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Postlets Has Competition: VFlyer

Vflyer On two occasions I have reviewed and recommended the services of  Now I have an opportunity to offer an alternative:

Create handsome, online flyers for classified service websites search engines such as: eBay, Craigslist, LiveDeal, GoogleBase, Vast, Edgio and more.

In addition to generating an HTML style flyer in a snap (no brainer easy), Vflyer also provides you with an online 'landing page' for your listing.  Each listing allows for ample content and several high quality photos.  Designs can be customized based on around flexible template layouts.  Lead generation pages, photo gallery and traffic tracking systems round out the tool nicely.  PDF's can be created for your listings as well to convert them into traditional or emailed flyers.

The service, although useful for advertising anything for sale (with up to 40 categories to choose from), has mostly caught the attention of Realtors who are using it for their listings. 

What makes most competitive with Postlets is the fact that it is FREE!

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Isn't Postlets also free?

"It's FREE!

That's right, you get all this for the low, low price of — zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. So how can we make money? Really, we're no Harvard MBAs, please tell us if you know the answer.

And one last thing

We just launched our premium listing product, Postlets Plus. Think of it as our standard listing template after an extreme makeover. A nip here, a tuck there, an injection of embedded Google Maps and YouTube video tours... "

I think one of the most interesting aspects of vflyer is their "partnership with rapleaf." I had never before heard of rapleaf, but will learn more ... That is an interesting service, though.

I tried this program last night. I have to say it is easy to use. The only problem is that it is difficult to make a flyer that is compliant with our local regulations. Because I am a REALTOR in Minnesota I am required to have the REALTOR/MLS logo,the fair housing logo and my company logo on all advertising. I accomplish this on Craigs list using a little HTML. Harder to do on the flyer because I would have to use the photo spaces for the logos, making a kind of funny looking flyer.

From vFlyer -- Thanks for the feedback. We expect to have support to address both the fair housing logo and the Realtor/MLS within the next week. I'll send you an email to discuss the exact requirements.


Thanks! We have used Postlets and love the ease-of-use. Now there are two other sites to check: vFlyer and rapleaf. I am off to check them out.

(The homework assignment is also going well)

Great post about a great service. I recently switched from Postlets to vFlyer because of the support for Commercial Real Estate. Postlets requires Beds and Baths , etc... while vFlyer let's you customize your ad for commercial usage. I especially like the fact that you can leave an entry blank and it not show up on the vFlyer, plus the ability to add your own custom fields is so simple. Great service. I even got myself a Rapleaf Reputation!

I am a home stager so postlets won't work for my situation. Is vFlyer only for real estate agents or can you make a flyer for a home staging company?

Without directly contacting them to find out for sure... I did visit the site for you and see in their FAQ's ( that you can customize template quite a bit... so I would be inclined to say that yes, you can use it for staging fliers.

Also check out

Over 70 different template designs to choose from or create your own using a word style editor. See for samples
Upload up to 15 photos per flyer
Submits to: Craigslist, Backpage, Lycos, Google Base, Trulia, LiveDeal, Propsmart, Oodle, Edgeio,, Syndic8, Yahoo's feed, and more
Flyer Usability: Includes great google map integration, calculators, slideshow, other listings link that shows other listings you have created, Send to a friend, features, integrated contact form and all contact information. All features work well within craigslist.
Extra Features: Add Full tracking of your flyer with hit stats, email your flyer to homebuyer lists, drip posting feature that automatically reposts in 7 days.
No big banner stuff on the top of the flyers like vflyer has and no ads within your flyer pages
Full web page of your flyer with top menu options

Cost: FREE

We send to over 16 major real estate web sites including craigslist with a direct interface, no cutting and pasting html code.

You can visit, we have been doing this for over 12 years and have thousands of agents who use our service.

Gary also gives you an option to have your ad automatically posted to Craigslist and the other directories. If you choose that option, you don’t need to copy/paste html, they will do it for you. Does post your listings provide you with different template designs you can choose from? Do you also get a free full color web page of your listing? How many photos can you upload? This isn’t obvious from looking at the site. The nice thing about and the others is that along with your full color flyer being posted to these directories, you also get a free full color web page of your listing which often shows up in web searches.

Check out -- tons of templates for real estate, autos, jobs and services. Custom backgrounds are also available. The cost is on 5.99 and you can reuse the template over and over again. Great tool and easy to use.

We actually used to create a completely custom multimedia ad page for our Volvo XC70 for sale, and added the link to that page to our regular Craigslist ad.

PikiWiki doesn't restrict you to templates, but you can layout your page with text, pictures, video clips, recorded audio/video, etc... and it's all drag and drop from the desktop.

Great way to extend a typical Craiglist ad for sale.

Is it as good as postlets though... The postlets minis are awesome.

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