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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Real Estate Tomato?

The Real Estate Tomato is a destination for real estate news, emarketing, internet insight, services and products.  Our mission is to provide Realtors with the news, knowledge, service and technology to make them more successful.  As we grow to embrace the tools of Web 2.0, our future will be defined as the destination for Realtors to get their daily eKnowledge.

Why Tomato?

Tomato is the unfinished fruit.  Ripe, round, red and attractive on the outside, but somewhat amorphous and liquidy on the inside; versatile and tasty; a symbol of growth and production and a projectile of disgust.  All these elements define our aim with the Real Estate Tomato as we look to enlighten, encourage and entertain Realtors throughout the world.

What means 'Blog'?

Blog is an abbreviation of 'weblog'.  It's main distinction from a standard website is the element of being frequently updated.  The latest blog entry, or post, is generally displayed first.  Past posts are archived by age, category, author, etc.  A link to any post's permanent location is always displayed for easy bookmarking. 

Blogs can be informal or formal publications.  Most blogs allow readers to participate in the post by making  'comments.'  Blog's are used as diaries, rants, discussions, news, education, service, etc. 


Post - An article of any sort. 
Posting is as easy as composing email.

Making Comments

To make a comment, simply click the 'comments' link.  Comments are moderated by site owner and can be deleted or edited.   Make a comment to agree or disagree with a post, to ask a question, or just to add your own experience and knowledge to the subject.

Why are blogs important?

  • Blogs are a convenient and easy way of publishing and distributing information on the internet.
  • Tools such as pings, subscriptions and RSS feeds publish and deliver your posts to potentially hundreds of thousands of readers.
  • Because of their ability to broadcast upon posting, blogs are easier than communicating with mailing lists, email newsletters and drip marketing.
  • Blogs allow collaborative publishing. A small group of experts can discuss an issue and it can be read by everyone.  A blog are usually open and allow anyone to create new topics and start discussions within the comments.
  • Blogs enhance your website by distributing current information to your audience.  Consistent posting on your blog increases your exposure to search engines and blog/news aggregators.  The more exposure you create with content relevant to your industry, the more consistently you will be found by the audience you are aiming for.

What is a 'Permalink'?

A Permalink is short for permanent link. This is the address (URL) where the article or post will be found regardless of its location on the blog.  It is common that the title of the post is a link to the permalink page, click one and see for yourself.

What is a 'Trackback'?

A trackback link appears when a post on the blog is referenced or related to on a different blog.  It appears like a comment, letting your visitors know that another blog also has a post that is closely related or referenced.

What is this icon? What's RSS?

It is a direct link to's page offering a one-click way for you to have our posts fed to your preferred blog news feed provider.  I personally use for all my post updates from dozens of blogs, but Feedburner works with all services.  Add me to your feed by clicking the icon. explains it all right here

Why is it on the
By clicking on the icon and adding this blog as one of your blog feeds, you will be able to browse through the Real Estate Tomato's headlines, ensuring you never miss an article.

The BBC clearly states this about RSS (Rich Site Summary): 

RSS allows you to see when sites from all over the internet have added new content. You can get the latest headlines and articles (or even audio files, photographs or video) in one place, as soon as they are published, without having to remember to visit each site every day.

It takes the hassle out of staying up-to-date, by showing you the very latest information that you are interested in. 

Feedburner makes it easy to subscribe without revealing your email address.

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I just found your site and I'm pretty excited about it! I recently started a blog for my artistic, crafty stuff. But my real job is being an everyday Realtor.I would like to start my proessional blog and will spend time on your blog to see how you can be of help. What are the charges associated with using your services? Many thanks!!

Its sweet tomato juice information for all. I'm a realtor in the Philippines and yes, I drink a lot of tomato juice. So what better way to get some for myself here online. Cheers!

I think your site is great but if you want to help Realtors and get them to the next level you should start telling them about using video on their website, video emailing, video blogging / podcasting, "Live" video broadcasting... This is the future of real estate.

Lance -
You must have missed the article we wront all about the future of Real Estate Blogging - Video being a big part of it.
To read it, check this URL

I just found your blog, having only started mine a couple of days ago....I love the advice and insight and will be back to learn more. Thank you very much....Bo

Couldn't agree more about VIDEO power; perhaps more "how to" articles on podcasting and 'video blogging' from folks at the Juice who know. I keep coming back to the juice bar to learn--THANK YOU!

I found your articles on blogging very informative. I want to set up a blog. Could you please refer me to someone who designs blogsites? I would like something cute, not your typical real estate looking website. I thought the Real Estate Baker was as close to what I have been invisioning as any I have seen. Thanks Inga My email is

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