million blogs, at least 52 million of them are DOA. The other thing to remember is that people who come in on the back end of a fad are loosely committed: The pasta maker is parked right next to the fondu set -- in the garage.

I suspect if you want to be a RE "blogstar" you better get your act together by the end of the year. Ideally by the end of today.

I agree with Todd that blogging is not easy, but right now it's all easy gains for "market share". By the end of next year I suspect there will be 20-50x the number of RE bloggers having at it. Good luck getting to the top of that pile without a headstart.

It's going to be *very* interesting when RE blogs start burying big name brokerages in the search rankings for simple searches like "Real Estate Connecticut".

Suffice to say... any disagreements I have with Coldwell Banker... are *extremely* polite ;-)


We couldn't agree with you more. If you remember a ways back, Jim had an interview with Rory Siems from Active Rain where he was asked what was lacking from today's real estate websites/blogs.

His answer is where we believe the industry is headed. Focusing on the 'Post Offer' side of the online relationship between the Realtor and the client. In the future, a client will be able to log in to your website/blog and follow the process of the Loan/Real Estate Transaction.

Here's the article:

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LMAO well done Sheriff Cronin. We need a Carnival of Real Estate Comments. ;-)

I agree with your premise that "the Trend Wave for standard real estate websites is in sharp decline." Why shouldn't it be? With real estate websites costing the real estate agent hard-earned $$ and blogs available for free AND being so popular, it only makes sense for blogs to be the way to go. Those agents who opt for both may reap the rewards.

Caron Mosey

I have been spending a small fortune on therapists, life coaches, mentor lunches, conferences, symposiums, seminars.... blah blah... ad nauseum. Lo and behold the FREE learning and cathartic spleen venting with my baby blog is a savings and a relief. Thanks so much to Jim whom I have secretly been reading and reading and reading to watch the actual morphing and evolution of this crazed craze. Blogging is for certain going to remain a key piece of sanity saving and high performance communication. Keep up the incredible info-gush.

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