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Postlets Launches PostletsPlus (beta)


Asher from Postlets has just notified me that they have launched their latest, greatest upgrade to thier core product: PostletsPlus.

What you need to know:
1. Template is now multi-themed and multi-paged
2. Images are quadruple the size
3. Google maps are integrated
4. School info
5. Mortgage Calc
6. Links for virtual tours and external websites (yeah!)
7. Video Upload (googlevideo and youtube)

Cost: For now, it's a free listing in exchange for any referral that signs up to Postlets.
Future Cost: a couple of bucks or so per listing.

Commercial listings?  No.  Sorry Brad.

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This is a pretty fantastic service - one of the few that 1) saves me time and 2) is productive.


I agree Jim, fantastic...for residential real estate. Not so fantastic for commercial. It would be so easy for them to accomodate commercial postings, just replace bedrooms for offices, bathrooms for docks, etc... or just don't require them as defaults for commercial entries so we can create a postlet wihout bedrooms.

We send commercial listings to craiglist in html format, Post Your Listings does not paste html code it is a direct interface with craigslist

Check out which gives you an option to have your ad automatically posted to Craigslist and the other directories. The nice thing about is that along with your full color flyer being posted to these directories, you also get a free full color web page of your listing which often shows up in web searches. You can choose from over 70 full color template designs, can add up to 15 photos and much more. The template designs support commercial

Postlets is good to as a basic service. However we use a paid service called POST1AD. They reach a much larger audience. Other sites like vflyer are good but they require extra work after the original post just like postlets.

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