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Halloween Carnival - Scary Real Estate Stories

The much anticipated Halloween Carnival of Scary Real Estate Stories is finally here.  I want to thank all the participants for making this a successful event.  Given that this special Holiday Carnival falls just one day after the weekly Carnival of Real Estate, I wasn't sure what kind of turnout to expect.  However, with a couple of last minute entries this evening, we rounded out at two dozen spooky real estate stories.  Below are the coveted Top 10, all of whom are winners of an official Real Estate Tomato T-Shirt.  Congratualtions to you all! 

Before the announcement of the Top 10, I do need to thank Debbie Cook for inspiring the Halloween Carnival in the first place.  Almost all of the articles I have posted in the last month have been inspired by conversations I have had with clients.  This one is no different. Debbie and I were talking about getting together a series of articles for her new real estate blog when she shared a shocking tale of a particular open house she hosted when she was still a rookie.  The light bulb went off, and the Carnival of Scary Real Estate Stories was born.  Enjoy the sampling below, and have a safe and happy Halloween.

The Scariest Story of them all was:

Bill Williams: from his ActiveRain blog.


The remaining 9 are in no particular, so jump around...there are some real fun ones!

Jon Ernest - The Grossest 

Joseph G. Ferrara - The Most Supernatural

The Lovely Wife  - The Creepiest

Roberta Murphy   - The Ickiest 

Debbie Cook - The Most Morbid 

Bonnie Erickson and Teresa Boardman
- The Most Monsters.
(how do you plan to share the t-shirt?)

Marlo Harris - The Most Horrific

Gena Riede   - The Most Frightening 

Greg Swann   - The Most Shocking

Winners, please email the pumpkin gmail address with your mailing address so I can send you your prize.  There is a catch.  I want photos of the T-shirts in action.
To those who didn't make the cut, I thank you for your participation.  Perhaps the next 'themed carnival' will be your win.



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A fine Carnival Jim.

Haven't read the other entries but will throughout the day. Number 6. I'm amazed. All the honor should go to Teresa. She had the bones written and I just added a little flesh to the creation. Time constraints . . . she called and asked me to refine what she had an hour and a half before the deadline. I was in the middle of dinner! Teresa gets the shirt. She earned it. Besides she's tiny and I'd look like a horse wearing it next to her! Wait until you see what we've got in store for next month . . . ;-)

Excellent carnival. I'll be using a couple of these articles with the newbies at my local Association orientation this morning. Thanks a million!!

Great Carnival Jim! Thanks for pulling it together. I considered entering my story about how a naked lady answered the door once when I brough clients over for a showing and proceeded to follow us through the house. Trust me, it was quite frightening.

You're right. They are very different and I enjoyed reading them. It must have been difficult making your choices. Thanks. You know I'll wear your T-shirt with pride!

Thanks for a good laugh...I found the tomato earlier this week and could hardly wait for the Halloween Carnival - I really didn't know what to expect.

Who would have thought there were so many great stories and story tellers!

Wow, I must say, shocking, scary, creepy... what Realtors have to deal with now-a-days is incredible. thank-you for sharing all these great stories... I think I will leave the light on tonight!

I’ve taken a quick look at your postings, which are very interesting. Lots of material and ideas! Congrats on being so focused!

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