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Cool New Blogger Bling

Popup When over at Joel Burlsem's Future of Real Estate Marketing, reading a fantastic post: 5 Great Ways To Improve Your Designs, I noticed something eye-catching that I hadn't seen before. 

Upon "rolling over" a text link in the article, up popped a preview window with a picture of website I was considering visiting (by clicking the link).  My first thought was: This is cool!  Next thought was: Where do I get this?  The answer was easy.  At the bottom of every preview pane there is a link to, where you can get the FREE code for this slick tool.

  Setup (it was a 'snap'):
  Go to
  Sign up for the free service by providing name, email, and URL.
  Copy javascript code they generate for you
  Paste code into Main Index Template of blog just above the line that begins: </head>
  Republish blog and you're done.

  Now every link on the Tomato generates a preview window.  Not so good.  I'm talking every link.  This got annoying really quickly.


  1. For WordPress:
  Joel was kind enough to point me to the original location where he downloaded the PlugIn  that included the above option.

  If you are new to WordPress PlugIns, review this.

  2. For TypePad and WordPress:
  Looked on and found this in the FAQ's:

  Q: I only want a few of the links on my site to trigger the preview popup. Is there a way to only include links rather than excluding them?

  A: Yes. In the JavaScript code snippet added to your page, look for the query parameter 'ap=1' in the src tag and change it to 'ap=0'. This will cause the system to not popup the preview by default. Then, for each link that you do want the preview popup for, add a 'snap_preview' class.  For example:

  <a class="snap_preview" href=""></a>

  This TypePad solution may seem a bit complicated, but it was relatively painless.  The hassle is in the manual instruction of adding the: class="snap_preview" to the HTML for each and every link for which I want to generate a preview.

  I like the control so that only links I choose enjoy the preview pane.

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Wow, very cool bling indeed. Guess there is always something new to add to one's blog. FYI: Lightbox and Lightbox without Lightbox can also be used to perform a very similar effect. BTW: love the link you chose to screen shot.

I saw the pop ups too but was slighty annoyed by everything popping up everywhere. Might take a mosey back and try it.

LOL REBlogGirl well spotted.


I completely agree! The ubiquitous pop-up is annoying. I have installed the tool, but have opted to only use it sparingly by adding the class="snap_preview" before the url in the HTML. A little extra effort, but I believe it will keep the integrity of the effect without the annoyance.

I just ran across snap myself and had the "kewl -- gotta have that!" reaction as well.

I just had the same "kewl--gotta have this" reaction myself! Thanks for letting me know how to get snappy!

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