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New To Business Blogs? The 6 Steps To Getting Started

Where does one begin when discovering a business blog that's interesting to them?

1.  Determine the mission of the blog

Does the mission statement   make you feel as if you're one of their intended audience?  If you are going to make the blog a part of your regular reading, make sure it is being written with you in mind.

2.  Focus on the continuous, core message in the blog

Although you may have missed a ton of interesting content in past articles, a blog with a solid focus will continue to deliver their core message.  When exploring the archives of a blog, look for that core message to bring you up to speed.

Business blogs, like the Real Estate Tomato are written in a circular manner.  News, reporting and personal blogs (like BoingBoing) generally are written in a more linear fashion.  The difference is that circular blogs have a central or core message that the topics are written around.  Linear blogs are governed by the events and items they aim to cover.Circular_vs_linear_1

3. Don't look at a blog that has a great deal of content as a book; view it more like the editorial section of a newspaper.

Following a blog is about the daily, relevant message, not the chronological organization.

Generally, blogs are not written with chronological organization in mind.  As the authors are inspired to write, they will publish to the blog.   With both circular and linear blogs, the idea is not to try and catch up, but rather to enjoy the ride.

4. Realize that categories and keywords outline the blog's focus.

Topics that are frequented by the author will give you insight to the core focus of the blog.  Start reading posts that fall under the most active categories.
Keywords are tags at the bottom of each article recognizing the main topics mentioned in the article.  Finding popular keywords/phrases will tie multiple articles together.

5. Sign up for RSS feeds and/or email feeds of the daily articles.

Not having to remember that you are interested in a blog makes it that much easier to follow along.  RSS feeds deliver the headlines to your favorite news reader.  Email feeds will send the headlines of current articles to your inbox.

For more on RSS feeds read the FAQs. 

6.  Get involved.

Make intellectual comments on articles that interest you.  Participate.  Join the party.  Invest your interest.


The Real Estate Tomato wants to be the charge in your day; your cup of coffee.  We want to be the nightcap on your evening, your glass of wine.  Come by for your daily fix.  Leave an intelligent comment when inspired.  And most importantly, feel free to contact us   with any of your questions.

For more information on what the Who, What, Why and How of the Tomato, check out the FAQ's.

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The Real Estate Tomato: The Dressing on My Salad.

Jim, you have a great site-- full of information, tips, and awesome links. I have it bookmarked. This entry for business blogging is a keeper.

'Mater, once again, thoughts to inspire. I am in the process of reviving a blog that was dieing on the vine, and not long ago, I wrote a post about your #6. Intelligent participation matters!

I started blogging some time ago with If you look at it, you'll see I didn't have the wherewithal to write on any consistent basis. When I started my second blog at recently I made a commitment to myself to sit down and write something often. Now I have to find my voice. I'm not sure what direction to take. Still so much to learn. Guess I'll have to spend more time visiting your blog.

As usual, sage advice from the Tomato! My own blog needs to heed suggestion #2 a little better. I tend to drift and wander quite a bit, though several avid readers have told me they like having no idea what they'll come across when they visit. I suppose in some way, that IS my core...

Nice thoughts. Cute picture at top left, too. Your tip about signing up for feeds is extremely timely. I have about 250 feeds loaded in my feedreader right now and although it does take an hour or two to read and respond to it all every day, that's still a LOT less time than it would take me to visit each site manually.

The Tomato is a great site!

Looking to begin a BLOG about Sedona Real Estate and helful resources when planning to relocate in Arizona.

Jay Bingham

Thanks for the great information...a blog I look forward to reading often. I've featured you on as a blog real estate professionals will find useful!

I really appreciate all the great information you have on this site about real estate blogging. I have been looking to start a new blog and it has been very helpful.

Always some of the best industry specific blogging info we can get.

I am amazed that I arbitrarily selected page 7 of my search for Teresa Broadman and landed on the Tomato site! I am new to all of this blogging information and your messages are just what I need to get started. Thanks to you and Teresa!

Cool Beans! Ok I am here, where is the coffee? thanks for the post.

Like your site, and all the great tips about blogs and how they work that are mentioned on it, it has really helped out. Thanks!


You're blog has so much great information, I had to comment to tell you. As a business owner we are constantly looking for new ways to put ourselves out there via our website and the blog world. I can be overwhelming at times with the mass amount of information out there... but everything here is very helpful!
Thank you

your site is very clean, i really like it. Thanks for your article, its enough to start my own blog.

Great stuff here! Just started a blog at and will be referring to the Tomato often for good advice!

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