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Content Is King, Don't Be A Victim

Copyscape The importance of unique content on your website can't be stressed enough.  Obvious benefits include: having something interesting for visitors to read, broadening your search engine exposure, supporting keywords and establishing authority on your subject. offers the simple service of checking the 'uniqueness' of your website's content (copy).  They even offer chiclets for you to add to your site as a warning to potential copy theives.

If you are taking the time and effort to produce intreresting and unique content, just to have it republished elsewhere, wouldn't you like to know?  When someone else borrows (read: steals) your website's content without permission, nor credit, it can potentially endanger your online success.  'Duplicate content' is essentially ignored by the search engines and eventhough you first wrote the content, it doesn't mean that you will be given credit for doing so if someone else is using it on their website.  Duplicate content is a serious offense in the search engine world and you can prevent it from happening to you. 

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