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Being Business Friendly In Business Blogging

Business Blogging is not:   

       Gossip is rumor.  Good business needs good facts. 

    A Journal
 The day-to-day events in your life are not business.  Don't assume that your site's traffic is the same as having interest in you personally.

    A Story
       Stories that are not related to your business aren't providing the audience with what they come for.  Stories, like journal entries, should be avoided.   

       Have you been busy?  Been under the weather?  Family in town?  Your readers don't care.  Those that do, and encourage you to keep writing about your life are not new business.

Business blogging is blogging for business.  Business blogging is blogging for leads.  Business blogging is blogging for your current clients. Business blogging is blogging for your future clients.  Business blogging is blogging for your past clients.

Business Blogging is   

        Gossip is breaking news.  Being on top of your subject is good for business.   

   A Journal
        A chronological account of events regarding a business scenario can be very revealing as to the details of the scenario.

   A Story
       A great analogy is one that illustrates what is trying to be described with a fitting example.  A good story can drive the message home.

       Putting a face to the words brings comfort and helps readers relate.  Showing your 'human' side will help you connect with readers.

Business blogging is an opportunity to build relationships with your audience.  Business blogging is an outlet for your creativity, passion and knowledge.  Business blogging is a discipline that will force you to be more vocal about your business.  Business blogging is cool.

Hat tip to Shane from for the inspiration.

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Excellent post. It is easy to get caught up in blogging as too personal a medium. Just last week I had to call a client and remind than that posting a recipe on their Real Estate blog wasn't really the best use of their time. There is a fine line in blogging where you let your wild and wacky personality shine through while still maintaining some business decorum and disseminating useful information.

Business blogging is really just moving from the infancy to toddler stage in my opinion. The best part about being early adopters in this medium is that we are defining what the new rules of the new tools are. I still think there is time to experiment with it, mold and shape it and establish innovative ways for all participants to benefit from blogging.

There's a fine line between personal and personable. An even finer line between journalistic and back yard gossip. One thing is for sure, blog readers are fickle enough to let you know real fast whether or not you've fallen on one side or the other of these lines.

Yet another tomatoee gem! As I read through the top part of your list, I thought to myself, "Hmmm. I think business blogging CAN be more personal." Then of course I got to the second half of the list.

Business blogging CAN be personal. Recipies? Probably doesn't hurt, but probably not the best use of time. But injecting a little personality? Absolutely the right thing to do, IMHO.

I do business all the time with people I like, probably because of their personality.

Even in the check out lines at the grocery store I'll find myself in a slightly longer line if I've gotten to know the checker a bit, maybe on a first name basis. It makes the trip to the grocery store better.

Clients have done business with me because they are comfortable with who I am, my personality, etc. Other clients just want pure a pure business experience.

I think the business blog should be a balance. It's great to let your light shine once in awhile.

Gee, i couldnt help to count how many times you used the word "blogging" in that one -- 17 times. I was wondering if you wrote that piece for keyword implementation or actual information ... not adviseable for a business blog either :) and a little personality doesnt hurt does it, as long as its in the "Reality of the business" ? Its better than using the same word 17 times ... :) Keep Rockin it Mato' heads

You caught me.
This is an experiment. There is a secret code word in their as well.
The topic was simple... and relevant. So we wanted to see what kind of SE impact we can create with the term 'business blogging' - It seems to be a potentially hard one to crack - every hour there are several blogs appearing on Technorati with said term. So I apologize to my readers for over using the word blogging... for now. Our results will be monitored and revealed. Stay tuned.

Why not just have computer-generated blogs? That would effectively eliminate any personal aspects and references?

While I would agree that a number of blogs contain unnecessary information not relevant to business, I personally prefer the more human elements. We are in a relational business afterall.

I'm not sure I agree with you completely on this one but I don't have enough information yet to disagree. What I do know is that from the time I established an internet presence 10 years ago, I went against all the wisdom of the day. We were told at that time not to have anything personal on our websites and for God's sake don't put your family or your dogs on your "about me" page if, in fact you had one.

From the start I wrote as though I were talking to my audience in person. I wanted them to know me, because I too believe that people like doing business with people to whom they can relate. It's worked incredibly well for me over the years.

Now I come to this blogging thing with confusion. So much of what I see is bloggers connecting with bloggers with a goal of impressing the hell out of each other. Though I see the merit on one level, it's not necessarily where I'm headed. I'm playing to a different audience, and in the process I'm being true to myself. Will it work? I don't know but I'm enjoying the journey.

I'm just starting out on the blogging trail, and am wondering about the business vs personality aspects as well. I would like the blog to show(off?) my personality, but can see the potential downside as well. I'm toying with the idea of "sister-sites" that are cross linked to each other. One with a more "realtor to client marketing" side, and the other with a more "yapping about all thing real estate" theme. One is a nice suit, the other jeans and nachos. Some overlaps, and I would want both sites viewed in part by both audiences (markets? followings?), but at least their is a conscious shifting of modes.

Great post and thanks for doing it. I would also add that those who blog about business as you suggest never run out of material. Those who have a person blog run out of content faster. Personal stories are great if they relate to a business topic.

Almost forgot to thank you for not running the juice story that zillions of other blogs posted this morning. it is great to find some origional content

The stance I firmly take is this:

1. Blog for your audience. Think about what it is they have come to experience - and cater to that. Also, think about what it is they have come to expect and cater to that as well.

2. If you are blogging to build relationships, then blog in a more personal tone. If you are blogging as an educator, then there has to be a tone of authority and confidence that will be lost with the personal touch. A blend of both may work for some, but I personally feel that too much personal content will defeat the efforts as the educator.

3. Business blogging should present: Passion, Commitment, Knowledge and Personality. Find your balance. You audience and their repeat readership will be your barometer.

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