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Re: Reciprocal Linking - Google, Which is it, Good or Bad??

Google Realtors, at the encouragement of their internet consultants, have been using reciprocal linking as a search engine marketing strategy very agressively over the last few years.  Does it help you or hurt you when it comes to being found on Google based on the link descriptions others are using to link back to your website?  After reading this 'brain dump' from a Google blogger, I'm still not really sure.

He states:

After looking at the example sites, I could tell the issue in a few minutes. The sites that fit “no pages in Bigdaddy” criteria were sites where our algorithms had very low trust in the inlinks or the outlinks of that site. Examples that might cause that include excessive reciprocal links, linking to spammy neighborhoods on the web, or link buying/selling. The Bigdaddy update is independent of our supplemental results, so when Bigdaddy didn’t select pages from a site, that would expose more supplemental results for a site.

(Bigdaddy is a software upgrade of Google's crawling and parts of its indexing)

Then later he gives hope...

I worked with the crawl/index team to tune thresholds so that we would crawl more pages from those sorts of sites {one's with reciprocal linking}
- By March 22nd, I posted an update to let people know that we were crawling more pages from those sorts of sites. Over time, we continued to boost the indexing even more for those sites {one's with reciprocal linking}.

And more...

The first was one that I mentioned, where we didn’t index pages from sites with less trusted links, and we responded and started indexing more pages from those sites pretty quickly.


Linking to a free ringtones site, an SEO contest, and an Omega 3 fish oil site? I think I’ve found your problem. I’d think about the quality of your links if you’d prefer to have more pages crawled. As these indexing changes have rolled out, we’ve improving how we handle reciprocal link exchanges and link buying/selling.

You tell me. 
I do know that MSN has shown to be a reciprocal link friendly search engine (so far).

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