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Carnival Of Real Estate - The Tomato Edition

I am not complaining.  Really, I'm not... but 38 blog articles to read on a Sunday?  Wow.  Be careful what you ask for when hosting this rapidly growing carnival.  Great job everybody.  In an effort to give everyone who submitted an opportunity to be read, I chose to post all the articles below.  However, the Top 12 fall into a subjective order of the best articles this Carnival has to offer.  Beyond that dozen, I just threw darts at pinned balloons.

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Here they are:  Your Top 12 Blog Posts!

1 1.  The Lovely Wife, soapboxing from her ActiveRain Blog, gets an earful.   And we have our winner!

2 2.  Greg Swann, inditer of BloodhoundBlog, presents two reforms that will produce an uncompromised form of buyer representation.

3 3.  Michael Price of MLPodcast/Mike's Corner interviews Ed Freyfogle of Nestoria.Com, a British Web 2.0 Real Estate Company 

4 4.  Derek Rey bringing it at ReyEstate smells a slippery fish in real estate technology.

5 5.  Marlow Harris writing on Seattle Real Estate Professionals Blog bulldogs a reporter looking for "the other side of the story" when it comes to the disintermediation of the real estate agent.

6 6.  Frugal from My 1st Million At 33 looks into his crytal ball and out to the future of the real estate bubble.

7 7.  Rudolph D. Bachraty III, caretaker of Sellsius Blog, asks if property owners have the right to remove their property from Zillow?

8 8.  Joel Burslem soothsayer from The Future Of Real Estate Marketing, breaks down your blog's advertising options.  Did he just coin "Blogvertising?"

9 9.    Dan Melson, authoring Searchlight Crusade takes on the unenviable task of organizing his collective braindump into a comprehensive guide on buying and financing a home.

10_1 10.  Bryan Tutas from his ActiveRain Blog throws floridian sand in the HubbaBubba boohoo of the housing bubble.

11 11.  Maureen Francis from shares her success story as a real estate blogger.

12 12.  Jon Ernes of The Property Monger retracts his first submittal and replaces it with this question:
Will the internet be the end of Real Estate agents?

Honorable Mentions In No Particular Order:

Dave Gooden raking it up at the Pine Needle Lawn explores his fascination with real estate television.

Eileen Landau penning Move Up To Naperville warns us that Dirty Deeds Aren't Done Dirt Cheap

Louann Nudi from her ActiveRain Blog hooks a keeper with her Trout vs Flounder article. 

Douglas Heddings of True Gotham also responds to the Damon Darlin (NYT) article wondering if the days of 6% commission are limited.  His take:  Quality service deserves every penny.

David Porter of Pacesetter Mortgage Blog examines the effect of the Stated Income Loan.  Bottom line: he says "it's bad for America."

Joshua Dorkin of Real Estate Investing for Real sees big bucks in backwoods real estate.  Read the interview with Allen Shannon, founder of

Free the Drones blog points out that "free gifts" can cost you when buying a home.

A Samuel writing from New Build Blog opines that Web 2.0 is breathing down the neck of the UK's Rightmove.

Chuck from The Finance Journey lays out how he recommends the development of a FSBO property website.

David Gibbons of Zillow Blog (our Carnival Ringmaster) puts forth his 10 most helpful snippets from Zillow's user's manual.

Matt Heinz, author of "@ HouseValues" revisits a unique way to drive traffic to and generate leads from your real estate website.

Claudia Wicks from AgentCEO relates an affordable and clever marketing tip she picked up from Jane McDonald.

Rob from Pittsburgh Homes Daily is off the charts with his look at the frequency of the term 'housing' in blog posts this summer.

Rory Siems blogging on Laguna Niguel Orange County Real Estate brings reason to the table when taking advantage of this buyer's market.

Cliff Jacobson of WebHomeUSABlog examines why the real estate industry is responsible for 25% of all online ads.

Jonathan Dalton, also chiming in from his ActiveRain Blog, peeks into the chaos of negotiating buyer's commissions.

Mitchell Hall, pulling from his ActiveRain blog, offers advice to those renting in Manhattan.

Brian Green over at suggests that real estate investors who are itching to unload their property should drop their price.

Jim Duncan slinging words at Real Central VA plans to be there when you need him.

Jessica Swesey writing for the Inman Blog looks for some light in the bleak week of real estate news.

Matt Carter another Inman Blog contributor pokes at the blokes 'cross the pond, and their "mate's mortgage."

Glenn Roberts also of Inman Blog reports that arabs with knives have hacked

Anesia Springborn of The Landlord Blog takes a little Q & A on the subject of Expense Ratios on Multi-Units.

Mark H. Delfs from How Products Were Named answers the mystery of how Century 21 got its name.

Amused and Bemused writing for American Inventor Spot pokes fun at the sofa-oven.

Thanks go out to ZillowBlog for being kind enough to let the Tomato have the responsibilty of showcasing so many fantasic articles, and to all those that took their turn standing at the ferris wheel, post in hand.

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Thanks Jim for the honor of including our post. A great presentation as well. We could just squeeze ya :)

Rock and Roll! Thanks for the kudos. This really helps keep it fun. And its opening my eyes to lots of great bloggers out there.

Thanks for your digg & highlight in the carnival.

Really appreciate it.

A great job done for carnival indeed!

Great selection of posts this week Jim, and I'm not just saying that because there was a good selection of ActiveRain bloggers. Found a lot of great reading material in the top 12...

You inadvertantly left the hyperlink to my post off your comment about my post. My post's permalink is:
Cliff Jacobson

** All Fixed, sorry. **

Thanks for your quick response. Usually I get about 35 visitors daily after a post in Blog Carnival of Real Estate. I received about 10 visitors without the link. This really proves "The Power of the Link." Some experts consider the link the greatest invention in the history of communication, since the printing press.

In checking the Carnival IX again today, my post's permalink is no longer active. I get most of my traffic from my posts on the Carnival. I'd appreciate your attendance to this problem again.
Thanks again, in advance.

Thanks for the honorable mention for my interview on Joshua is a good guy and I enjoyed doing the interview with him.

I like the "How others see your house" ... except the tax assessor view !!


It is really a delight to see the list of sites and ActiveRain was my favorite.Please try to include more such sites.

Great post. I've hosted my site this week on carnival too.

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