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13 Ways To Post Your Listings For Free


Reading Bernice Ross's "RealClues" - The Weekly Newsletter for Real Estate Professionals is a fantastic way to keep abreast of what's working for agents in the marketing world.  She has just started a 5 part series regarding the Inman Connect called: Hot Strategies from Real Estate Connect: The Ins and Out of On-Line Lead Generation. 

This week's article focus's on how to gain maximum exposure for your listings with the least amount of spend.  She mentions Postlets as a great source for its all-in-one-effort service.  I follow up with a few more, and invite you to chime in with any services you have found useful.

Check it out:

1-10 (update: Postlets has competition: VFlyer. And, Postlets lauches PostletsPlus)

The first 10 come in a neat little package called Postlets - "free classifieds creation and syndication"  Build your online flier once, and have it automatically post to:
Google Base

11. Microsoft has an answer to Google Base: Windows Live Expo

In beta, and you'll need an MSN acct (of course).

12. PostYourProperty - Similar to Postlets, submitting all listings to several real estate classified sites.

This site is in major need of a makeover.  I almost threw up when I was probing it.  That's what you get when you've been collecting data since 1999, and never bothering to actually step back and look at your end result.

13. CityCribs - Limited but Growing

This was originally a New York City real estate posting site... but its popularity has grown nationwide.

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I am Karin, very interesting article that contained the information I was searching for in Google, thanks. [Read More]


Great info! I am registering right now for the Postlets. The only concern I have is in the Terms of Use, they mention that they will tag the end of your postings with an advertisement for their service.

Depending on how it comes across, I don't have any particular objection to this. For the time-saving involved, I'm willing to give it a shot. We'll see how it actually looks once they post.

Thanks for the link!

Juicy post indeed! If your readers want some more listing sites, many free, here's a basketful, with LINKS (the bias is New York, but some are nationwide)

Thanks for the info. Gee this web 2.0 stuff sure is fun.

You can post your listings free on Land.Net Coverage is international.

Postlets works great for Residential, but needs major improvement on the Commercial listings. They have a Commercial category, but then require Bedrooms and Bathrooms be completed. I am hoping for an upgrade on the Commercial service ASAP.

(reprint of what I entered on our blog)

Sorry Brad, it’s (our upcoming upgrade) not related to commercial. The reason there are mandatory bedrooms for commerical listings is that, well, the service wasn’t designed to handle commercial properties. We later added the property type to accommodate a handful of requests we received, but haven’t been able to tailor the template to cleanly fit commercial requirements. We understand that commercial (along with land/lot) is a unique and distinct listing type that requires its own template and have put it on our long list of things to do. Since we work on postlets in our spare time (we have day jobs too), it takes us longer to implement ideas than it does to come up with them.

Haha, you spelled in your link, and it sends people somewhere else.

** Link fixed. Thanks John. **

Thank you for this detailed list. You are right - PostYourProperty made me get quite ill- like spinning around on a merry-go-round over and over after eating 3 pieces of Birthday cake. The other sites are pretty interesting tho.

You can also post your ads on the below sites with
Google Base

Also check out It supports commerical, rentals and residental. They post your ad to 12 different directories and other live feeds. You can upload unlimited photos and can choose from over 70 templates.

Also check out Gumiyo - - an online classified service which focuses on connecting sellers with qualified buyers. They optimize real estate listings and make them searchable across 120 different search engines to maximize exposure all over the internet. These search engines include google, edgeio (see ) , ooodle, trulia, zillow and many more.

Its crazy how many sites are popping up all over the place trying to grab a piece of the action.

All great websites, each similar yet so different from eachother, I got another one for you though;

Hi Everyone,

Homempire is great new web site that is a online business directory for all your home needs! In this downturn of the real estate market. It is more important now than ever for sellers to upgrade, renovate and improve their homes to compete and stand out from the glut of other homes on the market right now! also has this new free classified section that allow visitors to post listings for free, just like craiglist does, but it is trendy and fresh!.
Each business owner, realtors, or any person that would like to advertise their business can get a profile on the site for only $179/year, and even get his/her video playing next to his/her profile.

Come visit us soon!Looking forward to seeing you there!

This are really great resources for posting lising for free, Just to add our site to your list

FYI: Post Your Pad is not for Realtors- it's a FSBO site. Are there still some FSBO's left?

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Postlets works great for Residential, but needs major improvement on the Commercial listings. They have a Commercial category, but then require Bedrooms and Bathrooms be completed. I am hoping for an upgrade on the Commercial service ASAP. Online Pharmacy Prescription

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