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Real Estate Tomato Blogroll

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Hey, we want to jump on your list. How do we get on? We would love to link back! Let us know.
Thx, Condo Blog

Request granted!

I would like to join the tomato Roll. i will link to you as well.



Can I get on as well? I've already linked to you. Thank you!

What are the barriers to entry onto the Tomato roll?



All the bloggers we include on this list have been blogging for at least 6 months, or they are a client of ours.

I love your blog and have linked you for months; have referred new agents to your site many times. I would like to join your Tomato Roll. Thanks in advance, Jim.


Recently found your site and love it. We would like to be included on your blogroll - hope you can include us. In the meantime, any comments you anyone might like to provide on our blog would be appreciated. Hoping to learn how to make it better!

Me! Me! Pick me! :) Can I play?

Would it be possible for me to be added to this list?

Can I climb onto the Tomato roll?

We will be completely redoing this page in the next couple of weeks.
All the Tomato Bloggers (150+) will be included as well as our favorite industry bloggers and friends.

Look for the update soon.
And yes, Hilary, that includes you! :)

Hi Jim,

I am at your six month mark. If you can take a peak at my blog, much obliged, thanks.

How about some link love for a hard workin', bloggin' EcoBroker in Atlanta?

We'll be considering all of you very shortly. Thanks for the interest.

I would like to join too.


hey jim... how do i get on?


We're about to launch our New and Improved RET which will showcase all Tomato Bloggers!

Can we be included, too? is the blog for, a social media site for buying, selling, and renting vacation homes. It's a great resource for real estate brokers to connect with buyers and to post their listings for FREE!

I enjoy reading your blog. Can you please include me on your blogroll?

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