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Carnival of Real Estate - 16th Edition

This week's Carnival of Real Estate Host is Jim Duncan from Real Central VA.  Jim is an excellent real estate blogger that you need to add to your RSS feed if you haven't already.  He may claim to be tracking the industry in Central VA, but his insight regarding the profession applies across the board.

My article, Giving Away Trade Secrets? took the Blue Ribbon as this week's Carnival of Real Estate.  I am so excited.  This is the first time the Tomato has won anything at all.   I bet it was the article's picture that sold it.  Who can compete when I have an ace up my sleeve?

There are some other really interesting reads over at the Carnival , so  I suggest you go get an extra cup of coffee and settle in.  The quality of the submittals seems to have taken a turn for the better since BloodhoundBlog brought down the gauntlet.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for our special Halloween Carnival of Scary Real Estate Stories.

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I started a comment on this most excellent post, it started to get way too wordy for a comment and morphed into a full fledged post on my blog. Once again, good work Jim.

Congrats on your carnival win. It is well deserved.

Wow. You won! for the next blog...

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