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Tomato JuiceIn addition to the testimony below, feel free to read the kind words of our blog fans over at theReal Estate Tomato Blog by clicking the Tomato Juice to the right.

Below you’ll find our most recent testimonials from our blogging clients as well as some kind words from our peers:


Thanks again for being the single most positive impact on my real estate career.

I generate at least 90% of all my business from the blog. It’s amazing.

John C. Coley

Coley Real Estate



I can honestly say that my blog with a huge amount of thanks to you and your staff has brought me a ton of business in some really neat and unusual ways. I couldn’t be more pleased or happier with my Front Porch View Blog. I am very proud of it, and will continue to work hard on it.

I have gone from just getting by to thriving in a shifting market mostly due in part to blogging and the exceptional training that I received from your team. I closed 2 transactions last month and have one to close this week as a direct result from those who found trust in me through reading my blog. I have to be honest with you, I just recently much to my disappointment purchased an additional “traditional” website thinking I needed one. Boy was I wrong. The RET has helped catapult me to the front pages of Google for many popular search phrases. My ONLY expense outside of time and my initial purchase to obtain these heavily sought after results has been absolutely ZERO…nada…..zilch!

To anyone reading this: IT WILL BE THE BEST THING YOU HAVE DONE FOR YOUR BUSINESS if you commit and work hard and put to practice all that they will teach you. I know it seems that I might have gone over the top, but that is the least that I could do for them since they did it for me! You will not be disappointed.

Chad Lariscy


I just wanted to say “Thank you” for everything you and The Real Estate Tomato have done for my business!

There is no way we would be enjoying the success we have had without your training.

Charles Woodall


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