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Running Into Oncoming Traffic

Frogger Your mother told you not to play in the street. This is not your mother writing.
Find the busiest avenue you can and step recklessly into it, eyes wide open.
You will get the attention you're looking for.

If you are blogging down a country road, where daily rush hour can be tallied on one hand, it's time to redirect that local highway o'er yonder.
The real estate industry is writing and reading blogs at a furious pace.  If the former is you, without the latter, it's time to start risking your neck on major traffic avenues.

You have found your chops over the last few months, you've got a handle on your core message, the blog looks sweet... you're ready for some serious readership.
Take that knowledge to the streets.  Hit the most traffic'd blogs in your industry and start participating

1.  The moderators will begin to notice you and your blog.  If either is worthy of mention, it will happen
2.  Readers will begin to notice you and your blog.  If the latter is worthy, it will be noted and you will gain readership.

Beware, you are going to get the truth.  If you are ignored, it's not because they didn't read what you wrote.
If readership doesn't steadily increase it's not because they didn't check out your blog.

Find your voice, find the audience, and give yourself a chance to be heard.

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Are You Ready?

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You've exposed a nifty secret that bloggers tend to learn only by long experience. If a person can plan and use the right tools, they can make it seem like they're everywhere at once - when really it's just that their finger is firmly on the pulse of the buzz online.

Just trying to be the beacon... But it's not easy with all the fog in the way.

"Hit the most traffic'd blogs in your industry and start participating.

1. The moderators will begin to notice you and your blog. If either is worthy of mention, it will happen
2. Readers will begin to notice you and your blog. If the latter is worthy, it will be noted and you will gain readership."

This could not be MORE TRUE. In the past 3 - 4 weeks, my visits have doubled, subscribers have tripled, and I've been linked to on blogs such as Rain City Guide, BloodhoundBlog, Sellsius, NuBricks and others, including the one and only Tomato!

How? By doing exactly as you suggest. Visiting other blogs and leaving thoughtful and/or helpful comments.

LINKING to other blogs is *critical*, IMHO. Believe me, link to a blog, even a "big boy" and they WILL notice.

Try participating in a blog carnival. I did here and on NuBricks and two weeks later I still get traffic from that. (Like an idiot, I forgot to submit an entry to the Tomato's hosting of the Carnival of Real Estate!)

People have told me, "But if you link to some other blog you're losing a reader."

Hogwash. Sure, they may head off your blog and find themselves lost in a sea of other blogs. But they'll come back, they always do.

People have asked me, "Why would you put BloodhoundBlog on your blogroll, and link to that blog in a post? They are in the same city as you! They are your competitor!"

Hooey. (Well yes, Greg is technically a competitor. Him and 10,000 other Phoenix area agents.) I blogroll and link to BHB because it's a damn fine blog. *I* learn from Greg, and my potential clients can learn from Greg. Will I lose a potential client to Greg because I send them to his blog? Maybe. So what. There's plenty of other clients in the sea.

I about had a blogasm a couple of days ago when Greg blogrolled my little slice of the blogosphere. And I'm already getting good traffic from BloodhoundBlog because of it. Am I stealing traffic from Greg? Ha, yeah right.

Bloggers and bloggee's are always looking for new blogs to read. There's always room for one more isn't there?

So get out there. Participate, link back, be active and your blog will grow!

I encourage real estate pro's to blog. I even help them get started. Now with the explosion of RE blogs over the past few months I wonder if as an industry we are starting to pollute the internet by spewing so much stuff each day. (I myself have been spewing) When I do google searches I am actually bumping into other RE bloggers. I'll bet one day in the not so distant future a internet thingy will arrive on the internet, maybe called the real estate bean, and a person will begin telling us that blogging is for dinasours, so 2005! :) with that said I am off to blog land to suck up so more of my daily spew.

I will have to run back through all the Tomato's comments to be sure... But I think it is safe to say that you have just left the finest comments on this blog. Thank you for ringing the bell, and once again showing us how to stand in front of oncoming traffic. I should think that leaving comments on this article would help reinforce the effectiveness of this traffic generating tip.

I've said it before, but your message brings it home. Its all about the comments. Join other's conversations and they will join yours.

Once again, you've added to my to-do list. Gotta get that blogroll up on the site, amongst many other things.

I will be calling you once I am ready for my blog beautification project.

Great advice. Most of the blogs on my daily reading list have been found reading through the comments.

I'll be sure to reference this post in the next article I write on blogging.

Always great advice found at the Tomato.

I must say that I have come to love the real estate biz much more since I started blogging. Imagine that, in a down market even. I think RE blogging has made me a better agent and I know my clients will be better off for it.

We are the leaders, nothing can stop us, it feels so good.

Ok... that was a learning experience!!!

I'm still trying to graduate from "tomato school"... i.e. I'm still "small tomatoes" so this single article has taught me a bunch.

As TBoard says... just commenting on this article means you understood the lesson! Hey... I'm there!

Thanks to my iPhone, I can blog pretty much anywhere I want to :-)

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